What are the Pokies Buttons To Navigate?

Pokie Machine Button
How to Play the Pokies Buttons?

Pokies buttons to navigate are found in every pokies games. We here at Pokies Play Online help you know more about the pokies buttons that you play.

Today we were flicking through the truckload of questions we receive and one drew our attention instantly. The reason this question caught the eye is that we normally answer questions from people who understand the casino world and want to brush up on certain aspects of their game or require information on a particular casino, this question is different. The question relates to understanding the basic principles of the pokie and how they work, so let’s answer the question “What are the pokie buttons to navigate?”

Pokies buttons make things easy

If you look at any pokies be it online pokies or at the land venue, there are certain buttons that instruct you and make things easy for you to play pokies using them.

Buttons on pokies
Buttons on pokies

At land casinos, pokies work like a machine. You put your coins into the machine, press the Spin button or pull down on the lever or press the spin button and the pokies start to spin. Pushing the button causes the wheel so start spinning and it’s up to sort of random fate where it stops. You wait for seconds for the wheel to stop, and where it stops the computer then later determines your wins according to winning symbols that land on the game screen.

Pokies run on RNG System

At online casinos, pokies work on the Random Number Generator or simply RNG. This RNG is constantly spinning out the random numbers. Hundreds and perhaps a thousand times per second it’s just generating a random number and spinning it out and this number has no relationship to the previous number generated. At the very moment that you push the button to spin or pull the lever that millisecond that your finger touches the button and it presses it actually pulls the next three random numbers from that number generator chip. The reels of the pokies machine have a lot of symbols on them. There might be 26 different symbols some of them repeat. Each random number that’s picked maps to one of the symbols.

What are the pokies buttons to navigate?

How to play the pokies buttons
How to play the pokies buttons

The most common pokies buttons to navigate and you can find in any video pokies game are as follows:

  • Click to spin the reels with green button
  • Click to stop the reels with red button
  • Click to decrease the bet amount per spin with minus button
  • Click to increase the bet amount per spin with positive button
  • Coins button to click to activate the highest possible bet amount
  • The two round rotating arrows for click to access the autoplay settings menu to configure your Autoplay. Once on it can be stopped at any moment by pressing the stop button.
  • Exclamation mark for click to display paytable, paylines and game rules
  • Electric button for click to activate or deactivate Quickspin. When activated the spin speed will increase.
  • Three horizontal lines for click to open the menu and access other options
  • Home button for click to exit the game
  • Wheel button for click to open game settings
  • Calendar button for click to view player history
  • Wallet button for click to open cashier
  • Music button for click to enable and disable game background music.
  • Speaker button for click to enable and disable all game sounds
  • Space bar to spin off button for click to enable and siable the spacebar to spin.
  • Balance button displays the total amount available to wager
  • Bet button displays the total bet. The total bet is the result of the amount bet per line multiplied by the quantity of active paylines.
  • Win button displays the total win. It will be displayed until the next spin starts.

Pokies buttons to navigate at any pokies games

1. Spin Reels

Spin Reels
Spin Reels

This is the most popular and well know pokies button to navigate in any pokies game and that starts the action. Once pressed, it sets the reels in motion.

2. Play Max Credits/Bet Max Coins

Play Max Credits Bet Max Coins

Regardless of its more specific name, by hitting this pokies buttons to navigate, you will bet the maximum number of credits allowed on the particular machine. For example, if the pokies machine accepts a maximum bet of five coins and a player presses the button, the machine will deduct five coins from the player’s credits and automatically spin the reels.

Note that this button is only active if a player has inserted credits into the machine. If this is not the case, you need to insert more coins before the button becomes active.

3. Play Two Credits, Play Three Credits

Play Two Credits Play Three Credits
Play Two Credits Play Three Credits

These pokies buttons to navigate will usually indicate that the specific pokies machine accepts only two or three credits as a maximum bet. If a player presses that button, the result will be the same as if they have pushed the play max credits/bet max coins button.

4. Play One Credit

This pokies buttons navigate enables players to bet only one credit per spin. You will find this button on every pokies machine ensuring players with different budgets can engage in the games. It is important to note that, unlike the Bet Max Credits button, this one would not set the reels in motion and nothing will happen until the player pulls the lever or presses the Spin Reels button.

Additionally, if a player presses the button twice, the machine will add extra credit to the next spin and so on.

5. The Cash-Out Button

The Cash-Out Button
The Cash-Out Button

Basically, this pokies buttons navigate tells the machine the player has finished betting and wants to either move to another poky or stop playing altogether. On pressing this button on older machines, the one-armed bandit would start paying out the remaining credits in the form of coins. However, the newer machines will simply issue a ticket that the player can later use at the cashier’s cage to claim their winnings.

6. The Change Button

The Change Button
The Change Button

This pokies buttons to navigate is located on the far left of the button display. And is used to power up the red light at the top of the machine; which in turn signals all casino employees the player requires change.

On the top row of the pokie, you will see the collect button. You can use this button to collect your winnings and take money out of the pokie. If it’s a high-stakes pokie; it may mean that an attendant is called over to take you to a payout booth.

The rest of the buttons found on the top row are the number of credits you can wager per line. And they are used for features too. In some cases for the feature; the four buttons will have symbols such as the four suits of cards on them.

The bottom row has a button that is called take win, you use this to take your winnings from the pokie during the gambling phase. Sometimes the pokie may have an alternate option on this same button which is used to reserve the machine for a specified period so others cannot take it whilst you nip to the loo or the bar.

The gamble button is used to get onto double-up bonus games if it is available and the start button activates the bonus feature.

7. Auto Play Button


The autoplay button in pokies works very simply. You can find this feature in a button format at online pokies on your pokie gaming screen that says Auto Play button which is typically located on the right-hand side of your screen.

All you need is to set it up and choose how many automated spins you want, on how any paylines, and how much you want to play for, etc. Once activated, you can sit back and relax and watch the machine do the spinning work for you, showing the results of each spin before moving on to the next.

With some pokies, you will also be able to program the game to stop should you win/lose beyond a certain amount. The reason for this is to protect you from exhausting your bankroll when you are not so lucky and also to help you hold onto your winnings instead of watching it slip away when your luck suddenly turns towards you. Remember at any time during your game, you have the right to de-activate this feature. It is your money, after all, so you remain in control.

Some other pokies screen display to look for:

The pay table shows the player what combinations pay out and how much.  From the paytable is where you can learn about the different symbols for a specific game as well as what they represent, and of course the combinations you need to be able to trigger from them an actual payout. If you don’t know where to find the Paytable of a pokies, click on the letter “i” or “?”. When you press it a new screen pops up showcasing the various symbols, bonus rounds, RTP, jackpot, and hit rate.

Paytable of pokies game

A credit meter keeps track of how much credit the player currently has as well as winnings when the reels are spun. Credits are often used instead of showing actual cash amounts because, to the player, losing credits may not seem as negative as losing money.

Most pokies games have multiple winning lines on the reels, so options are given for how many lines the player wants to bet. Each line is equal to one bet, so on a five-cent machine, betting on five lines would equate to betting 25 cents.

How gaming machines work?

Pokies symbols are also there like standard reel symbols such as fruit symbols (cherries, grapes, oranges, melons and lemons) and the playing card symbols (Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks and Tens). These are still seen on some of the classic pokies, however you will find a ton of different symbols on the newer video slots.

  1. Scatter Symbols can award both regular winning payouts and trigger bonus rounds
  2. Bonus Symbols trigger bonus rounds, however they’re different from the Scatter symbols as you have to land a certain amount of them on specific lines.
  3. Wild Symbols have many types; however, the most common Wild symbol will replace any of the other symbols on the reels to help create a winning combination.

The Help Screen tells you about the mechanic or the inner parts of a game. If it’s a Megaways pokies with 6 reels or a simply fruity classic with 10 paylines. The Help Screen also tells you the manufacturer of the online pokies. If it’s a NetEnt, Yggdrasil, or a Real Time Gaming pokies game. The more popular online casino software providers disclose as much information about their games as possible.

Tips to win pokies

  • Always read the paytable, the paytable contains all the rules regarding payout combinations in online pokies games.
  • Play and test the game in demo mode or with free credits.
  • Make a point to read reviews of the online pokies game before you play.
  • Also brush up on budgeting skills as online pokies have various wager amounts.
  • Play pokies with a budget and don’t overplay your bankroll.
  • You need to check out bonuses, free spins, and bonus rounds available.
  • Also compare the Return to Player (RTP) of different online pokies games.
  • Remember to monitor your winnings/losses over time to identify patterns so that you act accordingly to play pokies within your limits.

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