Why Few Casinos do not let me Use my Home Currency to Make a Deposit?

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Why Some Casinos do not let me Use my Home Currency to Make a Deposit to Play Real Money Games?

The straight forward answer to this question is because the casino is not located at your home country of play; and is registered with gambling commission other than your country. Or the casino is not friendly to your native country. That’s is why it is always advised to check the online casino banking page; to know if the casino allow home currency to make deposit and withdraw with minimum exchange rate.

Home Currency to Make a Deposit

You will find that there are many casino sites online that force you to use their chosen currency setting; which means for example if you live in Europe or the UK; Canada or Australia you may be forced to have to deposit; play and withdraw your winnings in US Dollars; or if you do not live in Europe you will be asked to make a deposit in Euros. If this happens then it means that every single time you make a deposit into a casino; or a make withdrawal from your casino account you will then also be paying currency exchange rate fees that can and do quickly add up.

That’s why it is always advised to play in your country friendly casino; where it offers AU as currency to play casino games. Check with their banking page or ask their customer support team about your Home Currency to Make Deposit and then sign up to play pokies or any other casino games.

Currency allowed in Progressive Jackpot Pokies

Currency allowed in Progressive Jackpot Pokies
Currency allowed in Progressive Jackpot Pokies

When you choose to play progressive jackpot awarding pokies; and other casino games that award one or more progressive jackpots at a Microgaming powered casino site; you will find that the jackpots are displayed on the jackpot meter in the currency setting; you have set your casino account at.

However, the base currency in use on those games are GBP; and as such what will happen if a player wins that jackpot in any other currency; the jackpot will reset to its standard seed value. But the difference between the currency that player won the jackpot in; and GBP is then added back into the jackpot pool as soon as it has been won in another currency.

That is often the reason why you may see the jackpot suddenly drop in value on some progressive games at a Microgaming powered site; but do not seem to drop down to their standard reset seed values!

If you do enjoy playing casino games online; but you find that the minimum stake level for certain games are set slightly higher than you can easily afford; then it may be worth your while seeing if you are going to be allowed to sign up; and use a different currency than your own.

Use lower-valued chips

Use lower-valued chips
Use lower-valued chips

There are but many Australia based players for example, who do not want to set their casino accounts to use AUD for by them choosing another currency they will then be using lower-valued chips and coins when playing different games.

For example, if an Aussie player sets their casino account to use for example AU Dollars instead of USD, then each time they make for example an AU100 deposit but have their account set at US Dollars they get $130 in credits based on the currency Forex rate.

That difference in the currency exchange rate means that the value of their playing chips and coins will be lower when using USD and as such, they will be able to play certain games for a slightly lower amount than the game permits when using AUD or other currency.

Play in Multi Currency Casino

Play in Multi Currency Casino
Play in Multi Currency Casino

Many online casinos allow multi-currency option and will only allow players to sign up in the currency used in their country of residence.

So the next when you sign up to any online casino sites do make sure that the ones you pick will allow you to sign up and set your casino account currency to the one you wish to use.

But if the option is not there and you are asked to deposit in any other currency then it can be an expensive thing to continually have to do over the long term, and those fees for turning your currency into another one will add up very quickly indeed!

You can even collect the bonuses in your currency at these online casinos and enjoy a full range of games to get back the wins too in your own selected currency.

In the end, it is always advised to thoroughly read the terms of deposits and withdrawals, the currency used exchange fee or rate, and better ask the help support team to clarify your doubts. Also, opt to play in your country friendly casino of choice.

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