What is Special About Playing Fruit Pokies Machines?

Fruit machines
Is There Something Special About Playing Fruit Pokies Machines?

There are so many types of casino pokies machines that you can play but fruit machines have their charm. These are interesting gaming machines with special features. These are not found easily in land-based land-based casinos. These fruit machines fall under the category of Amusement with Prizes machines. And these types of fruit pokies machines have been designed to give you a large amount of entertainment; and amusement when you play them.

You can find these fruit pokies machines at online casinos to enjoy on your laptop on smartphone. So what is interesting about them? Well obviously there is something and that is awesome features it offers.

Features of Fruit Pokies Machines

1. Wonderful bonus features

Fruit machines
Wonderful bonus features

One of the unique features you will find in these pokies machines is the frequently triggered bonus features.  As soon as you do start to play; any type of fruit machine one thing that is going to become very apparent; will be the frequency at which you are going to then trigger a plethora of different bonus games and bonus features too. Thus the interesting thing about these gaming machines is that they can; and will award lots of different bonus features from the base game; and will also have on offer a very large number of different bonus games too.

As such; you are going to get a lot of playtime when playing them; due to all of those bonus features and bonus games that can and will be awarded to you. Two bonus games that could be awarded to you on virtually every spin are the Hold and Nudge features.

You will find when you are awarded with the hold feature you can lock in any of the reels for the next spin and a Nudge feature allow you to move the reel symbols downwards in the hope that by doing so you are going to nudge in on the pay line a winning combination or a combination or symbols that will see you then triggering a bonus game!

2. You can play at low stake

Fruit machines
You can play at low stake

As you will no doubt be aware, playing any type of gaming machines, can at times be a very expensive hobby, but one of the main attractions of players of fruit machines is that due to the vast majority of them only having one single pay line spread often only over three stepper type reels they can be and in fact are very low stake gaming machines.

You will find that when playing them online you are going to be given a range of different coin value settings too and as such if you do want to play for some very low and tiny stake amounts then that is something you are always going to be able to do.

3. Payout percentages are high at Mobile Pokies

One thing you should note that unlike land based fruit machines, the payout percentages on fruit machines available online and at mobile casino sites tend to be way higher, and the value of the jackpot you could be lucky enough to win online or when playing fruit machines at a mobile casino sites can be way higher than anything you could ever win from a fruit machine located in a land casino.


You can just browse the online casinos in which you wish to play for these fruit machines and play for free to understand more about them before you indulge in real money play. So interestingly as soon as you start playing any fruit machines you will certainly find them entertaining and exciting with plenty of thrills to make your gaming experience to be more fun.

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