What Steps Go Into Online Pokies Production?

Despite being simple games to play, a surprising amount of development goes into online pokies production. Pokies generate up to 85% of casino revenue, which is more than all the other games combined. This is a drastic change from just two decades ago when punters were leery about computerized gaming machines. Now that we live in an era where everything is digital, online pokies games are going to shine. Graphics have never been more vibrant, and everyone can access premium casinos from the comfort of their own home. Do you know What Steps Go Into Online Pokies Production?

It takes an year to create a pokies game

All these factors make online pokies production the main focus of casino developers. Even though there’s no disputing their potential for profit, creating an online slots game is more complicated than most people think. Due to the shocking amount of competition, each theme needs to adhere to a strict process before doing live. On average, the journey of a slot game from an idea to the reels lasts over a year. Over a dozen people are involved in this tedious process, and their titles range from front-end developers to mathematicians.

Once the amount of work that goes into these projects is recognized, punters have a greater appreciation for online pokies. These games go through a process that’s so rigorous that it deserves to be highlighted. For this reason, we compiled a list of the main steps online slots games endure throughout their development. All themes go through the same general process, so prepare to get an intimate glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes of your favorite games!

Process Behind Online Pokies Production

Step #1: Planning

Online Pokies Production
Solidifying the concept incorporates multiple variables.

After a general pokie idea is there, its concept is ok throughout a series of meetings between various levels of the corporate structure. This includes marketing, creative, product management, and development teams. Once the concept is formalized, the target demographic and possible competitor games are analyzed. These steps are crucial since the game needs to adjust to properly connect with punters and avoid copyright issues with competitors. 

Even though the design is a taxing process to fine-tune, it all revolves around the game’s variance system. Everything from bonus rounds to storyline plots revolves around the pace of the variance, which makes it one of the biggest decisions the company will make. Normally, pokies themes fall into three categories; low-risk variance, medium-risk variance, and high-risk variance machines. Due to their varying payout rates and playtimes, each category caters to a different demographic of punters. Picking the variance has a profound impact on the game since every aspect of the development will cater to it. 

Step #2: Development

Online Pokies Production
This phase brings the game to life.

Once the concept is final, the game is ready to undergo development. While the main focus of this stage is creating the graphics and bonus games, a few lesser-known faucets are equally crucial. Character voices have to be recorded, and film samples have to be cleared by corporate. These factors provide the outer appearance of the game and it gets a boost by an even more important contributor.

Despite being intriguing, a great-looking game is worthless without fair gameplay. For this reason, random number generators are the heart and soul of online pokies themes. Due to the number of nefarious groups trying to hack pokies, this part of the development phase remains a secret. While the exact execution isn’t publicly available, RNGs are part of various aspects of the theme. As soon as all these variables are in place, the game is one step away from hitting the market.

Online Pokies Production
Various approaches let games reach the masses.

Step #3: Marketing

In order to ensure that the game is a hit, companies have to provide a proper introduction. This involves strategically releasing the game whenever it’s most advantageous. While a holiday-themed game will have a more obvious release date, more factors are taken into account for other themes.

On top of releasing at the proper time, some marketing of the game is fair to let punters know about the game. This will be done on both online casino websites and social media. Normally the game debut onto multiple online casinos at the same time under the partnership. These negotiations can take months, so the process to reach consumers after completing the game is longer than most people imagine!

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