How to Play Pokies Tournament at Casinos?

How to Play Pokies Tournament at Casinos?

Pokies tournaments are offered at both land casinos as well as at online casinos. These pokies tournament gives you the chance of winning different sizes of prizes starting from $100 to $50000. To enter these tournaments at many casinos you don’t have to pay anything extra.  It all will depend on where you choose to play in regards and to just what types of pokies tournaments you will have available to you.

Pokies tournaments at land casinos

Pokies tournaments at land casinos
Pokies tournaments at land casinos

There is lots of hustle and bustle at land casinos when it comes to pokies tournaments. Real casinos in your hometown like Crown Melbourne or Crown Perth or at far Las Vegas casinos in Nevada, all offer various types of pokies tournaments where you can win thousands of dollars.  You can enter these pokies tournaments by joining the casino and becoming a member. For that, you get a Players Club card to gain access to those pokies tournaments. Also, many real casinos allow certain players to enter this tournament when they have earned a certain number of comp points playing different casino games. Also, the real casino has its own discretion even to allow punters to join the pokies tournament if they are a regular visitor to their casino.

The way in which land-based casinos operate their pokies tournaments are often going to be different from casino to casino, however, what you will often find is that you will be issued with a set number of minutes on the tournament pokies machines and you will then be tasked with playing off as many spins as you can do before your credits run out. All winning you achieve playing off your entry are awarded to you as points, and it will be dependent on just how many points you earn in regards to whether you are going to win a cash or bonus prize or not.

Many real land casinos also have set time limits on these tournaments like their tournaments usually run and you are given full five minutes to play off your credits and the players with the highest score will win a prize, however, they also have wild cards so those players not scoring a high score could always win a prize too.

Pokies tournaments at online casinos


You will find plenty of online casinos that offer various types of pokies tournaments on monthly basis. At these online casinos, you can enter a pokies tournament by simply joining the casino and making your first initial deposit of $10 or more.

You can play pokies tournament at the comfort of your home or workplace even on the go with your mobile, PC, or Tablet. However, be aware that when playing at such sites you will be able to carry on playing in some pokies tournaments even after your timer or tournament credits have run out. Therefore be on the lookout for any online pokies tournaments that offer you add-ons, for when your timer or credits do run out you will then be able to pay an additional fee and will be given extra tournaments credits and extra playtime to play off those credits to hopefully enable you to get a higher score.

Types of online tournaments


There are two major types of pokies tournaments: Leader Board Tournaments and Points Tournaments

  • Leader Board Tournaments involve paying an entry fee (sometimes) and then playing certain games. You will score points by either wagering or winning money (sometimes both) to move up a leader board during a certain time period.
  • Points Tournaments your entry fee will grant you tokens or play chips. You can then use these to play in place of real money, and will win the pre-determined prize pool payouts.

Alternatively, tournament pokies sites may set players a challenge: make the most money or highest percentage win over 20 or 30 consecutive winning spins. The spins must be consecutive in order to qualify and there’s usually a minimum stake per spin required.

Some online pokies tournaments will also allow you to purchase something known as a re-buy, and if your initial entry was sadly just a low scoring one, by paying the re-buy fee that entry will be wiped clean and you will get another chance of paying off your initial entry so you get another chance of scoring a much higher and possibly winning score.

Prizes and Rewards

Prizes and Rewards
Prizes and Rewards

As so many players join these online tournaments, a leaderboard is set up where the highest scorer wins the tournament. At the end of the competition, a set amount of real money will be shared out. Winners can often win $1,000 or more, so tourneys are a great option. When you play online, you will pay an initial buy-in fee alongside every player. This becomes the prize pool. Like a pokies tournament that costs $100 to enter and has 100 players competing will have a prize pool of $10,000 – first place may win $5,000, second place $2,500, and so on. So generally there are first, second and third prize offers at the online pokies tournament as well as a few consolation prizes. The rewards and wins vary from online casino to casino.

If you already play pokies online, this is a great way of winning some extra cash. There’s a lot of competition on the web, so casinos love to offer free real money to their customers. Tournament prize pools can often run into the thousands. They can sometimes be played for really big prizes like gifts and holidays too.

Points to remember

Points to remember
Points to remember
  • Always play pokies tournament at a reputed online legit casinos.
  • Read the terms and conditions of pokies tourney specially the wagering requirement.
  • Usually you have to pay an entry fee to play online pokies tournaments, but some casinos may have free tournaments as part of a special promotions. So always check with the online casinos and know the latest promotions, including free entry and free spins.
  • The best way to play online pokies tournaments is to bet big and go for broke at first. If you lose you have not wasted much time and if you win, you can now play conservatively and maintain your high position. It’s important to keep track of the leader board and adjust your bets as necessary.

Finally, note that pokies tournaments at online casinos come with bonus offers and free spins that you can take advantage of.

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