Is There A Maximum Number Of Minutes You Can Reserve Pokies Online?

Reserved pokies

Reserve a pokies machine to play later on is not possible at online casinos. You can reserve a pokies machine only at real land casinos.

Many of us have been in a situation where we are playing the pokies offline or online, and have the need to visit the toilet, or simply go and get a drink. When this time occurs you are in a predicament; because you could be playing a great pokies; and want to ensure that you don’t lose your place because of the current game play. Let’s find out can you is there a maximum number of minutes you can reserve a pokies machine online?

You can reserve pokies at land casinos

Reserved pokies at land casinos
Reserved pokies at land casinos

When you visit land casinos, you will find that many casinos let you reserve a pokies game if you want to take a quick bathroom break or a call break. Simply ask for a reserve sign from the pokies manager or pokies attendant and rest it on the pokies machine while you leave the floor.

It’s always good pokies machine etiquette to use the reserve signs responsibly. Also its understandable, if you’ve sunk a lot of coins into one machine, you have the right to take a short break and return to the same game. That’s particularly true if the video pokies is rewarding you with a lot of bonuses or jackpots.

One of the main things to look out for when choosing a pokies to play is any sign that a machine has been reserved by another player. Look for a dedicated “Reserve” sign, or a player’s card still in the machine. Some players leave coats or stools resting on the pokies to indicate they’re still playing.

Alternatively, you can ask a player in the seat next to you to mind the machine while you leave. They may not always help out, but it’s worth asking.

Always be courteous to fellow players when you take a break. Only reserve your seat for 10 minutes at a time. And if someone takes your seat while you’re gone, use good manners and avoid arguments on the casino floor.

In case of any emergency if you have to leave and go for few hours, call the casino floor manager and inform him if you are in the middle of any game or have your coins in the machine. They better will handle the situation and advise you accordingly to handle such situation.

Ofcourse you cannot reserve a pokies machine if you are not playing, and that’s obvious.

You can now on screen reserve a game temporarily if you need to quickly get up. There is reserve button nowadays at some of the pokies machine which when pressed does the task for you.

Points to note                             

  • The machine will only be locked for up to 10 minutes; putting your players card back in the machine will unlock it.
  • You can only lock up to 2 machines at a time by this method
  • You must cash out before locking the machine; that way there’s no credits left behind if the 10 minutes expires, opening the machine up for someone else.
  • Compared to other methods, this seems to give enough time for a quick restroom visit, or stop at an essentials store for a snack, a refill at the beverage station and so on.
  • Also with only a 10-minute clock, the machine isn’t blocked for an indeterminate period of time because there’s no immediately obvious way to track when that chair was flipped or machine locked by a human.

As the technology continues to evolve in casinos, some of these features offer nice, player-friendly ways to solve common problems without causing too much of an inconvenience to other players.

Reserving a pokies machine at online casino

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Online Pokies Games cannot be reserved

You would think that being an online game this situation does not arise, but you will be surprised to find that it does. So how do you take a break while playing a pokies game at online casinos.

Many online casinos have set a timer at online pokies. If you are out of your gaming device be it PC or mobile or tablet, you might lose what you were playing and have to start all over again. This happens because the casino logs you out automatically after certain minutes of time if you are inactive.

Remember there is no way to reserve pokies at online casinos.

Losing internet connection

Connection time out
Connection time out

When your internet connection is lost while you are playing a casino game, the game usually just continues, but without bets. Automatic betting will stop immediately and in some cases, you have to log in again after the connection is restored. After that you can continue to play. When you are playing pokies or individual table games, the game pauses while you are doing nothing.

When internet connection is lost during a casino game specially when you are playing a pokies tournament or poker game, your last bet and balance stay the same. If it is your turn to place a bet and the casino accepted this bet during this time, it will be included in the game. After this, the game will be finished and the second your internet connection is restored, you can see the game results. If you choose automatic bet placing then it will stop immediately the second your connection is lost. When you have your connection back and you are again logged in, you can just play on again.

Pokies online cannot be paused and in the same vein, people cannot push in whilst playing. What you will most likely know is that online pokies do have a time out for; when the game has sat there without playing for some time, this is the same for any online game.

If you are playing a pokies game online though then after you log in again and once you open the game, it just resumes from the point where you lost your connection.

What if your pokies game doesn’t reload?

If your pokies game doesn’t reload once you are back to the online casino site and the same pokies game which you were playing then best is to contact the customer support or help team at the online casino. There are many ways to contact the customer help staff at the online casino. You can either opt for live chat, call them at their toll free number or even WhatsApp them or shoot them an email.

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