Is Jackpot City UK Affiliated with the Australian Version?

Is Jackpot City UK affiliated with the Australian version
Is Jackpot City UK affiliated with the Australian version?

We have an abundance of questions thrown our way regularly, but not many surprises us. Today we checked through the questions received and one of them surprised us quite a bit, not because it’s a question not worth answering, on the contrary, it was actually because we didn’t think many people would think too hard about the question.

The question posed to us was “Is jackpot city UK affiliated with the Australian version?” Now some of you may now be thinking about this one yourself, wondering why you had not thought of it. Today you can as we give you the answer to this interesting request.

Is jackpot city UK affiliated with the Australian Version

The answer to this question is actually fairly simple, but let’s give you the background first.

Jackpot City Casino was launched back in 1998 and was only on one domain at this point. Over time the casino grew as more and more players got to know about its brilliance. Because of this growth Jackpot, City Casino decided to make changes by offering regional variations and more currency choices too.

Through these regional variations the UK version was born, with huge money spent in the UK, it seemed the logical step for the casino to take. Not long after this Australia caught up with its gaming expenditure and the Aus version came about.

In essence, all the Jackpot City Casino sites are affiliated as they are all an extension of the main Jackpot City Casino site. Whilst there is no direct link in playing except for progressive pokies, both sites are actually owned and run by Jackpot City Casino as a company.

If you are after a great casino then look no further!

Play for fun at Jackpot City Casino

Play for fun at Jackpot City Casino
Play for fun at Jackpot City Casino

Unfortuately Jackpot city casino only offers free pokies to play for fun as Australian punters are not accepted here to play with real AUD or play any real money pokies. This means you can only play pokies for free here. Playing free pokies is a simple process. All you need is to take your gaming device be it any Android or IOS mobile or play on PC or your laptop.

Steps to play free pokies

  • Now just type the casino URL on your web or mobile browser to enter the casino to play for free
  • Soon casino homepage will open in seconds and you can start to play pokies instantly.
  • Now register as a player and get going with wonderful pokies to play all free.
  • You are offered welcome bonus to play free pokies.
  • The casino gives you a 200% bonus up to 2000 FunPlay Credits on your first deposit\
  • Also get Daily free play fun credits too to play pokies.
  • Remember you are playing for fun with free credits; and your wins are free money in the form of virtual free credits; which are automatically loaded on your casino account; so that you can play more of free pokies.
  • In case you need more free credits; and you are exhausted with the free money; given to you by casino you can buy more free credits; as you do with in app purchases when playing pokies at app stores.

Click here to play at Jackpot City Casino free pokies anytime you want.

To play real money pokies with real AUD there are many friendly online casinos too. Click here to visit them now.

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