What are the Types of Game Variance in Pokies?

Game variance in pokies games

You all love to play pokies games at the casinos. While many pokies players are least interested in what types of online pokies games they choose to play but knowing how a pokies has been designed to not only play but also how it has been structured to pay out is going to enable you to select a pokies that attracts to your own personal playing style. Here we talk about variance in pokies.

Almost all online pokies have lots if unique features and aspects that interests some players like such as its theme or bonus games, and even few aspects of the pokies may not interest players such as low valued jackpots or fixed coin values.But there is one aspect of any pokies game that will impressively affect the way that pokies game plays and pays and this is what is called as variance

Types of Game Variance in Pokies

Types of Game Variance in Pokies
Types of Game Variance in Pokies

Each pokies will have one of the following types of pokies attached to it, which you need to look out for when playing pokies and to be able to spot a pokies that are going to play and pay in a certain way. The three types of games in pokies are

  • Low Variance
  • High Variance
  • Determining Variance

1. Low Variance Pokies

Low Variance Pokies

Such pokies are also known as low-risk pokies which players can have a long playing session of the game. When you are playing low variance pokies you will often find the jackpots on offer are modest in value. Also playing such a pokies you will get more low valued winning combinations forming on your activated paylines, and as such those regular yet low valued winning payouts keep your account balance fluctuating in value and will not drain it away as rapidly as some of the medium and high variance structured pokies games.

These pokies due to their low risk yet often low reward type of playing structure are often the pokies games players utilizing a casinos bonus offer will opt to play, for with plenty of regularly spun in winning combinations those players get true value from those bonuses, and with some luck in playing they may reach and surpass the required play-through requirements of those bonuses and may be able to get to a point where they are then able to cash out their winnings.

2. Medium Variance Pokies

Medium Variance Pokies
Medium Variance Pokies

These Pokies is for players who want medium risk in playing. The playing format and structure of such pokies will not usually give you any unpleasant surprises as you are playing them. Medium variance pokies games can offer both high and low jackpot amounts and the video pokies games designed as medium variance ones will offer bonus game features and bonus round on which both low and high amounts of cash can be won.

When you opt to play medium variance pokies you should get a fair chance of winning both low and high winning payouts but you will not see as many lower-valued winning combinations spinning in as when playing the above mentioned such pokies. The players of these pokies will not be playing in a high-risk high reward type of way as the high variance pokies games are on offer.

As a conservative player if you are interested in a medium risk type of pokies playing session then these types of games will be certainly attract you and being completely random you will always have a fair chance of having a winning session as much as you will have an equal chance of having a losing pokies playing session

3. High Variance Pokies

High Variance Pokies
High Variance Pokies

These Pokies are structured in such a way that the payouts listed on the paytable are often very high paying ones. And when playing these pokies; it is possible to get a massive; and high valued winning combination forming on any activated paylines.

These high payouts often are formed due to Wild Multiplier symbols; which massively increase the value of any winning combination formed with those symbols. Also when playing high variance pokies game the bonus games; which can be triggered; offer huge winning potential due to high paying free spins rounds offering huge multiplier values; or bonus games. Like pick to win rounds, which let you keep on picking locations off the bonus screen; an unlimited number of times; until a game over the type of symbol is uncovered.

There is also a disadvantage when you are playing a high pokies game; you need to compensate for that huge paying winning combinations, and high paying bonus games; and you will find the number of low to mid-sized winning combinations that you can, and will spin in are greatly reduced in number.

So, when playing any high-level pokies; you can come across spin after spin. On which no winning combinations are formed, but now and then a winning combination; or bonus game will be awarded to you on which some mega-sized payouts are paid to you.

Now it is your choice to choose which type of game variance you wish to choose when playing pokies games.

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