How Free Game Work When you Play Pokies

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How free Game Work When you Play Pokies

How free games work when you play pokies, something many new to pokies want to know. Well, today we will clear up this little question; and let you know How free game work when you play pokies.

So firstly how do you win the free games on the pokies? Well, this depends on the pokie in question but generally; the free games are part of the bonus game or a freebie is given; when a certain number of scatter symbols are rolled in on the reel.

Bonus Round Features

The purpose of the bonus features in pokies is to break up the mundane repetitive spinning; and give players something to look forward to; releasing a surge of adrenaline whenever a feature is triggered. While these added games in pokies usually guarantee added payouts; and this is the function they serve and provide players with a reason to keep spinning; when they otherwise may grow bored or tired of a particular pokie. Giving the player something to do besides click max bet; or spin is an important part of the modern-day online pokie experience; and one reason online pokies play has grown in popularity.

Bonus Round Features
Bonus Round Features

An example of winning free games is on the bonus rounds; in the bonus rounds of many pokies they let you have the chance of winning many great prizes; and these normally involve winning cash or multiple numbers of free games. Also during these free games many pokies give special double; and triple jackpot values on any money won during the free games.

The other example mentioned is on the scatter symbols. Many pokies give free games as a reward when a certain number of scatters are generated in a row on the reel, this could be 3, 4 or 5 scatters with varying numbers of free games given depending on the amount of scatter gained.

Once you have the free games you simply play the games as you would do for any you had wagered. The difference is you don’t have to pay and if you win you could end up winning more than you would have done if it was a wagered game.

How this works?

Click me pokies

Depending on the type of feature poky offers, it is usually triggered by a certain combination of symbols, usually, the wild, scatter, or a dedicated symbol. A game may require 3, 4, or 5 symbols, for example, to appear on an active payline to initiate an event. Other games have other requirements, such as collecting several items throughout multiple spins.

Once triggered, you will usually be taken to another screen where the click-me style event will be carried out. Click me events are quite popular and offer the player a selection of items to choose from via mouse click. Sometimes these items will reveal coins that are added to your winnings, sometimes they reveal multipliers that multiply your bet or wins, and others may offer free spins. We’ve even seen some shifting wild pokies lately that give players a chance to generate some fantastic winning combinations whenever they are active. Click me events can also take place right on the reels. Either way, once a game is completed, regular play begins again as it did before the game was triggered.

The quickest and most comprehensive way to find out everything you need to know about bonus games in pokies is to view the game’s paytable, which can be found on the main gaming interface, usually near the game’s settings, options, autoplay, or help buttons. Here you can also determine how many features a pokie offers, as many do offer multiple opportunities.

Free spins and other features

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Many recent pokies have taken the bonus pokies to the next level, creating an actual game within a game. These may or may not require skill from the player, though any skill required is minimal. You may find yourself shooting down an aircraft carrier or alien spaceship or perhaps stealing jewels from a high-security museum, being ever so careful not to trip any alarms. Many online casino players enjoy these types of features and seek them out when playing pokies online, returning to their favorites in hopes of triggering the feature.

More Interactive Pokies

Plot-based pokies such as murder mysteries or soap opera style pokies have also found a following. This type of pokies allows the player to be even more interactive, playing a part in unfolding a storyline that typically offers at least one bonus round along the way. Typically, the more detailed and developed a pokies game, the more intricate its added events will be.

At the very least, most video pokies offer bonus free spins, and this is the most common type you will find, behind the click me event described above. Often the two go hand in hand, but if not, a default for pokies games is free spins. Every game has a different way of triggering free spins and a different number of free spins, as well as its own set of terms for a Free Spins bonus, which can be reviewed in the game’s paytable. Some games even feature a unique set of reels that is exclusive to free spins, as well as multiplied wins.

Free games are a brilliant addition to the pokie and now you know how the free game work when you play pokies you can mount your own free game pokie attack at any online casino such as Casino-Mate.

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