Best tips for playing pokies tournaments

pokies tournament

While luck is a great part of playing pokies tournaments this doesn’t mean there is not an element of skill involved. In fact it is important to be switched on and know what you are doing in your pokies tournaments so today we are answering the question, which are the best tips for playing pokies tournaments?

Tip 1) Do not drink alcohol while playing, alcohol impairs your thought process and speed of reactions which is detrimental to your playing ability.

Tip 2) Watch your budget and don’t over spend to try and win more. Those names that keep popping up week in and week out may make you feel the person is a huge pokie monster, truth is that they would have to spend loads to try and achieve the position of winning multiple times. You need to ensure you can afford to lose the money your wagering.

Tip 3) do not buy ebooks professing to tell you when pokies pay out, this is not the case. You can make educated guesses by reviewing how often pokies pay out and when the last time this happened, but this is about as good as it gets!

Tip 4) Try your hand at the free tournaments, while the prize returns are lower the more experienced tournament players will less likely be playing so this increases your chances. It is also a great way to improve your tournament knowledge.

Tip 5) Enjoy yourself, tournaments are all about enjoying yourself. You don’t want to play in a tournament and find your not enjoying it as you are not achieving what you would like. Firstly enjoy your playing, secondly look at winning!

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Important points to remember when playing pokies tournaments

Pokies tournament at Rich casino

Pokies tournaments are always played online and need good WIFI or internet connection to play all smooth. If in case your internet is disconnected, you are able to re-connect to the internet within the allowed time frame you will be able to resume play as normal. Should your unceremonious exit be of a more permanent nature however, your balance simply “freezes” at the disconnection point, and that amount will be displayed as your total winnings.

In pokies tournaments you are actually playing against other players so play if you know how to play pokies.

Generally, tournaments range between 10 and twenty minutes long. To win the tournament you need to be top of the leader board by having the most coins in your Win Box. There are also prizes for second and third spot, making them a little more rewarding to a wider group of players

To play pokies tournaments fees range from between $2 up to $30. The bigger the entry fee the bigger the prize pool is. The top prize in the latter would be in the region of $20,000.

You should be aware of various pokies tournament terms and lingo. Like play time where you only have a certain amount of time during which to complete your tournament game. This limit may be extended by obtaining either a Continue or Rebuy or the Leader board that enables you to check your position in real time by displaying all your awards and tallies in play.

Sit and Go Tournaments are popular at online casinos and these games begin after a fixed amount of players sign up and the contestant with the most credits claims victory once a time limit or certain amount of reel spins has been reached.

You can be offered free play in tournaments as bonus to play tourneys at casinos

POkies tournaments at Rich Casino to play with real AUD

Remember Pokies tournaments can be played with mobile at any Australian friendly online casino with real AUD You can play pokies tournaments at Rich casino, 7Reels Casino, Emu Casino and others. Pokies tournaments are not offered on daily bases at online casinos but many casinos do offer them monthly for punters to enjoy and have fun as well as win thousands of Australian dollars.

Prizes and wins

New player pokies tournament

Pokies tournaments enables you to compete with others for a share like percentage wise or fixed amount of a pre-revealed prize pool. To enter a pokies tournament you need to pay an entry fee and get a chance to win real cash prizes or free spins or even free credits to play more.

Winning combinations in pokies machines are derived from the uniquely engineered software aptly entitled Random Number Generator (RNG), which uses irregular algorithms to produce a range of up to a billion numbers, which then gets randomly divided to produce a stop number each time a player hits the spin button. This combination is ever changing and auditor approved to ensure fair results.

All you need is to choose an online casino offering pokies tournament and join that casino with your Android or iPhone safari browser or Chrome browser. Click on sign up to register yourself as a player and make an initial deposit of say AU$10 or more. Once done click on a tournament that looks appealing to you, and start playing right away.

Note some online casinos may not allow you to join the tournament as a new player and ask you to at least play for a month at their casino and become a regular player to join tournaments. But that may depend on casino to casino.

Finally when you choose an online casino to play pokies tournaments with mobile always select the legit casinos that are licensed and regulated so that they offer you your wins on time.

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