How to Maximize your Profits Playing Penny Pokies Machines?

Penny Pokies
How to Maximize your Profits Playing Penny Pokies Machines?

Penny pokies machines are popular in the land-based casino and are also a favourite among online casinos. Casinos both online and off are always looking for new ways to lure and keep a continued player. One of the ways that they do this is by offering more types of games to play on pokies machines and thus penny pokies. Let’s find out how to maximize your profits playing Penny Pokies machines?

These machines are liked by players because it is the smallest denomination pokies machine to enjoy. The best part about the penny pokies machine is that you can continue to play using the smallest bet option when you do not have much money so for as little as one cent, you can take a spin and try your luck.

Variations of the Penny Pokies Machine

Variations of the Penny Pokies Machine
Variations of the Penny Pokies Machine

Many of the penny pokies machines are designed to have multiple pay lines, max betting options and variances of scattered pay symbols that trigger with the right betting option. Without these, usually, the chances of winning are none existent.

Max bet often can cost a player up to $16.00 if not more depending on the number of pay lines. However, most penny pokies machines have 20 pay lines at a max bet of 3 coins for a max bet of .60 cents. Some penny pokies have a requirement of fifty cent wagers as being the lowest betting option. So you must know the game before playing to save any money on penny pokies machines.

Playing Penny Pokies Online

playing penny pokies pokies

Online casinos work the penny pokies machines the same way without much difficulty. You do not need the role of pennies or stacks of one-dollar bills. Online casinos let you set you amount you want to play on by depositing money into an online account and you play for as long as you want, when you want, where you want without ever having to go to the cashier window for more pennies.

Online casino’s often hold online penny pokies tournaments to draw in a bigger playing crowd. These penny pokies tournaments are increasing in popularity due to the fact they can leave the tournament at any time.

Before playing Penny Pokies you need to read all help, pay tables and instructions to each penny pokies machine. Understand the pay line per payout odds and maximize your gambling budget or bankroll by setting a limit to your spending

It is better not to always bet on maximum but do it wisely and know when to leave the game.

Tips to follow when playing penny pokies

penny pokies
penny pokies
  • Play longer sessions. When you play for a longer time with the same bankroll you start out winning money too. This way you have more fun and have better chances of triggering the bonus games.
  • Never rush when playing pokies online. You simply press or click the spin button. As such they’re being played at a rapid pace. Every spin costs money and should be a conscious decision. If you tend to play fast listen to the game’s audio before you make the next spin.
  • Play as a VIP member. The more bets you place the more comps you accumulate. Once you’ve accrued a certain amount of ‘comps’ you can exchange them for cash. Many players are under the impression that only high rollers earn them. There are different levels of comps depending on the amount of cash you’ve wagered. Most often casinos award 1 comp for every $10 wagered.
  • Avoid risking your cash: If you can’t afford to punter then don’t. If you are losing then it is better to quit and walk away rather than continue to play.
  • Also if you experienced a nice win you’ll always be tempted to play everything you’ve won back into the casino. If you had a nice winning streak, there are 3 things you must do: If you’re up by 50% cash out and play with the rest. You can add the cash to your next gambling session or you can cash out completely.
  • Payout percentage also should be considered when playing. When you hear about pokies with a high return to the player (RTP) of 97% most players think that the pokies payout this much on every spin. But this is how it works. The casino calculates 97% on the lifetime of the machine. Chances are pretty good that all the combinations listed in the paytable will be hit. When calculating the payout on a machine the casino adds up millions of spins including the jackpots. They then reach the total payout of 97%. The machine will never pay out 97% consistently. Law compels operators to advertise that the machine pays 97% back to the player.
  • Multiple Pay Lines increases your chances of winning at least something. The developers of slots combine patterns to create a total of 9, 15, 20, 30 or even 50 lines. Unlike the older reel machines, the new virtual pokies machine pays off on all winning pay lines.
  • Most online pokies have 25 paylines. If you want to play all 25 lines, then the ”penny” machine will cost you $0.30 for each spin per line. If you are playing two units then it’s costing you $0.60. Five units will set you back $1.50 per spin. Always start by playing one unit per pay line. Never wager more than 5 units per spin.
  • Coin Denomination for a penny pokies machine is normally $0.01, $0.02, $0.05 and $0.10. A quarter machine’s denominations might be $0.25, $0.50 and $1.00. A dollar machine’s denomination starts with $1.00, $2.00 up to $5.00.


Therefore, maximize your profits by playing penny pokies machines by using the above tips. You should be relaxed, apply wisdom select the maximum number of paylines and select the right coin range, take your time and if you lost 50% of your bankroll stop playing. With all these factors you will surely increase your profits playing penny pokies machines.

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