Where Can I Play Pokies In Geelong?

Play Pokies In Geelong

Pokies in Geelong can be found at various places. Geelong is located in the Australian state of Victoria and is the second-largest city by population in that state. It is a port city that is located only 75 kilometers from Melbourne. For pokies in Geelong enthusiasts that means there are plenty of places nearby where they can find the machines, they want to play with. They can choose from:

  • Casinos
  • Sports Bars
  • RSL Clubs
  • Bowling Clubs
  • Bars and Pubs
  • Hotels
  • Online Casinos

While there are plenty of places to play, not everyone knows where to look. Consider checking out these places when trying to find pokies in Geelong to play.

Places to Play Pokies in Geelong

1. Casinos

Star Casino Australia
Play pokies at Star Casino Australia

Casinos always seem to offer the most pokies machines and the biggest variety of machines. Players can usually go to casinos at any time of the day or night and they can spend plenty of time there. A casino usually offers restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and even hotels for the people that desire them. When searching for the pokies at casinos in Geelong, you may have to travel a little bit, but it will be worth the effort.

The closest major casino to Geelong is Crown Casino, located in Melbourne. Crown Casino is a renowned casino complex that offers a wide range of gaming options, including table games, pokies (electronic gaming machines), poker, and more.

People visit the nearest casino which is the Crown Melbourne. It is much more than a casino. It is a full-blown resort that offers restaurants, bars, night clubs a hotel, and a spa. If you are looking for more than pokie machines, this is the place to turn when visiting Geelong. It is also a great place to play the pokies thanks to the large number of machines that they offer and the big jackpots that the machines can payout.

2. Sports Bars

Crown Sports Bar
Crown Sports Bar

Sports bars are another great place to do more than just play the pokies. You can enjoy the machines while watching live sports on big-screen televisions. Most sports bars also offer great food and drink specials that when combined with the pokie machines make them a great place to spend a few hours. Some of the sports bars in Geelong to think about visiting include:

  • Eureka Sportz Saloon Café
  • The Sporting Globe Bar & Grill

3. RSL Clubs

RSL Club Australia
RSL Club Australia

Returned and service Leagues have a long history of the servicemen and women of Australia a place to gather and relax. They are well known for the gaming entertainment that they offer. While they do not have the number of pokies as a casino, they do have plenty of machines and a good variety to choose from. That is what makes them a good choice for pokies enthusiasts.

  • Geelong RSL Bowls Club
  • Norlane RSL

Popular ones are:

  • Geelong RSL: Located at 50 Barwon Heads Road, Belmont, Geelong RSL offers a gaming lounge with a variety of pokies machines.
  • Geelong Golf Club: Situated at 1-11 Club Road, North Geelong, Geelong Golf Club features a gaming lounge where members can enjoy pokies machines.
  • East Geelong Golf Club: Positioned at 15 Eastern Beach Road, East Geelong, East Geelong Golf Club has a gaming lounge with pokies machines for its members.
  • Corio Bay Sports Club: Located at 45 Hendy Street, Corio, Corio Bay Sports Club offers a gaming lounge with pokies machines.

4. Bowling Clubs

Bowling Club Australia
Bowling Club Australia

Like the RSL Clubs, the bowling clubs are designed to give people a place to gather and enjoy different forms of entertainment. Whether a person is looking to play the game of bowling in Australia or if they want to play the pokies, the choice of a bowling club will help them do it. The bowling clubs in Geelong include:

  • Belmont Bowling Club
  • Geelong Bowls Club
  • Drumcondra Bowling Club

5. Bars and Pubs

Bars and Pubs Australia
Bars and Pubs Australia

Many pubs and hotels in Geelong have gaming lounges that offer a selection of pokies machines. Some popular venues include The Elephant & Castle Hotel, The Lord Nelson, The Sporting Globe, and The Belmont Hotel. Playing the pokies in a bar or pub is a tradition that goes back a long way and there are plenty of places to find in Geelong for this type of activity.

  • Gold Diggers Arms
  • Lord of the Isles

6. Hotels

Carrington Hotel
Carrington Hotel

There are many hotels in Geelong that offer pokies machines for visitors.  Here are a few best ones to explore:

  • Carrignton Hotel
  • Waurn Ponds
  • Fyansford Hotel
  • Gateway Hotel
  • Great Western Hotel
  • Grovedale Hotel
  • Lara Hotel
  • Norlane Hotel

and many others.

More prominent Hotels to visit are:

  • The Elephant & Castle Hotel: Located at 158 McKillop Street, The Elephant & Castle Hotel is a popular venue that offers a gaming lounge with pokies machines.
  • The Lord Nelson: Situated at 229 Pakington Street, The Lord Nelson is another hotel in Geelong that features a gaming lounge with pokies machines.
  • The Sporting Globe: Positioned at 175-177 Ryrie Street, The Sporting Globe is a sports bar and hotel that provides a gaming lounge with pokies machines.
  • The Belmont Hotel: Located at 77 High Street, Belmont, The Belmont Hotel is a hotel and bar that offers a gaming lounge with pokies machines.

Note that the availability of pokies machines in these venues may be subject to change, and it’s always a good idea to contact the hotels directly to confirm the availability of pokies and any specific regulations or restrictions that may apply.

Additionally, it’s important to gamble responsibly and within your means, and to adhere to the legal gambling age in Victoria, Australia, which is 18 years or older.

7. Online Casinos

Ripper Casino
Ripper Casino

Online casinos are the best choice for many gamers at Geelong to play pokies. Like land venues, online casinos too offer some of the great gaming machines. You can play and gamble or bet or punt in real-time with real AUD. Also, you needn’t go anywhere outside but sit in the comfort of your own place be it your house or office or park or any place, and play pokies.

All you need is to pick your gaming device be it mobile, tablet, or PC. Have the internet or WIFI connection on. Now type the online casino URL on your web or mobile browser be it chrome or safari and hit enter to visit the online casino in seconds.

At the online casino homepage you will find two options :

  • Play for real


  • Play for free

Playing for free means all the pokies are free to play without spending any money. The only thing playing for free doesn’t fetch you real money wins.

Play for real money means all the pokies can be played with real cash. For this, you need to make a real cash deposit at the cashier with any of the online banking or payment options. Make a deposit of $10 as a minimum amount to play pokies for real money. You can use Bitcoins, POLi, Neosurf, Neteller, or any other payment option to make a deposit.

Once done, grab the welcome bonus or free spins bonus to play pokies at online casinos.

Now select the pokies game you wish to play and spin the reels for winning combinations.

A few of the Australian online casinos to play pokies in Geelong are:

And various others.

There are many other online casinos to play pokies. Remember if you find any online casino that doesn’t accept your own currency that is Australian dollars to play pokies with real money, then don’t worry as these online casinos also offer various cryptocurrencies as deposit options. Among which Bitcoins are popular options these days to play pokies with. You can easily buy bitcoins from a bitcoin exchange, store them in a wallet and later deposit it at the casino to play pokies. Note that you can even cash out bitcoins if you win playing pokies.

Other than pokies games that are popular in Geelong

Geelong Cats
Geelong Cats

In Geelong, like in many other places, the popular games that people enjoy playing can vary depending on individual preferences and interests. However, here are some games that are commonly enjoyed by people in Geelong:

  • Australian Rules Football (AFL): Geelong is known for its passionate support of the Geelong Cats, an Australian Rules Football team that competes in the AFL. Football matches, both attending them live at the stadium or watching them at local pubs and sports bars, are a significant part of the local culture and a favorite pastime for many residents.
  • Cricket: Cricket is another popular sport in Geelong. The city has its own cricket club, the Geelong Cricket Club, which competes in various local leagues. Additionally, residents often engage in informal cricket matches at parks and recreational areas.
  • Netball: Netball is a popular team sport, particularly among women, in Geelong. The sport is played at various levels, including local club competitions and social leagues.
  • Lawn Bowls: Geelong has several lawn bowls clubs where people enjoy playing this relaxed and social sport. It is particularly popular among older adults, offering opportunities for socializing and friendly competition.
  • Golf: Golf enthusiasts in Geelong have access to several golf courses, including The Sands Torquay, 13th Beach Golf Links, and Geelong Golf Club. Golfers can enjoy challenging courses and beautiful scenery in the region.
  • Tennis: Tennis is a widely enjoyed sport in Geelong, with many local tennis clubs and facilities available for players of all skill levels. People often participate in friendly matches or join organized competitions and tournaments.

It’s important to note that individual preferences can vary, and these are just some examples of games and sports enjoyed by people in Geelong. The city also offers various recreational activities, including hiking, cycling, and water sports due to its proximity to the coast and natural surroundings.

Things To Remember When Playing Pokies

Whether you play pokies at Geelong land venues or play at online casinos, remember the following important things to do when playing pokies:

  1. Play pokies responsibly and don’t form an addiction to pokies. You should consider the fun part to entertain yourself while playing pokies and don’t think of winning it.
  2. Set an amount aside to play pokies and stick to that bankroll. Don’t ever chase wins or losses. This means if you win then stop playing pokies for that day and if you lose then also stop playing pokies. Never go for the temptation to play pokies for wins.
  3. Play pokies only if you have the budget to lose. As pokies are a game of chance it is not sure nor anyone can predict that you will win or lose. So play pokies if you can afford it and don’t be under debt.
  4. If you have formed an addiction to pokies then seek immediate help in Australia. Because pokies addiction can ruin you and your family.
  5. Prefer playing pokies online as online games are free to play and there is less risk of losing money.

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