How is Titan Casino Still Abusing Customers?

How is Titan Casino Still Abusing Customers
How is Titan Casino Still Abusing Customers

Every year, online casinos get a chance to show us their true colours. Some redeem themselves with quality service while others remind us why they are blacklisted. This is especially true with & coming casinos. A new online casino can fake it for a few months, but over time the truth comes out. Sooner or later a bright-eyed player will strike it rich & try to cash out. This leads to the moment of reckoning, if the casino refuses to pay they will quickly be shunned by the community.

Unfortunately, even established online casinos can be guilty of fraud. No matter how many innocent players they rip off, there are still hundreds more who end up falling into the same trap. This gives the casino ample funds to create flashy games that lure in more gullible players. In this article, we will cover Titan Casino, one of the most prolific rip-offs in the industry. Don’t let their years of experience fool you, these are stone cold criminals!

The Dangers of Using Titan Casino

Titan Casino
Don’t fall into this well designed trap!

Titan Casino is a formidable player in the online casino industry. They were founded in 2008 as an offshoot of Titan Poker. The latter was a wildly popular platform, so it was easy for them to lure in more customers. Since their budget was already bursting at the seams, they contracted Playtech to create their games. They also got licensed in Antigua & Barbuda to provide the illusion of prestige.

Even though they aligned themselves with industry heavyweights, they still act like small-time thieves. Playtech may be one of the best developers, but this also led to them aligning themselves with too many sites. With this many gaming sites, they can’t prevent their software from falling into the wrong hands. Titan Casino’s license is equally worthless since the government they operate in is notoriously corrupt.

This lack of supervision has led to them committing every crime imaginable against their clients. They have been accused of slow-paying, predatory terms & conditions, spam & payment refusals. To this day their fancy site continues to rob players blind. Here are a few examples of their inhumane treatment of clients:

Instances of Inhumane Treatment of Clients

Instances of Inhumane Treatment of Clients
Instances of Inhumane Treatment of Clients

In August 2012, one Australian player won $70,000. Delighted by this feat, he tried to withdraw the winnings. Before he could collect, all the money mysteriously vanished from the account. Titan Casino blamed technical issues & refused to replenish the missing funds. Outraged, the player turned to a watchdog site to get his money back. They sent several emails, but Titan Casino only sent one vague reply that denied any wrongdoing. To this day the player hasn’t been paid, hopefully, he has better luck at other casinos.

In September 2012, a similar incident occurred. After winning big on slots & roulette, another player attempted to cash out. Instead of receiving the winnings, he only got his deposit back. Once he contacted Titan Casino’s support, the story got even more bizarre. They claimed that playing roulette was a violation of their terms & conditions. This made him ineligible for the bonus, & they refused to discuss it further. Furious about this breach of trust, the client contacted a watchdog site. Titan Casino refused to discuss the issue with third parties, saying that it violated their privacy.

These are just two of countless complaints against Titan Casino. They have been blacklisted by every watchdog site in the industry. Despite all this bad press, they have been able to stay in business. Their innate ability to lure in fresh players supplies them with enough cash to stay open.


We hope that one day their karma will catch up with them, but they have proven to be extremely resilient. So far they have avoided prosecution with the agility of an acrobat on steroids. Help out your fellow players by spreading the word on this fraudulent casino!

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