How To Play Mega Sic Bo?

How to play Mega Sic Bo

Mega Sic Bo is very exciting live game to play at live casinos online. This game of Sic Bo is brought to you by Pragmatic Play and is now available at all of the Australian live casinos like Rich Casino and others.  You can play this live game on your mobile or tablet or PC instantly with a good WIFI connection with real AUD. Just as the other Live Casino games at Pragmatic Play, Mega Sic Bo will be available 24/7, live-streamed 4K from the supplier’s studio in Bucharest, with HTML5 technology and a luxurious atmosphere.

According to Lana Bleichyk, Live Casino Operations Manager at Pragmatic Play, said: “Their Live Casino offering showed very impressive results since its launch. Sic Bo is a widely popular game and adding it with “Mega Multipliers” included to their  portfolio after the launch of Baccarat turns the corner of their game selection towards a conjunction of cultures and tastes.

Pragmatic Play continues to grow its multi-product offering with Live Casino products, up to four new video slots each month, as well as Bingo variants and other games. All products are available through one single API integration.

What is Mega Sic Bo?

Mega Sic Bo screen
Mega Sic Bo screen

Mega Sic Bo has a layout of 52 betting positions, players being able to cover one or more at the same time. Each game round comes with several betting options selected randomly while the standard odds are replaced with “Mega Multipliers” right before showing the result, giving players a chance to win up to x1000 their initial stake. If the bets placed are among the “Mega Lucky Combinations”, players will achieve a “Megawin”. This is the first game in the supplier’s live offering with random “Mega Multipliers”.

How to play Mega Sic Bo in Australia?

Mega Sic Bo game features
Mega Sic Bo game features

To play Mega Sic Bo at live casino Australia first visit any friendly online live casino with your mobile or PC.

Here we take example of well know live casino in Australia Rich Casino that offers punters awesome live casino games to play with real AUD.

Type the casino URL on your mobile browser or PC browser be it Chrome, safari or any other and hit enter to access the live casino at once.

If you haven’t opened your casino account yet at this site then do so by filling a short form with your few personal details.

Once done make a real money deposit of AU$10 or more. You can even play the game with Bitcoins.

Now visit live casino section at this online casino.

Find the game Mega Sic Bo.

You need a good WIFI or internet connection to work all smooth

Once the game is loaded on your screen, you will be asked to enter your nickname

Nickname can be any name which you feel to give yourself as live dealer games are interactive games like at real casinos and the dealers love to chat with your name.

Mega Sic Bo Game Play
Mega Sic Bo Game Play

The minimum bet at this game is $0.05

The maximum win in this game is $50000

Mega Sic Bo live casino game- Table Layout
Mega Sic Bo live casino game- Table Layout

The object of the game is to predict the outcome of three rolled dice. The result is based on the total points and combinations. As said above in each game round several betting options will be randomly selected and their standard odds will be replaced with Mega Multipliers before the dice come to rest and the result is known giving you a chance to win X1000 your stake on some positions. If the combinations you bet on are among the Mega Lucky combinations you will achieve a Megawin.

Mega Sic Bo Live Dealer Games from Pragmatic Play
Mega Sic Bo Live Dealer Games from Pragmatic Play

In Mega Sic Bo bets must be placed during the betting time on the Sic Bo layout that displays all available betting positions.

To start playing wait until the message please place your bets appears.

Then select the value of the chip you would like to wager on a given game round and place it on the desired betting fields of the layout.

Your total bet will be displayed in the total bet window

Bets can be placed during the betting time until the game host announces: Bet Closed. No bets will be accepted after this point

The dice will be rolled inside the shaker and after all three dice come to reset the game round result is determined by counting the numerical values showin on the top side of each die.

If any of your bets are covering the winning combinations you receive returns according to the odds of those winning combinations. If your bet is placed on a winning combination with a Mega Multiplier, your bet will be multiplied accordingly and you will achieve a Megawin. Your total win amount will be shown in the win message and will include your initial stake.

The optimal theoretical RTP is 97.22% based on Small/Big and Odd/Even bets.

Mega Sic Bo Game Features

Mega Sic Bo live casino game at live casino
Mega Sic Bo live casino game at live casino

In the game, you can place as many bets as you’d like. Each bet has a different payout. Having consulted your bankroll, you can take between 1 and 52 betting positions simultaneously. You can thus deduce that more bets mean more risk, but also bigger wins. Depending on your casino balance, you can see what type of bet will work for you.

If you have a limited bankroll and want to play safely, then adopt the low risk strategy as the following bets:

  • Small (betting on the sum between 4 and 10)
  • Big (believing that the sum total will be between 11 and 17)

These two bets pay 1:1. While you won’t be hitting the stars with this humble payout, you will be playing less dangerously.

If you want to go all-in in Mega Sic Bo, then Higher-Risk Bets & Multipliers for the following approaches.

As always, there are different betting options:

  • Total of the three dice
  • Any single number
  • Two specific numbers
  • A combination of numbers

Each game round commences with several betting options which are picked at random. Pragmatic replaced standard odds with the above-described Mega Multipliers.

These exclusive multiplication functionalities allow players wins up to a phenomenal 1,000 times their initial bet!

What’s more, in each round, a few Mega Lucky Combinations will come into play. Players won’t know them before the dice are rolled. However, if your bet ends up in a Mega Lucky Combination, you’ll end up with a Megawin.

Points to note

  • Mega Sic Bo is the first in line game to include Mega Multipliers up to 1,000x
  • Minimum bet is $0.50, max bet is $5,000
  • Return to player is 97.22%
  • The casino live is lavish and inviting casino studio from where the game is streamed. Three 4K cameras for ultimate immersive experience
  • You wil find an Interactive, friendly hostesses happy to chat live
  • Game stats & bet history available throughout the game
  • Operating language is English, but UI is available in 17 other languages which is quite amazing.
Rich casino AUD
Rich Casino

Now play Mega Sic Bo live at live Casino Australia and have fun in real time.

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