PacMan Pokies Machine to Play the 80’s Fun Game of PacMan at Casinos

PacMan Pokies

PacMan game was created by Masaya Nakamura from Japan in 1980’s. Also known as the Father of Pac-Man and founder of one of Japan’s and the gaming industry’s most important companies, recently died at age of 91. Here are facts to know about PacMan pokies machine.

This game was a craze among players as you gobbled up all of your quarters in the gameplay. Masaya Nakamura’s Namco was a transformative force in the massive arcade boom during the 80s during that golden age when gaming was starting to take shape. He was a major player in the games industry and enjoyed massive success with immortal Pac-Man, which is forever known as the world’s most popular arcade game.

Founded in 1955

He founded the company in 1955 with the name of Nakamura Manufacturing. At that time it was based in Tokyo, Japan. Initially, it opens into a department store in Japan, named Yokohama. In that store, his small company was amusing the kids who came there. He started children’s rides which ran from the roof of that department store. He was manufacturing amusement type things.

Eventually, his business expanded and sneaked out from that department store and spread in different areas of Japan’s Tokyo city. His company became a recognized company of Japan after its expansion in 1958. He also changed the name of the company from Nakamura Manufacturing Company to Nakamura Amusement Machine Manufacturing Company.

Brand Name NAMCO

Later on, due to its large name, it was cut short and it become NAMCO. That name was taken from the initials of its larger name. That company manufactured a gaming machine that run through a coin; it was a mechanical driving simulator machine that can be operated by putting coin. That was named Racer.

Now you will find this game Pacman as a pokies game machine at casinos; which is bigger and better than ever; and ready to gobble up more than just your quarters. The company Bandai Namco has proudly adorned its namesake icon PacMan onto its pokies machine debut, in the casinos worldwide.

Bandai Namco brought their pokies machines into the casinos of Las Vegas; all starting with everyone’s favorite video game PacMan Wild Edition.

The PacMan game once took the arcade scene by storm; and it was recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the “Most Successful Coin-Operated Arcade Game,”; now he is back to take over the world as a casino pokies machine.  There is no doubt that this PacMan themed pokies machine is a huge hit; for the Bandai Namco Company, and it will generate revenue to casinos.

About the PacMan Pokies machine

The base game is a 30-line video pokies on the new A640 cabinet; featuring a high-definition. 40-inch vertical touch-screen video monitor, a 5.1 surround-sound system; and a touch-screen button deck, with the classic “bash button” for spinning the video reels.

The game is packed with special wild features and bonus events, all harkening back to the familiar PacMan franchise.

Three Progressive Jackpots

One of those bonus events can lead to one of three progressive jackpots. A Mini resetting at $25 or $50 (depending on the version offered by your casino); a Minor resetting at $200 or $400; and the Major prize, starting at $2,000 or $4,000. You must bet the maximum—$ 1.50 or $3 per spin, depending on the version—to qualify for the progressive. Minimum bets are typically 30 credits or 60 credits, but you’ll be well-advised to wager up to the max as soon as you can build up a nice credit bank—this is a more frequently hitting prize than most progressives out there.

PacMan Pokies

Features in the PacMan Pokies machine

There are plenty of special features in this game aside from the progressives. Some of them are initiated on an extra row of reel symbols above the standard three-by-five reel grid. For instance, there are the eponymous PacMan Wilds. During the primary game, whenever a PacMan symbol appears on the extra top line of symbols, it drops down to make every symbol on the corresponding main reel wild. It can happen on any of the five reels in both primary and free-game spins.

This can line up huge wins—big four- or five-of-a-kind combinations and can also help you get into one of the other features.


Features in the PacMan Pokies machine
Features in the PacMan Pokies machine

Other bonuses include the Fruit Feature, triggered when a PacMan symbol appears on the first reel and a fruit symbol appears on the fifth reel. PacMan gobbles his way across the row of symbols to eat the fruit. That awards a multiplier of 2X, 3X or 5X, applied to the base-game win.

Three PacMan symbols scattered anywhere on the reels trigger a unique free-games feature. The base-game reels expand from three to nine rows, creating a reel set with 90 paylines (three times the lines in the primary game). The triggering spin awards eight free games in the lucrative special format, with five additional free games, triggered when three PacMan symbols land scattered on a free spin.



The extra row of symbols above the main reel set again comes into play for the feature triggering a possible progressive. Three “bonus key” symbols on the top line trigger the Wheel Feature. A giant bonus wheel appears on the screen. The player touches the screen to spin to win one of several credit awards or the Jackpot Feature.

If the wheel lands on the Jackpot Feature, the screen transforms to display the classic PacMan video game grid, with our hero poised to take one of three paths through the familiar maze of dots and ghosts. The player picks one of the three routes. PacMan then proceeds through the maze to chase down one of the ghosts, corresponding to one of the three progressive jackpots.

The wheel feature are intriguing and the graphics and the way they designed it are just extraordinary. The feel to the game and the PacMan license is absolute, 100 per cent there, and it’s a really fun play.

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