How to Play Pokies with Locking Wild Symbols?

How to play pokies with locking wild symbols?

Locking wild symbols in a pokies game refers to a special type of wild symbol that remains fixed or locked in position on the reels for a certain number of spins or for the duration of a specific feature. Instead of disappearing after a single spin, as regular wild symbols typically do, locking wild symbols provide additional opportunities for winning combinations.

When a locking wild symbol appears on the reels, it stays in place for a designated period, maintaining its position and substituting for other symbols to form winning combinations. This can significantly enhance the chances of landing winning combinations, as the wild symbol remains on the reels throughout the designated spins.

Locking wild symbols can be found in various forms and can be triggered through different game features. Some slot games may have locking wilds in the base game, while others may include them within specific bonus rounds or free spins features. The specific rules and mechanics of locking wild symbols can vary depending on the slot game and its design.

It’s important to note that the locking wild symbols’ behavior and rules are outlined in the game’s paytable or rules section. Always refer to the specific pokies game you are playing to understand how locking wild symbols work and their potential impact on your gameplay and winning potential.

If you love playing pokies then you must be knowing that many pokies machines have wild symbols. There are many different wild symbols that you may come across while playing pokies. Let’s find out these wild symbols before moving to locking wild.

Types of Wild Symbols


Here are the types of wild symbols that may come across with a multiplier attached; making pay-lines more valuable for players.

1. Expanding Wilds

Expanding Wilds
Expanding Wilds

This type of wild symbol first appears as a distinctive bonus symbol occupying a single symbol position. Before expanding to cover a larger number of symbols.

As per the choice, expanding wilds may stretch to cover all reels available in the game. Or may expand to cover a much smaller selection of symbol positions.

These symbols may come with a standard multiplier that covers each of the size changes. Or may change with the expansion of the symbols.

2. Sticky Wilds

Sticky Wilds
Sticky Wilds

These are exactly what is visible by its name – they’re wild symbols that stick on the reels for multiple spins.

These are especially valuable to players; as they allow for numerous winning combinations across a number of spins of the reels.

The number of spins that these wilds stick for will vary depending on the criteria of the game played.

Some games will offer a single re-spin; a few offer a set number of spins; some remain in place until a win is hit and some expand; eventually filling the whole reel.

It can also offer a win-on-repeat option allowing pokie players to claim free spins; with each spin that the wild remains.

This can compound for some serious wins thanks to free spins and sticky wilds.

3. Shifting/Walking Wilds

Shifting Walking Wilds
Shifting Walking Wilds

Shifting wilds are also termed as walking wilds; and act much in the same way as a typical random wild symbol on the first spin; before shifting in the spins following.

The wild will appear on the reels, during the first spin before shifting over to the next reel for the next spin; continuing until each reel has experienced the wild.

These wilds can appear on reel 1. And move their way to the right or on reel 5 before shifting left.

Whichever way they walk, Shifting Wilds allow for players to make several winning combinations during their 5-spin stays.

4. Random Wilds

Random Wilds
Random Wilds

These wilds are the most common wild symbol found in online pokies; with the wilds randomly appearing on the reels during play.

The wild symbols that find their way into play; can act as just about anything (with the exception of other bonus symbols) to help players make their paylines.

These wilds may also come with a multiplier that may increase with the number of wilds present on the reels.

5. Wild Reels

Wild Reels
Wild Reels

A Wild Reel is the name given when an entire reel is given the wild treatment; much in the same way that the Stacked Wild works.

The wild symbols will stack with one on top of the other; to cover the entire reel rather than a single portion of one or multiple reels.

This allows players to make combinations of pay-lines across all lines, not just with a single symbol.

6. Stacked Wilds

Stacked wild Thor pokies
Stacked wild Thor pokies

A Stacked Wild is the name given when two or more symbol positions are stacked with one on top of the other.

Typically, the Stacked Wilds will work by covering the entire reel and allowing players to create winning combinations across each of the lines, rather via a single symbol position.

The Stacked Wilds will function much in the same way as a typical random wild, the difference is simply in the number of symbols covered in a vertical connection.

7. Multiplier Wilds

Multiplier Wilds
Multiplier Wilds

One such symbol is the locking wild symbol found at pokies games. A wild symbol will be locked in the same position for a set amount of spins or if it´s in a bonus round for the remaining number of spins. These are very unique wild symbols and possibly help you form plenty of winning combinations, some of which could be huge in value too.

The way in which Locking Wild symbols work is that whenever one or more of them have been spun in, those wild symbols lock into position on the screen, and as such on the next spin you play off those symbols will remain in place.

However, those symbols could come into play via a base game of a pokies and/or its bonus game and the number of consecutive spins that will have those symbols locked into place will vary from pokies to pokies.

Most pokies games, however, that do have Locking Wild symbols will have them in play during a free spin’s bonus game, and you will often find they stay locked onto the screen for the duration of the free spin feature round.

How to Play Pokies with Locking Wild Symbols?

Ghost-of-the-Pirates Slot

If you set about playing one such pokies game on which there are adjustable and optional pay-lines, then it is important that you always try and activate every single available pay-line. In this way, you never lose out when a winning combination has been spun in often with the help of the Locking Wild symbols, which you may run the very real risk of doing if you do not have all available pay-lines activated and in live play on every single spin you playoff.

Also, you set the stake levels you are playing any Locking Wild symbol pokies game for are ones that will enable you to get to play off a large number of base game spins.

By setting the stake levels down low that way if you experience a run of losing spins, they will not put too big a dent in your bankroll, which they could do if you are playing or too high a stake level.

Also, remember that huge valued winning payouts are rare of any pokies machine, so if you do ever win big when playing a Locking Wild awarding pokies machine then make a site where you cash out those winnings and lock in that profit.

Where to Play locking Wild Symbols?

Ripper Casino
Ripper Casino

Locking wild pokies machines can be played at any Australian online casino with real AUD and BTC.  You can play these pokies with your Samsung or HTC mobile or any Android or iPhone smartphone. Some of the best examples to play locked wild pokies machines is Desperados Wild Megaways, Anubis Wild Megaways, Age of the Gods, TrailBlazer, Respin Racer, Savage Jungle, Book of Alchemy, Magic 9 Stars, Pyro Pixie, Torros Gold, Caribbean Anne, Banana Rock, Butterfly lovers, Monopoly on the Money, Hit it Big, Beat the house, Beer Barrel Bash, Diamond Blitz, Gold Vein, Wild Ocean and many more.

A wild symbol tends to be the best of the symbols that can appear on the reels and can fill the location of any other symbol.

If you’re looking to complete a pay-line, the wilds can act as whatever they need to get you that payout, with the exception of other bonus symbols (free spins, scatters, etc.).

A multiplier wild is a wild that comes packed with an additional multiplier, allowing players to maximize their winnings when creating combinations.

The multiplier wilds are often found to be used in conjunction with other forms of wild and can be multiplied by each other if multiple wilds appear on the reels.

The size of the multipliers and how they function will differ from game to game, so it’s wise to check out the details before diving in.

Pokies with Locking Wild Symbol to play online

Here are some popular pokies games that feature locking wild symbols:

  1. Dead or Alive (NetEnt): Dead or Alive is a Netent Wild West-themed pokies game where wild symbols can appear on the reels and lock in place during the Free Spins bonus round. When a wild symbol lands on a reel, it remains in position for the duration of the free spins, increasing the potential for big wins.
  2. Sticky Bandits (Quickspin): Sticky Bandits is a pokies game with a Wild West outlaw theme. The game features massive wild symbols that cover an entire reel and remain sticky for the duration of the bonus round, offering increased chances of winning combinations.
  3. Jack and the Beanstalk (NetEnt): Based on the classic fairy tale, Jack and the Beanstalk offers walking wilds. When a wild symbol appears on the reels, it triggers a respin, and the wild moves one position to the left. The respins continue until the wild symbol moves off the leftmost reel.
  4. Siberian Storm (IGT): Siberian Storm is a popular pokies game that features the MultiWay Xtra system, offering 720 ways to win. The game includes stacked wild symbols that can cover entire reels, increasing the potential for multiple winning combinations.
  5. Medusa (NextGen Gaming): Medusa is a Greek mythology-themed pokies game where Medusa herself acts as the wild symbol. When a wild symbol lands on the reels, it expands to cover the entire reel and triggers a respin, with the wild reel locked in place.
  6. Jurassic Park (Microgaming): Jurassic Park is based on the blockbuster film and features a T-Rex Alert mode. During this mode, the T-Rex can appear on the reels as a stacked wild symbol, remaining in place for multiple spins and potentially generating significant wins.

Remember that specific game features can vary, and it’s always a good idea to review the game rules and paytable for each pokies game to understand how the locking wild symbols function and their potential impact on gameplay.

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