Where Can I Play Pokies In Darwin?

Where Can I Play Pokies In Darwin?

The capital city of the Northern Territory in Australia is Darwin. While it may be the largest city in the area; it is also the smallest of the capital cities in Australia. Just because it is a smaller city does not mean that it does not have plenty to offer for its residents and for visitors.

If you are a pokie enthusiast, you will be able to find your favorite machines in Darwin. They may not be as plentiful as they are in bigger cities, but you can find them. All that a person needs to do is to know what to look for and where to look. In Darwin, pokie machines can be found in casinos, sports bars, RSL Clubs, Bowling Clubs, bars, and pubs.

Where to find Pokies In Darwin

1. Casinos


If you want to have the most choices of pokie machines, you need to find the nearest casino. Casinos have the most space. And many of their pokie machines are linked to the other casinos to help make the progressive jackpots grow faster and bigger. In addition to the pokie machines, casinos offer table games, restaurants, nightclubs, and much more.

Darwin has one casino for people to choose from. SkyCity Casino is open 24 hours a day. It has over 7000 pokie machines for its visitors in addition to table games and other amenities. They have 5 restaurants, bars, and a hotel for the visitor’s convenience.

2. Sports Bars

Sports Bars
Sports Bars

Not everyone wants the lights and flash that accompany a casino. But they still want to find a place to play the pokies that offers an exciting time. The live sports on big screen televisions that can be found at sports pars can provide that type of entertainment. People can enjoy the food and drink or they can play the pokies while watching the sporting action. It is the perfect combination for some and can be found in Darwin at these sports bars.

  • Kittys and KO Sports Bar
  • Darwin Ski Club

3. RSL Clubs

RSL Clubs
RSL Clubs

Returned and Service League Clubs serve as a meeting place for many people. They offer entertainment, food, and gaming for the people that go there. RSL Clubs usually have more machines than bars and pubs; although they do not offer as many as a full casino. They do have a good variety of games for the people that want to try them.

  • Darwin RSL Club
  • Bunker’s Bistro, Darwin RSL Club

4. Bowling Clubs

Bowling Clubs
Bowling Clubs

These clubs can be found throughout Australia. Lawn Bowling is a popular activity for people of all ages, but those of the legal gambling age; may also want to take advantage of the pokies that can be found at these bowling clubs in Darwin.

  • Darwin Bowling Club
  • Darwin Bowls and Social Club

5. Bars and Pubs

Bars and Pubs
Bars and Pubs

These places provide a person a place to sit back and relax in a cozy atmosphere as they get to play the pokies. They can offer good food and drink in addition to the inviting atmosphere of a local bar or pub.

  • Tracy’s Bar and Café
  • Shenannigans
  • Dolly O’Reilly’s

6. Online Casinos

Online Casinos
Online Casinos

The best way to play pokies in Darwin is to play them online. Online casinos are in abundance that offers free pokies as well as real money pokies to play. Many online casinos such as Play Croco, Fair Go, Rich Casino, and others accept Australian punters and allow you to make a deposit in AUD to play real money pokies. Besides pokies, you can also play table games of Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, and Baccarat. Also on offer is a live casino where you play as if you are in a real land casino playing games against a live dealer. Moreover, the best part is there are so many bonus offers at online casinos that add value to your bankroll. Click here to play now.

Fair Go Casino

Other Things to Do in Darwin

Darwin has a distinct atmosphere of the tropics meeting the outback, and this former frontier outpost manages to combine an outdoorsy, overgrown small-town feel with a fascinating history, a thriving and multicultural present, and a bright future. This means there are a lot of other things to do in Darwin besides playing pokies.

1. Visit Tiwi Islands

Visit Tiwi Islands
Visit Tiwi Islands

These Islands are a chain of nine islands 80km north of Darwin, of which the two largest are inhabited. The vast majority of residents of these two islands are the Tiwi people, an indigenous Australian people who are believed to have lived there for at least 7,000 years; they are also the first Indigenous peoples to have made historically recorded contact with Europeans (Dutch explorers, in the early 18th Century).

It’s a fascinating place to visit to enjoy a vibrant indigenous history and culture, with a thriving local art scene that is an important part of both the culture and economy of the Tiwi Islands and with fascinating myths and stories that play a major part in shaping their communities.

It’s also a wonderful spot for nature lovers and bird-watchers; the islands have been separate from mainland Australia since the last ice age, and there are many species that can be found here that are threatened or endangered.

2. Darwin Wave Lagoon

Darwin wave
Darwin wave Lagoon

With reliably hot weather even in winter, the Wave Lagoon really is a perfect way to beat the heat; the views from the lagoon are gorgeous, and it’s such a beautiful spot to relax and rejuvenate as you enjoy the feeling of relaxing in a tropical resort, but without a resort price-tag.

As you might have guessed from the name, it’s a wave pool, with waves that go up to 1.7 meters at their highest, but gradually become lower depending on what part of the pool you’re swimming in: there’s even a wave-free area for the youngest visitors to enjoy.

The beaches in Darwin are generally of the croc-infested variety, so the Wave Lagoon is a great alternative, and it’s loved by visitors and locals alike.

3. Darwin’s City Center

Darwin's City Center
Darwin’s City Center

You can take a short stroll from Darwin’s city center, these lush, tropical botanic gardens showcase the local flora in all its beauty: there’s plenty of walking trails to enjoy and waterfalls to admire.

Darwin was one of the few places on the Australian mainland to be directly attacked by the Japanese during WW2, with 300 bombs being dropped on the city in February 1942. You can learn about the history of Darwin’s experience in the war in various significant sites around the city, as well as the highly informative Defence of Darwin Experience, the adjacent Darwin Military Museum, the Aviation Heritage Centre, and the Cenotaph overlooking Darwin Harbour.

4. Pristine Waters

printine waters
pristine waters

The pristine waters of Darwin’s gorgeous foreshore make a perfect starting point for a relaxing cruise down the waterways of Darwin Harbour. You can enjoy sunset views, tasting platters of local cuisine, and informative guidance on the natural and man-made attractions you’ll see during the cruise.

5. Douglas Hot Springs

Douglas Hot Springs
Douglas Hot Springs

Also, the Douglas Hot Springs is a fantastic way to unwind and restore yourself so that you can get ready to see even more of Darwin and its surroundings.

These pools form a lush oasis in dry woodlands, with pools of various temperatures (some of which are too hot to swim in, so be careful!) The area is also rich in flora and fauna; over 100 types of native birds can be spotted here, and you’ll find thousands of butterflies in the rock face of Butterfly Gorge.

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