What are Pre Commitment Pokies?

Precommitment pokies
What is pre Commitment Pokies

Pre commitment pokies are increasingly becoming the talk of governments; and gambling companies across the globe. But many pokie players are still unaware of exactly what pre-commitment is all about. This is truly evident to us as several people have asked us this very question; so today we will give you the information you need by answering the latest question “What are pre-commitment pokies?”

Read on folks and find out the answer as it is clearly a burning question many of you have!

What is pre commitment pokies?

What are pre-commitment pokies?

Well, the answer to this is pretty simple, but as usual, we wish to give you the full details too. So the short answer is that it is a pokie machine; where you set the limit of time and money that you can spend at the pokie; and the machine will stop you from playing when one of these limits is reached.

The longer answer is more interesting though, so read on for more detail on this type of pokie machine.

The need for pre-commitment pokies was banded around due to problem gambling. The idea was that a problem gambler has to predetermine how much time and money they can spend on a machine they are playing at. After this, the machine will stop playing once it has determined the player has reached one or both limits. Thus removing the player’s ability to spend above their means or take too long playing.

Such pokies are popular in Australia and Norway

Such pokies are popular in Australia and Norway
Such pokies are popular in Australia and Norway

So far pre-commitment is gaining ground in many countries, including Australia. The prospect of the system stopping problem gamblers is greater than someone having to keep tabs on them and the idea is that this may cause a drop in problem gambling over time.

Norway has been using the pre-commitment system for a while and has a robust system where pokies are linked to a players account and the player is not allowed to spend more than $70 a day or $385 a month, overall it may be the right step forward in helping people manage their spend.

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