Who Pays the Money When a Pokie Wins?

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Who Pays the Money when a Pokie wins

The age-old question about pokies is about who pays the money when a pokie wins. This question has been knocking around for a very long time, well pretty much since pokies were first introduced to the world stage.

The answer to this question is simple, yet it has two facets to it that we will put forward for you today. This answer will clearly debunk the myth on who pays out and give you a clear indication on the truth.

A pokie is owned by one company and sits on the floor space of another, so there are two companies but only one can pay out.

Straight away we need to point out that the company housing the pokie on their floor space will not be paying out any winnings on the pokies. They essentially make their money from supporting the pokie on their premises and not from physically paying money out on winnings.

So this means the company that owns the pokies pays out then? Well in a fashion, but again not really. While the company who owns the pokie will handle the cash flow in and out of the pokie thus taking the profits away, they don’t pay out to the winners.

So Who Pays the Money when a Pokie Wins?

So Who Pays the Money when a Pokie Wins?
So Who Pays the Money when a Pokie Wins?

The answer is the players of the pokie. You have to think that a pokie pays out a percentage of the money that goes in, so if it’s 95% then the pokie overtime needs to pay out 95% of the money of the bet. This means that should you play the pokie and strike the jackpot you are receiving the money from follower pokie players who have stood at the machine before you.

The reason we say this is because the company who owns the pokie will not have put the money in the machine as they only cream off the profits.

If you are fed up with playing the physical pokie machines out in the bars and clubs, why not try the online alternative from the comfort of your own home?

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