Meet the Best Aussie Spirits of All Time

It’s no secret that Australia is producing some amazing spirits. In the last 5 years, Aussie distilleries have made their mark on the international market. They did this by consistently releasing quality products using ingredients available exclusively in Australia. With this winning formula, it was only a matter of time before they caught the world’s eye. Once they finally made their international debut the response was nothing short of groundbreaking. They picked up countless awards against the world’s top spirits.

Now that we have the world’s attention, it’s time to highlight Australia’s best spirits. These blends range from exotic to classic. Each release sent shockwaves throughout the liquor industry. For this reason, they deserve the spotlight, so we had to make an article on them. Prepare to take your weekend the next level with our list of unforgettable Aussie spirits!

3 Aussie Spirits That You Need to Try

Aussie Spirit #1: Mr. Black Cold Drip Coffee Liqueur

Aussie Spirits
Stay sharp with this innovative drink!

Everyone can use a moment of clarity, & a shot of expresso is the perfect way to achieve it. Mr Black keeps patron sharp while enjoying their favorite cocktails. This impressive concoction hails from Erina, NSW, and it’s overflowing with Aussie ingenuity.

The sheer amount of effort involved in creating this blend showcases its dedication to quality. It took over 9 months & 300 iterations to create Mr. Black. After all the hard work & sacrifice, a legend was born. Mr. Black went on to win a gold medal at the 2012 International Wine & Sprits Competition in London. At the time this achievement was the highest award an Australian spirit had ever won at an international competition. This was a groundbreaking moment that paved the way for more Aussie spirits to claim the recognition they deserve.

Aussie Spirit #2: Sullivans Cove Single Cask French Oak Whisky

Aussie Spirits
Try the best whisky in the world!

This is another Australian jewel that stole the show at international competitions. It made its earth shattering debut at the 2014 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. It didn’t win just any award, it was named the world’s best single malt. This was a defining moment for Australian spirits, for the first time an Aussie Whisky was hailed as the best in the world. After this epic victory the world started paying close attention to Australia’s blooming potential.

Creating this masterpiece wasn’t easy, but it was necessary for Australia. This whisky is hand crafted & copper pot distilled in Tasmania. Even though the distillation is superb, the aging process is what gives it its unique flavor. Each batch is matured in hand-selected French Oak port casks. It only yields 450 bottles each, so get your hands on one while you can!

Aussie Spirit #3: 666 Pure Tasmanian Vodka

Aussie Spirits
Dance with the devil with this delightful spirit!

This is yet another heavy hitter that hails from North-Western Tasmania. After taking a quick glance at the ingredients, it’s easy to see that the creators’ main focus was on purity. From the barley to the water, all ingredients are top notch. The barley is produced in a part of Tasmania with the cleanest air in the world. To top it off, the water comes from Antarctic rainwater that blows into Cape Grim. They claim that this is the purest vodka in the world, but you will have to try it for yourself!

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