How can I Earn More Cash with Comp Points at Online Casinos?

How can I earn more cash with comp points at online casinos?
How can I earn more cash with comp points at online casinos?

This question has been asked by many punters when playing pokies or table games at online casinos.  The reason: online casinos offer these points to their regular players. Often such comp points are a special bonus that comes under the online casino VIP program.

So when you play at a particular online casino real money games for a couple of months you are automatically given a VIP tier or status to grab these points.  As players bet and play casino games, they are given points. Over time they gather enough points that they can redeem for real cash. Along the way, they also enjoy other perks like higher VIP status and exclusive bonuses and promotional offers.

Comp Points

Rich Casino VIP Comp

These points are known as complementary points are available at both land-based and online casinos. The online casinos give away these points to their regular players and valued customers as a token of their loyalty. Very often online casinos automatically register new players to earn these points once they complete their registration process and start to play. The program usually works as follows:

  • Regardless if they win or lose, for every bet they make, players earn these points.
  • The number of points players earn depends on the amount of bet and the games they play.
  • After accumulating enough points, players can exchange them for real cash that will automatically be transferred to their online casino accounts.

How can you earn cash from Comp Points

How can you earn cash from Comp Points
How can you earn cash from Comp Points

To start earning cash from comp points first of all you need to know is your online casino offering  you comp points. Better ask the 24/7 customer support available at the casino and use live chat to know your comp points. Because this type of loyalty program is not available at each and every casino.

The next step is to learn how you can efficiently gather comp points. Generally speaking, 100 comp points give you 1 currency unit say AU$1. But, as mentioned above, not all games give the same number of points. Pokies games, for instance, give 2x comp points for every $10 wagered instead of 1x. This example is equivalent to returning 0.3% of bets on pokies and 0.1% of bets on blackjack. The reason behind this is that pokies  are not as advantageous as other casino games like blackjack. Some video poker and table games usually earn you smaller number of points.

Consider VIP Status

Another thing you should take into account if you wish to earn more cash from comp points is your VIP status. Most casinos that have this loyalty program offer better comp point conversion rate to VIPs, depending on their level. The higher the VIP rank, the better conversion rate you get.

Finally, if you want to gather more points, look for special game promotions like “Double Comp points” that usually offer 2x the usual rate for a specific game and/or time period. Such similar promos will give you more comp points and, in turn, more cash.

Not only you can redeem your comp points for cash, but you can also exchange them for other goodies. Some examples include free chips to play with, free meals and gifts, free tickets to shows and so on. The size of the comp points varies on the individual player, the circumstances, the casino etc. Some of the largest comp point gifting may be an all- inclusive stay at a casino for a couple of days or expensive accessories that could worth more than $60,000.

The best online casinos you can join for comp points are Rich Casino; Superior Casino; House of Jack casino; Planet7oz and many others.

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