How Did Australia’s Top Breweries Get Founded?

Out of all the countries in the world, few appreciate beer more than Australia. The average Aussie drinks 96.95 litres of beer every year, which is extremely close to what Ireland population consumes. Even though the amount of beer we drink is impressive, it pales in comparison with what’s there in the Czech Republic. While we may not take the crown with consumption, Australia’s brewing industry is one of the most vibrant in the world.

Australia’s Top Breweries

While Lion Breweries and Foster’s Group have stolen the show, there are plenty of other breweries that are massive. Currently, Australia is home to over 450 breweries, gipsy brewers and brewpubs. This massive amount of companies showcase the hidden diversity of Australia’s brewing industry. Even though there are plenty of companies to choose from, some breweries have stolen the show with their success.

Over the years, these breweries have evolved into full-fledged franchises. These Australian owned companies have been pumping out ungodly amounts of beer for generations, so they deserve to be highlighted. For this reason, we compiled a list of the most successful Aussie breweries. They highlight Australian ingenuity since they have crafted a niche for Aussie beer in international markets. Take a look at the pioneers of the industry with this eye-opening article!

Meet the Top Breweries in Australia

Brewery #3: Carleton & United Breweries

This brewery has been operating for almost two centuries!

Out of all the breweries in Australia, none are more iconic than CUB. Ever since the mid-nineteenth century, they have been brewing Victoria Bitter. This Australia’s Top Breweries roots go deep in Australian history, tracing back to the infamous Cascade Brewery in 1824. Today they employ over 1,600 people that are scattered between five massive breweries and multiple offices around Australia.

Unsurprisingly, their drink selection is equally robust. They now provide 9 in-house options that are complimented by their partnerships with a slew of international companies. They also took craft brands 4 Pines and Pirate Life under their wing, so the future looks bright for this versatile company!

Brewery #2: Cascade Brewery Co.

Take a tour of this iconic brewery!

This company’s history is just as rich as the intoxicating beverages that they produce. Established in 1824 and opened in 1832, this is easily Australia’s Top Breweries. It was established by English settler Peter Degraves and his brother-in-law Major Mcintosh. When they arrived in Tasmania in 1824, the vision for this brewery was born. Unfortunately, Degraves had to do time in the old Hobart Gaol prison for an offence that he committed in England.

Once Degraves was released from Gaol in 1831, he immediately started creating his legacy. Cascade Brewery Co. was established in December of 1832 and has been dominating Australia’s beer industry ever since. They used the pure waters flowing from Mount Wellington to create some of the most beloved beers in Australian history.

The company has remained relevant, even in the face of natural disasters. The only time they didn’t produce beer was after a devastating bushfire demolished most of Tasmania in 1967. It only took them 3 months to rebuild the brewery, and they didn’t stop growing there. Today they are one of the most respected breweries in Australia, and they export beer around the world.

Brewery #1: Coopers Brewery Limited

The evolution of this brewery is extremely impressive.

Even though it started as a home remedy, this company evolved into the largest Australian owned brewery in the world. When Thomas Cooper’s wife got sick in 1862, he used an old family recipe to brew some ale for her. On top of alleviating her symptoms, this ale became a hit with the neighbours. The surprise success of this batch inspired Cooper to make brewing his profession. He opened a brewery in Southern Australia that eventually transformed into an empire.

This passion for beer was shared by his sons, and the brewery has been passed on for six generations. Today the brewery sells a whopping 69.7 million litres of beer annually to suppliers around the world. The accidental birth of this franchise is nothing short of inspiring, so don’t hesitate to pursue a new business idea!

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