Where Are the Top Places to Play Pokies in Spain?

As Spain’s economy continues to experience setbacks, its vibrant gambling industry is becoming unlikely salvation. Even though Spain survived a vicious financial crisis in 2009, their comeback didn’t save everyone. Currently, 10% of the Spanish population live under the poverty line and youth unemployment is hovering at 30%. Despite these setbacks, Spain’s gambling industry is booming. Over €1.9 billion is spent on gambling every year, which equates to €480 per adult. This aggressive betting is 15% of the average household income and showcases Spain’s adoration for gambling.

On top of setting the stage for larger-than-life lotteries, the resounding demand from punters has led to casinos popping up across Spain. There are 55 casinos, 39 poker rooms, 18 bingo halls and 21 sportsbooks in 33 cities across the country. These beloved establishments provide 423 table games, 122 poker tables, and 2,158 pokies machines to choose from. Unsurprisingly, the capital Madrid is the gambling hub of Spain. Boasting 6 casinos, 88 table games, and 350 pokies machines, this metropolis is a punters’ paradise

Top Places to Play Pokies in Spain

Even though finding the best Spanish city to gamble in is easy, picking the best casino is a surprisingly difficult task. Not all casinos live up to the hype, which is why doing a little research is essential. For this reason, we compiled a list of the best casinos in Spain. By providing the perfect mixture of gaming options and amenities, these venues have become certified tourist attractions. There’s no better place to play pokies in Spain, so don’t miss out on the action during your next trip!

Top Casinos in Spain

Casino #3: Casino Cirsa Valencia

Visit the casino that put Valencia on the map.

When it comes to gaming options in Valencia, this venue steals the show. Their 43,055 square foot casino floor is bursting at the seams with options. Visitors get to pick between 116 pokies machines from reputable gaming producers Novato and Atronic. This selection has 14 table games and live poker, which allows punters to indulge in all their favorite games. 

Even though the gaming options are impressive, Casino Cirsa Valencia doesn’t neglect the amenities. From live opera music to gourmet cuisine, visitors get to experience a taste of luxury. These elegant events are hosted in their own theater and top-notch restaurants, so users can indulge without leaving the premises. This casino is the highlight of Valencia, so don’t hesitate to incorporate it into your itinerary!

Casino #2: Gran Casino Aranjuez

Enjoy a superb selection of amenities and games.

For punters who crave breathtaking venues, and finding top places to play pokies In Spain, it’s impossible not to end up in the capital. Madrid sets the standard when it comes to gambling, and this immediately becomes apparent when visiting their casinos. Sprawling across 376,737 square feet, the Gran Casino Aranjuez provides an epic selection of gaming options. Visitors can choose between 50 table games and 150 pokies machines with jackpots as high as 300,000 euros. All this is accompanied by multiple restaurants, bars, and a convention center. This venue routinely hosts fashion shows and weddings, so discover why punters flock to this casino!

Casino #1: Gran Madrid Torrelodones

Explore the largest casino in the country.

Despite being established in 1981, this venue continues to dominate Spain’s casino industry. This was the first casino to open its doors in Madrid, and over the years it has evolved into the cornerstone of the community. Their impressive selection of 38 table games and 200 pokies machines makes it the biggest casino in Spain. The Gran Madrid Torrelodones poker room routinely hosts tournaments, which allows players from around the world to hone their skills. The quality of their selection of bars and restaurants is unmatched, so lose yourself in this decadent establishment!

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