Who Are the Best Horse Racing Tipsters in Australia?

Even though pokies routinely steal the spotlight, horse betting dominates Australia’s gambling industry. Due to the emergence of a new wave of streamlined mobile options, sports betting is on the rise. Wagering on a horse, greyhound, or harness racing commands 75% of Australia’s $35.965 billion betting market. Of this impressive figure, horse racing comprises 50.9% of the industry. This translates to over $19.554 billion in thoroughbred wagering turnover, and over half of this staggering amount goes through Northern Territory bookmakers. Last year saw an 8% increase from 2017’s wagers, and this impressive $1.491 billion growth showcases how fast the market is expanding.

The number of Aussies wagering on horse racing increases every year, and this growing popularity fuels an unexpected industry. Faced with multiple variables that can drastically affect the race, countless Australians are turning to horse racing tipsters. While these companies can’t directly predict which horse can win, their tips and insights can give punters an edge. Through analyzing statistics and utilizing insider information, horse racing tipsters provide potentially lucrative insights. Unfortunately for inexperienced punters, finding quality horse racing tipsters is a surprisingly daunting task. Not all companies who offer these services are credible, and many are thinly veiled scams. 

Even though this industry is filled with pitfalls, there are still ways to pick quality tipsters. Through years of experience, some horse racing tipsters have established themselves as wise choices for punters. Their recommendations have made average bettors thousands, which makes them a crucial investment for the avid bettor. To help separate the veterans from the scammers, we compiled this list of the top horse tipsters in the industry. These entries have impressive stats, so don’t hesitate to try their tips to see if it increases your winnings!

Top Horse Racing Tipsters

Horse Racing
This site offers advantageous tips.

Horse Racing tipster #3: The Class System

This sister service to The Strict Rule System provides some truly impressive results. Through the 43 tips they issued on January, 17 ended up being winners. This helped their users enjoy a 57% ROI, which averaged out to £490.90 in profits. This is one of the most talked-about tipster services online, so sign up to get a piece of the action!

Horse Racing
Take the guesswork out of horse betting.

Horse Racing Tipster #2: Big Race Bookie Busters

Ever since this company debuted in 2014, they have helped users wager wisely. Their main sales pitch is providing an average of £116.80 in profits each month. While this is a bold claim, their legions of customers swear it’s true. To get started, punters need to open up an account with a starting bank of 200 points. The first 10 days cost one pound, and the monthly fee is £40. The quarterly options cost £90 and the annual rate is £300. All this is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee, which makes this a tangible option for most punters.

Horse Racing
This agency is firmly established as a wise bet for horse racing fans.

Horse Racing Tipster #1: Quentin Franks Racing

This is yet another contender that’s been around since 2014. By providing daily emails, their users are flooded with tips each morning. Most of these revolve around bets that feature 5/1 and 6/1 odds. Once users sign up with a 100-point bank, they get access to 90 tips a month. The first ten days cost one pound, while £150 covers a quarter and £500 provides tips for an entire year. This company also has a 30-day money-back guarantee, so there’s no reason not to try them out!

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