What is Pokies Bot?


Before we get the answer to this question it is being known that this answer is for informational purposes. And not to endorse the use of pokies bot in any terms, ways, shapes, or forms. It is only to learn as pokies players for our knowledge about the different types of Pokies bots.  It is one’s own choice to use or not, but it is advisable not to attempt its usage as it is illegal.

What is Pokies Bot?

What is Pokies Bot
What is Pokies Bot

Pokies bots are imitative robotic software programs that supervise online pokies websites. It analyses for possible results or plays the game for its owner. These player bots allow their users the advantage to competitively cheat in online games. And do not guarantee that users will win all of the time. The disadvantage is that these bots are strictly illegal to use. Best not use these to avoid the temptation of being caught.

These days many online casinos have started using anti-bots that can easily identify pokies bots. When used on a player’s device be it Laptop, PC, or Mobile. These anti-bots are also known as police bots. It generally does not download to your computer’s hard disk to identify and disable a bot. It will only be active when your device is connected to the internet, which means when you are online.

There are several different types of bots used by pokies players.

Small Casino Bots

Small Casino Bots
Small Casino Bots

These illegal self-playing pokies bots are found mostly in smaller pokies casinos to avoid being caught. These bots themselves play pokies games or tournaments against their opponents and therefore the presence of actual players is not necessary. Pokies games have been discovered where it is only bots playing against other bots instead of humans managing their own cards.

Break-Even bots

They have sophisticated programs operating them that prevent them from losing any online poker game. These self-playing bots are the easiest to detect since the user has a high winning rate pattern recognized by police bots. Chronically using Break-Even bots is a great way for illegal activity to be discovered.

Bonus Bots

Bonus Bots
Bonus Bots

It is a dual-purpose creature actively seeking out games that offer sign-up bonuses. They will log and notify their user of the existence of these bonuses. The advanced bonus bots automatically register their owner and then begin to play the games. The advantage of bonus bots is that owners not only sign up for the bonus but get to win the same game using this bot.

Decision Making bots

These bots are also referred to as “OPIs” or online poker inspectors. These first-generation pokies bots have limited decision-making capabilities to give their owner players an active edge in poker games. APIs are not often in use as more complicated bots have been developed since their inception. It is strongly advised not to manipulate any pokies game using anyone of these bots.

Is it assured that pokies bot usage will make you win pokies game?

Is it assured that pokies bot usage will make you win pokies game
Is it assured that pokies bot usage will make you win pokies game

The pokies bot manufacturers and programmers promote the bots winning feature but no one can give an assurance about the winning percentage.  Pokie bots may be found legal in some casinos but most of the casinos do not allow and it is totally illegal. Thus if you are caught using pokies bot the casino will certainly take all winnings, as well as any money deposited in the accounts, and definitely will ban the player from the site.

Many pokies sites make use of pokies bots to maintain the tables in play during slow times or to fill a table when you will find merely a handful of real players taking part in. Pokies players who invest in pokies bot want to win and make money. But with no guarantee of winning such investment in buying costly pokies bots are not worth it. The decision is up to the player or any individual to make a sensible legal decision in using such pokies bots.

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