How to Play Loose Deuces Video Poker at Online Casinos?

Loose Deuces
Loose Deuces

Loose Deuces is a common variant of Deuces Wild video poker that offers a bonus round at the end of each winning hand, and also offers slightly better pay tables overall.  Loose Deuces poker is an interesting game that give you four cards that are ready to be anything you need them to be for you to be a winner. This means this game offers you that many wildcard opportunities for you to play.

Playing video poker games you win based upon the common rules of winning in poker. Where a natural royal flush is the best hand, four of a kind a wild royal flush and even five of a kind follows.

The one primary difference about playing at the Loose Deuce table is that there are no winners for two of a kind. Because a two instantly creates a two of a kind, this is never a winner. It’s understandable, and players get that this is the trade-off.

Where can you play Loose Deuces poker?

You can play Loose Deuces poker at online casinos as well as land casinos. The best online casino to play Loose Deuces poker in Australia is Casino Ozwin. At land casinos you can find this poker variant in US land casinos of Mississippi, Nevada, Louisiana, Indiana, and New Jersey. as well as few Australian casinos.

How to play Loose Deuces?

How to play Loose Deuces
Play for free or with real money

As said above you can play Loose Deuces at online casinos or land casino near you. The goal of the game is to get a winning poker hand as listed in the game paytable. 2’s can be substituted for any card. Special payouts offered for a 4 of a kind hands and wild royals. When playing 1 hand, you can double your win in a Double or Nothing bonus round. You have to select a card that is higher than the dealer’s card to win. Cards ranked from highest to lowest are as follows A K Q J 10 8…3 and 2. In the double or nothing bonus round, wild 2’s rank higher than all other cards.

As far as betting goes, you can usually wager anywhere from 1 to 5 coins. Depending upon the machine you are using, this can mean you are wagering a penny all the way up to five dollars, maybe even more.

Loose Deuces Game Play

You will find that your success in winning big depends upon the hand you have been dealt as well as the number of coins wagered.

In this game you also need to play many hands to experience the real gaming action, therefore, start playing with low stakes and then level up. Before playing Loose Deuces you have to understand the rules of the game.

With an exception of the Wild Cards, Loose Deuces follow the Jacks or Better video poker basic gaming rules. Therefore, you need to select your preferred gaming coin denomination and the coin number first to start.

After settling on the gaming coin number, and size per hand, you can now go ahead and pick the “Deal button” to access your first five gaming cards.

Double or Nothing

Mark some of your cards with the “hold” button, or leave all the card unselected to change them all.

If you click the Draw button, the cards marked “hold” will remain as the rest will be replaced. Note that you have only one chance to change your gaming cards: by clicking the “Draw button” your hand will terminate with a winning combination or nothing.

In the topmost part, the paytable shows your payouts margins according to the number of coins you used.

Finally, your final play hand (if winning) can be progressively doubled with an optional gambling card game which we will explain later. The minimum winning payout is a Three of a Kind, and the maximum is a Royal Flush.

Loose Deuces Pay Table Gaming Rules

The game is not much different than classic video poker except for its greater payout lines on some special combinations. That includes Wild Royal Flush with Deuces and 4 Deuces. To note that after a winning combination, you have the option to keep or double your money: the house show a random card, and you must select one between 5 cards to get a card highest than the house’s card. You can keep going on till the maximum sum is reached.

Natural Royal Flush4000
Four Deuces2500
Wild Royal Flush125
Five of a Kind75


Straight Flush25
Four of a Kind20
Full House15
Three of a kind5

Loose Deuces Game Strategy

Learning the Loose Deuces game strategy thoroughly is important, because in addition to getting huge game payouts, these strategies could help guide the game to your advantage in the long run. The strategy for ‘Loose Deuces’ is to focus on the Four Deuces mini jackpot. This is tough at first since in many cases a mathematically correct play will mean throwing away a strong winning hand.

  • It is not recommended to keep high cards randomly; better to change all to have more winning opportunities.
  • You got a straight flush draw that includes 2 Deuces. Experts suggest to discard all but the Deuces.
  • Never try a straight flush or a royal flush by keeping 3 cards only.
  • If you happen to get 3 Deuces, it is imperative to keep them and discard the 2 remaining cards; never hold 1 card together with 3 Deuces.
  • It is better to discard 2 pair, and preferable to keep one
  • If you have a served straight or a flush that include 2 or more Deuces, keep the Deuces only, and discard the rest of the cards.
  • If you don’t have any deuces hold a pair over four cards to a straight/flush. This means as you progress in the game you’re much better off going for a four or five of a kind than the relatively low paying straight and flush.
Loose Deuces poker hands and payouts

If you are dealt three deuces in any circumstance hold the deuces and discard the rest. Also this means any circumstance.

If you’re dealt a wild royal flush, straight flush or five of a kind with three deuces you break up the hand, hold the deuces and discard the rest. In the long term the 2,500 mini jackpot will more than make up for the 125, 75 and 50 coin payout hands you’re discarding.

If you are dealt a straight or flush with two deuces hold the deuces, discard the other three cards

If you are dealt a straight or flush with 0 or 1 deuce hold the entire hand.

As said above never keep two pair, hold one and discard the rest.

Thus as you can see the goal is to go all out for the Four Deuces. The increased payout of 2,500 coins more than compensates for winning hands that you break up over the long haul.

If you were dealt four to a straight flush which includes two deuces, the commonsense thing to do is to discard all the rest of the cards and just keep the deuces. Instead, you want to go for the bigger return. Should you draw a pair of fives, you now have four of a kind. That earns you four coins. Not a sizable difference, but still an increase on your return. You may even find that you draw three of the same cards or that you get a 10, J, and an A, and now you have a Royal Flush. It’s definitely worth changing your strategies.

So the most important strategy you can build from is to hold as many deuces as possible. This means that unless you have an outstanding set of cards dealt to you initially, you should be prepared to discard as many as four of those in your hopes of getting more deuces.

The payback percentage

The game RTP is 99.42%

Full pay ‘Loose Deuces’ machines return 100.97% with perfect play. Even the lowest paying ‘Loose Deuces‘ pay table is playable in most situations as it returns 99.42% with perfect play. 

This refers to an estimation of how likely you are to get a return on the money you wager in comparison to the amount of time you spend at the table. The comparison of the pay table of the Deuces Wild, a variation of Loose Deuce, found that the machine will pay, on average, 100.76% back on investment. Now, if you spent $100 and wound up with $0.76 as a return, that wouldn’t seem like much. However, this return is based upon the fact that there are lots of people that play a short amount of time, then walk away. It’s the people that stay in the game longer that usually have greater success, especially in the long term.

When you compare with Deuces wild the main differences come in the payouts for the top hands, with a Natural Royal Flush having lower rewards than 4 Deuces, for the most part. When playing with 1 coin, a Natural Royal Flush will earn you 300 coins, whereas a hand of 4 Deuces will net you 500. The payout ratios are proportional as you increase the number of coins, with the exception of the 5-coin Natural Royal Flush, which pays 4,000 coins and constitutes the best reward in the game.

Aside from those, the rewards are nothing out of the ordinary. The minimum qualifying hand is a Three of a Kind which pays even money. Next, come the Flush and Straight, with a payout of 2:1, followed up by the Full House, for which you can earn a payout of 3:1. A Four of a Kind and Straight Flush will pay 4:1 and 5:1, respectively, but if you manage to score a Five of a Kind, the payout jumps directly to 15:1. Of course, we also have to mention the Royal Flush with Wild, which will net you a payout of 25:1. Based on these numbers, one can easily calculate the RTP and it amounts to 99.07%, which makes for a house advantage of less than 1.00%.

Enjoy the game

Playing Loose Deuces is to enjoy the game as apart from the features it holds the user interface of the game is simple and easy.  You can easily adjust the bet size or the number of coins you wager per hand. Moreover, you can also select the cards you wish to hold onto directly by clicking on them. Still, the game will automatically hold any proper hands and Deuces, making things easier for you. Good Luck.

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