How to stop playing the pokies

pokies as an issue

Normally the questions we receive relate to how you can win on pokies or where you can go to enjoy specific pokies online or offline, but today is a different type of question. Today we received a question that actually asks how to stop playing the pokies.

With the fact that problem gambling is an issue in a minority of gamblers, we thought it prudent to give information that will help those wanting to know how to stop playing the pokies and remove the temptations they feel. Now, for those of us that only play pokies recreationally there is no issue with overspending on the pokies, but you will be surprised at the lengths some people will go to so they can have a game.

How to stop playing the pokies

Step one is to remove the temptation, ensure that you do not go into the vicinity of places housing pokies so you physically cannot get to the offline versions of the game. Also for online pokies, ensure you inform the online casinos of your issue and close your account.

Step two is looking at finding a way of ridding yourself of the credit cards and other financial pitfalls that you could use to fund your pokie addiction, no money means no possibilities.

Change your routine. Many people who have pokie addictions actually have a routine they follow for going and playing the pokies. Dont simply stop going otherwise you will have issues with getting bored, you need to fill the time so you are not thinking of your vice.

Inform family and friends you trust, or seek professional guidance. You cant solve the issue on your own, you need to be able to have someone to turn to and talk to when you are struggling, otherwise you may cave in to the urge.

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