How to Play Virtual Horse Racing at Online Casinos?

How to Play Virtual Horse Racing at Online Casinos?
How to Play Virtual Horse Racing at Online Casinos?

If you love horse racing and cannot go to your local track, then you can go to play virtual horse racing at online casinos. Like at a local Pub or TAB outlet in virtual racing instead of betting on live horses and jockeys, you place wagers on a simulated race. Each runner pays different odds and you can choose from various bet types, just like you would at an online bookmaker. Do you know you can play Virtual horse races?

Like pokies at online casinos, these games are powered by random number generators (RNGs), which use complex algorithmic patterns to determine how each race pans out.  Also in virtual horse racing is not merely a case of clicking a button and seeing an instant result. You get to watch the whole race, from start to finish and cheer on your runners just as you would when betting on live thoroughbred racing. For punters who want to spend less time and want immediate results can even opt to skip the track vision altogether – an option you certainly don’t get with real-time racing events.

Such horse racing games provide an easy, on-call alternative to betting real money at online bookmaker sites.

Virtual Virtual horse race games at online casinos

Virtual racing games at online casinos
Virtual racing games at online casinos

There are virtual horse racing games to play at online casinos. These games can be played for free or with real money. Some of the popular ones are as follows:

  1. Virtual Horse Racing 3D: This game provides a lifelike virtual horse racing experience with high-quality graphics and animations. Players can place bets on their favorite horses, watch the races unfold, and enjoy the thrill of cheering for their chosen steed.
  2. Golden Derby: Developed by NetEnt, Golden Derby offers a realistic horse racing experience with detailed graphics and audio. It features a variety of betting options, including win, place, show, and exotic bets like exactas and trifectas.
  3. Premier Racing: Premier Racing is a virtual horse racing game from Microgaming. It features multiple camera angles, stunning graphics, and realistic sound effects to enhance the immersive experience. Players can choose from a range of betting options and watch the races in real-time.
  4. Horse Racing by Playtech: Playtech offers a virtual horse racing game that allows players to participate in races from around the world. The game provides a variety of betting options and realistic animations to simulate the excitement of horse racing.
  5. Derby Day: Derby Day is a virtual horse racing game available at several online casinos. Developed by Playtech, it offers a selection of virtual races with different horses, jockeys, and tracks. Players can place bets and watch the races unfold with detailed 3D graphics.

Many Australian-friendly online casinos offer virtual racing games. These games are listed under the ‘Other’ or ‘Variety’ tab in the casino lobby; while some operators have a dedicated section for virtual sports games. All these games are powered by Playtech, Microgaming, Betsoft, and various other brands.

Virtual Horses games are fun and straightforward virtual horse-racing games. Also, Premier Racing games are the most accessible virtual racing game for punters. It is also one of the very best, with highly immersive HD graphics, a nice spread of wagering options, and an overall maximum bet of $1600 per race.

Then there is Virtual Racebook 3D revered for its stunning animations and attention to detail. Also, find Premier Trotting which is arguably the better of the above games. Besides the harnesses, the big difference here is an expanded betting slip which includes forecast (exacta) and dual forecast (quinella) wagers. You can also switch between fractional odds and decimal odds, which makes life much easier for born-and-bred Aussie punters.

Most players like Virtual Derby which is a throwback to the older RNG horse racing games. But with better audio-visual quality and software performance. While the race animations may look a bit simple compared to the other titles on this list; the Virtual Derby betting screen is loaded with everything you need for an entertaining and authentic online gambling experience.

How to play virtual horse racing games at TAB Australia?


To play virtual horse racing games at TAB Australia, you can follow these general steps:

  1. Visit the TAB Australia website: Go to the official TAB Australia website by entering “” into your web or mobile browser’s address bar.
  2. Sign up or log in: If you already have an account with TAB Australia, log in using your credentials. If you’re a new user, you’ll need to create an account by providing the required information and completing the registration process.
  3. Navigate to the virtual horse racing section: Once you’re logged in, look for the virtual horse racing section on the TAB Australia website. It may be listed under a specific category like “Virtual Sports” or “Virtual Racing.”
  4. Choose a virtual horse racing game: Select the virtual horse racing game you want to play from the available options. TAB Australia may have multiple virtual horse racing games to choose from.
  5. Place your bets: Once you’ve selected a virtual horse racing game, you can start placing your bets. Virtual horse racing games typically offer a range of betting options, including win, place, show, and various exotic bets. Review the available horses, their statistics, and the odds before making your selections.
  6. Watch the race: After placing your bets, the virtual horse race will begin. Sit back and enjoy the race as it unfolds on your screen. Many virtual horse racing games provide realistic graphics and animations to enhance the experience.
  7. Collect your winnings: If your chosen horse(s) perform well and win, you’ll receive a payout based on the odds and the type of bet you placed. Winnings are typically credited to your TAB Australia account.

Betting Options

Betting Options
Betting Options

While virtual racing games can’t possibly offer the same mind-boggling array of horse betting markets. As the leading international sportsbooks, the best releases do feature several fixed wagering options. Top-shelf titles like Virtual Racebook 3D and Premier Trotting allow for stakes of up to AUD $100 each on options like these:

  • Straight bets – Pick a horse to win the race.
  • Place bets – Pick a horse to finish in the top three. Sometimes called show bets.
  • Lay bets – Rather than ‘backing’ a runner, pick a horse not to win the race.
  • Forecast bets – The same as an exacta, where you pick two runners to finish first and second in exact order.
  • Dual forecast bets – The same as a quinella, where you pick two horses to finish first and second in either order.
  • Tricast bets – Just like a trifecta, where you pick three horses to run first, second and third in exact order.
  • Boxed bets – Wager on every possible finishing order for exotic bet types. For example: a box tricast with three horses covers six potential outcomes at once.

When searching for virtual horse racing games, it’s important to check the available options at different online casinos. Keep in mind that game availability and features may vary depending on the platform and software providers.

You can play virtual horse racing or sports at online casinos in real AUD instantly even with your mobile.  There are many Australian-friendly online casinos to play such games. Few to mention are TAB Australia, NEDs, Unibet, Ripper Casino, Ignition Casino, Bitstarz Casino and others.

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