What is Pokies and Poker Bot?


Before we get the answer to this question it is being known that this answer is for informational purposes. And not to endorse the use of pokies bot in any terms, ways, shapes, or forms. It is only to learn as pokies players for our knowledge about the different types of Pokies bots.  It is one’s own choice to use or not, but it is advisable not to attempt its usage as it is illegal.

What is Pokies Bot?

What is Pokies Bot
What is Pokies Bot

Pokies bots are imitative robotic software programs that supervise online pokies websites. It analyses for possible results or plays the game for its owner. These player bots allow their users the advantage to competitively cheat in online games. Also do not guarantee that users will win all of the time. The disadvantage is that these bots are strictly illegal to use. Best not use these to avoid the temptation of being caught.

These days many online casinos have started using anti-bots that can easily identify pokies bots. When used on a player’s device be it Laptop, PC, or Mobile. These anti-bots are also known as police bots. It generally does not download to your computer’s hard disk to identify and disable a bot. It will only be active when your device is connected to the internet, which means when you are online.

There are several different types of bots used by pokies players.

Small Casino Bots

Small Casino Bots
Small Casino Bots

These illegal self-playing pokies bots are found mostly in smaller pokies casinos to avoid being caught. These bots themselves play pokies games or tournaments against their opponents and therefore the presence of actual players is not necessary. Pokies games have been discovered where it is only bots playing against other bots instead of humans managing their own cards.

Break-Even bots

They have sophisticated programs operating them that prevent them from losing any online poker game. These self-playing bots are the easiest to detect since the user has a high winning rate pattern recognized by police bots. Chronically using Break-Even bots is a great way for illegal activity to be discovered.

Bonus Bots

Bonus Bots
Bonus Bots

It is a dual-purpose creature actively seeking out games that offer sign-up bonuses. They will log and notify their user of the existence of these bonuses. The advanced bonus bots automatically register their owner and then begin to play the games. The advantage of bonus bots is that owners not only sign up for the bonus but get to win the same game using this bot.

Decision Making bots

These bots are also referred to as “OPIs” or online poker inspectors. These first-generation pokies bots have limited decision-making capabilities to give their owner players an active edge in poker games. APIs are not often in use as more complicated bots have been developed since their inception. It is strongly advised not to manipulate any pokies game using anyone of these bots.

Is it assured that pokies bot usage will make you win pokies game?

Is it assured that pokies bot usage will make you win pokies game
Is it assured that pokies bot usage will make you win pokies game

The pokies bot manufacturers and programmers promote the bots winning feature but no one can give an assurance about the winning percentage.  Pokie bots may be found legal in some casinos but most of the casinos do not allow and it is totally illegal. Thus if you are caught using pokies bot the casino will certainly take all winnings, as well as any money deposited in the accounts, and definitely will ban the player from the site.

Many pokies sites make use of pokies bots to maintain the tables in play during slow times or to fill a table when you will find merely a handful of real players taking part in. Pokies players who invest in pokies bot want to win and make money. But with no guarantee of winning such investment in buying costly pokies bots are not worth it. The decision is up to the player or any individual to make a sensible legal decision in using such pokies bots.

How to Spot Poker Bots?

Poker bots

While there are some more obvious signs that indicate a player is actually a bot, many of the signs take time and keen observation to identify. Some of the most identifiable characteristics of poker bots include:

  1. Making decisions within the same time frame: A poker bot may only take a few seconds to make a decision, and they’ll make their decision within the exact same amount of time, every time. This is because it doesn’t take as much time to consider the statistical probability of them winning the hand, opponents winning the hand, players bluffing, or other factors. Also it only needs to consider the few factors it does take into account for a few seconds. It’s rare that a human player, even a skilled one, would be that precise.
  2. Sitting out when the table reaches a certain number of players: Bots are programmed to handle long-handed or short-handed ranges. That means that when the table has a certain number of players, the bot may choose not to play. Long-handed bots won’t play when there are too few players, and short-handed bots will sit out when there are too many players. However, keep in mind that human players may do this, too, if they feel they’re better at short-handed plays over long-handed ones.
  3. Betting uniform amounts: A bot is programmed to bet a certain amount (or within a certain range) at each point in a hand, i.e. pre-flop, pre-river, pre-turn, etc. This is to ensure the bot doesn’t wager too much too early in the game. Some bots are programmed to go all-in at certain points, too like maintaining the bank roll.
  4. Not using the chat: Bots don’t use the chat because they’re not programmed to do so. Even a sophisticated bot wouldn’t be sophisticated enough to dynamically react to the chat and come across as a human to do so. But just because a player isn’t using the chat doesn’t mean they’re a bot. Some players don’t chat because they’re shy, they don’t want to get distracted, or they just don’t like the chatting feature.
  5. Playing a lot of tables: To get the most chances to win, a player will often deploy a bot across many tables at once. Human players sit at multiple tables at once, too, but there’s a limit. If you notice a player is at a lot of tables at once, they might be using a bot.
  6. Playing many different poker variants simultaneously: As if playing 12 tables wasn’t enough, a player who is playing Texas Hold ’em, Omaha, and other poker variants across many tables at the same time might be a bot. With the different rules of each poker type, so playing multiple tables of each type is likely a sign of a bot.
  7. Playing 24/7: Even the most skilled and experienced players need to take a break eventually. But a player that has been at a table for 24 hours or more is likely a bot, especially if their strategy has been consistent the whole time.
Playing poker

Can you beat a poker bot?

You could beat a poker bot. Some simple poker bots have easily exploitable betting patterns that, if you pick up on them, you can use to bluff the bot out of a hand. What’s more, simple bots aren’t usually good at reading bluffs because they don’t do adaptive play, which is where they learn and get better at playing against certain players over time.

But remember that these bots don’t have emotions. They can’t be intimidated by assertive gameplay. If you choose to go head-to-head with a bot, consider lowering your bet amounts to minimize losses just in case.

Is poker bot a form of cheating?

many online casinos and poker sites consider the use of any bots or machine-learning software a form of cheating. Some machine-learning extensions that still require a player to manually make decisions may be acceptable, though frowned upon. These extensions can evaluate players over time and provide stats for the bot owner to use in their gameplay against these players.

If you’re unsure of whether an online casino or poker site considers bots a form of cheating, read the site’s terms and conditions.

Bot poker table

How to avoid poker bots?

If you suspect someone is a bot and you don’t want to play against them, you don’t have to. You can just move to another table and avoid them altogether. Another way to avoid poker bots is to play on a site that is strict about its no-bot cheating policy.

Many online casinos and poker sites use digital security measures to identify suspicious play activity that resembles bot activity. Game moderators may also be on the lookout for oddly uniform play styles.
Playing against human players is a challenge on its own, but having to spot, avoid, or beat out computer players isn’t fun for many people.

Points to remember when playing against a poker bot

Here are a few things you can do if you think you’re playing against a poker bot:

  • Don’t try to out them. The person just may be a fast player who hates to chat and has a specific betting strategy. If you try to say that they’re a bot in the chat or another public forum, you could be wrong. And if you’re wrong, you could damage your reputation in the online poker community you’re part of.
  • Try to figure out how smart the bot is. If the bot is simple, you may be able to identify its betting patterns and win against it. But be leery of machine-learning bots that get smarter over time.
  • Report the player privately. Contact the game moderator or the online casino or poker site’s security team. Provide what proof you have, and let them handle the investigation and punishment, if relevant.
Not all poker pots are created equal

Remember finally that not all poker bots are created equal. Some bots are simple and can only play based on very specific rules their human counterpart has programmed them with. That means they can only make bets of a certain amount at certain times and may fold when it looks like, statistically, someone else has the better hand. Other bots employ more sophisticated AI that gets smarter the more hands it plays.

Some online poker players may create multiple accounts and deploy bots for all of them, while other players may use a bot occasionally to help them win a bit while they’re not able to man the tables themselves. But in most cases, bots only win a little bit of money over a longer period of time, which helps these accounts stay under the radar.

However, you know that the more chances you have to play, the more chances you have to win. That’s why people may use bots to play for them and slightly increase their bankroll while they’re away. In fact, bots give players 24/7 automated gameplay if they really want it. (Article information sourced from https://great.com/)

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