Which Games are the Easiest and Difficult to Play at Online Casinos?

Easy and Difficult casino games
Which Games are the Easiest and Difficult to Play at Online Casinos?

When playing casino games online you will find hundreds of games to choose from. Each game requires a different level of skill and understanding when playing the games. You must have seen some casino games are very easy to play. You just need to place a wager and click a button to spin the reels while others require you to think and wisely place the bets to play.

This shows that there are games at the online casino which are both easy and difficult in level of game play.

Let us look which games at the online casino are easy as do not require any knowledge or skill and the games that have difficulty level because of their rules, betting structure and skills to play and win the game.

Easy and Difficult Games at Online Casinos

1. Scratchcard Games

Scratchcard Games
Scratchcard Games

These games are the easiest to play as you do not need any specific skill. You only put the wager to receive a scratchcard and then virtually scratch the panels away to reveal if you have won a prize or not. You cannot influence the winning of this game and scratching away panels strategically cannot help you to win or lose. These are pure game of chance to play and have fun.

2. Pokies


It is what constitute the highest number of games at any online casino. There are many types of pokies available at the online casino but all of them are somewhat the same in their game play and structure. You will find many players claiming to give you best strategies to win pokies but it is not of much use to improve your chances of winning the game.

This is because your chances of winning on each spin is decided entirely by a random number generator.

However, a player can select pokies that offer a higher payout percentage than other pokies. When pokies machine is tested for fair gaming, it can show players how much it pays out of the money it takes in over millions of spins. The higher the payout percentage, the more chance that it will give you more wins.

Also pokies machines that are progressive and offer huge jackpots to win such as Megamoolah should be seen before playing when the machine is about to pay. Recently paid jackpot machine will take time to progress and therefore a player needs to understand when it is about to cash out.

3. Roulette and Sic Bo

Roulette and Sic Bo
Roulette and Sic Bo

These games come in the middle scenario. In Roulette you are spinning a wheel to select a number using a ball and in Craps or Sic Bo, you are throwing two or three dice but sometimes the amount of betting options available within each game can be confusing for newer players initially.

In Roulette most people know the ‘outside’ bets of the table. The bets that are almost 50/50, such as betting on Red or Black, Odd or Even or 1-18 or 19 to 36. Most players will also know you can bet on single numbers, columns and thirds.

Placing bets can easily be understood once you practice the game few times before involving in real money play. So as new players you need to take time to understand these bets to avoid confusion.

In Sic Bo and other dice games where the sheer number of betting options means that newer players tend to stick with the bets that offer them a better chance of winning such as the Pass and Don’t Pass bets in Chaps, or the Big Small, Odd or Even bets in Sic Bo.

Once you understand the betting details of the game in question, and the house edge for each type of bet, you will find these games easy to play .

5. Video Poker

Video Poker

This game is also a medium type of game with not much difficulty level. In this game, there is a strategy involved that you need to understand and follow to achieve a better chance of long term profitability.

There are many different types of video poker that you will find at the online casino and find the one that offers the best payout percentage back to you. However, you can then improve the small house edge in your favour by playing the game to a researched and proven video poker strategy.

While video poker may be a game that offers a seemingly random selection of cards, the fact that there are certain combinations of cards, paying out at different levels means that in order to play more profitably, you need to follow a basic video poker strategy when you hit certain combinations of cards.

For example, if you have received a hand that is 3 of clubs, 4 of diamonds, 5 of clubs, 6 of clubs and 9 of clubs, it is much wiser to hold the four clubs in your hand and go for the Flush, than to get rid of the nine of clubs and hope you land a two or a seven of any suit to complete a run.

The reason for this is that the flush hand pays out at a higher rate than the run, and you actually have more cards you can hit (nine of any of the remaining clubs in the pack) from the pack to make a successful hand, than you do with the run (which has 8 cards in the pack you can hit, four two’s and four sevens).

6. Blackjack


It is a wonderfully simple game to play but come under the difficulty level. You simply have to try and beat the dealers score by scoring more than them without going over the ‘blackjack’ score of 21.

You need to understand the basic blackjack strategy and even more complex strategies to play this game wisely.

After knowing about the easy and difficult games one thing is but sure that if you are new player at the casino you need to choose easy type of games that  do not require any skills or understanding but if you are solid player or need to become one then you opt for mixture of games both easy and difficult to master all and become a pro at the casino.

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