Do I Need to Keep Track of Progressive Jackpot in the Hope to get Rich?

Keep Track of your progressive jackpot
Is it true that I Need to keep Track of Progressive Jackpot in the Hope to get Rich?

Players ask lots of questions when playing pokies; and at pokiesplay our analysis has been that players go more for jackpot games to play and win. Many players want to become rich by winning a life changing jackpot; and this is really huge going over million dollars. So this question the player wants to know that should he/she keep the track of progressive jackpot in the hope to get rich.

Well, the answer is simple. Yes, you need to become a player who tracks the jackpots on offer on a range of different progressive pokies games. By tracking the jackpots; and finding out when on average each jackpot is won; paid out to players you will be in a much better position to determine just which pokies games may be worth playing; and which ones you should avoid playing online or land casinos.

You know that every pokies machine; especially one that offers progressive jackpots; have a track record in regards to paying out its jackpot, and with that in mind below you should track and know when you should be playing certain progressive jackpot pokies; due to their jackpot amounts being higher in value than the amount they are usually won at.

Progressive jackpot pokies

1. Microgaming Pokies – Cash Splash

Cash Splash Jackpot
Microgaming Pokies – Cash Splash

Though all of the Microgaming pokie machines; which offer progressive jackpots; need to be tracked to find the one which is on the verge of bursting out the big money; we will take the example Cash Splash as one pokies machines where you can easily find out when it tends to award its progressive jackpots both at online and mobile casinos.

This pokies game offers two different versions of game play; which are available at casinos and both of which require you to have to place a 3.00 stake to have a chance of winning its progressive jackpots. The first pokies is a three reel single pay line version of the Cash Splash pokies; whilst the other version if a 15 pay line video pokies machine.

Over the years the Cash Splash pokies has paid out many millions of dollars to jackpot winners. On average the jackpot is paid out every 13 hours; and the average amount that players win via the progressive jackpot is a very respectable $38,738.

Therefore, if you are every tempted to play either of the two Cash Splash pokies games; then be aware that they are networked together; so they do share the same jackpot pool; and you should only try and play it when the current jackpot displayed on its jackpot meter is over $38,738 in value.

2. NetEnt Pokies-Mega Fortune

Mega Fortune NetEnt
NetEnt Pokies-Mega Fortune

Like Microgaming NetEnt Pokies also have progressive games to enjoy. You will also find plenty of huge paying progressive jackpot pokies games are going to be available to you at casino sites; that have on offer the huge and ever-growing range of NetEnt designed pokies. And one that does get a lot of attention from pokies players is the Mega Fortune pokies.

When you choose to play Mega Fortune pokies you could win one of three different valued progressive jackpots; via a very unusual and unique wheel spinning type of bonus game; that bonus game is triggered by spinning in bonus symbols; so any base game spin you play off could see you triggering that potentially life-changing bonus game. You will; of course; need to know when would be the very best time to play the Mega Fortune pokie machine; and that is when the jackpot is higher than its average payout amount which for reference is €3,652,117. You will have to wait on average 65 days; between each jackpot being won; so only consider playing this pokies when its jackpot is higher than that value.

So you must have understood by the two examples; what you need to track in the progressive pokies games and keep in mind when you are playing any type of progressive pokies game; that there may be a way of playing each individual pokie to be guaranteed of having a chance of winning the jackpot.

Conditions to play pokies

Note that some pokies will require you to have to put into play maximum pay line; or max bet spins to win a progressive jackpot; and failing to do so will see you having no chance of winning a progressive jackpot. Also you will also find that some progressive pokies games; will ward their jackpots completely at random either via the base game; or via some form or bonus game or bonus feature to players playing for any stake.


Remember whether you choose to play, and win a progressive jackpot pokies game online or on a mobile device; you should always read through the pay tables attached to any progressive pokies machine you are about to play. Also, this will help you know; and find the rules of playing that particular progressive poky; and get a chance to win the progressive jackpot to become rich.

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