Can you cheat the pokies?

Can you cheat the pokies
Can you cheat the pokies?

Can you cheat the pokies? That’s the question, can you cheat on them? Well, firstly we want to say that it’s not advisable. And it would likely finish with you being kicked out of a bar or casino, or worse leaving in handcuffs. So what we are saying is that there are some possibilities of cheating the pokies. But it’s not really worth it.

While cheating in table games like Blackjack or Poker is easier. As it’s reliant on cards and a human dealer, pokies are a computer system, a game if you will so you cant trick it into paying you cash. This means you are wondering how to cheat the pokies right now…right?

Early machines were not electronic

Early machines were not electronic
Early machines were not electronic

Earlier when pokie games were mechanical machines with no electronic or computer components; cheaters had many tactics to take the candy from the baby. Read about the infamous “Monkey’s Paw” created by famous American cheater Tommy Glenn Carmichael. It is an example of just such an unfair advantage. Carmichael’s specially-made tools weren’t even necessary on some machines. Crooks with coat hangers, shaved coins, and even coins on a string could steal cash from hoppers; because the games were so simplistic in design.

Once electricity was added to games; and even after the adoption of rudimentary computer parts in the 1980s; gamblers trying to rip off the house; kept trying to build or buy devices to somehow interrupt the way poker machine’s operated. These devices are slightly more sophisticated than Carmichael’s Monkey’s Paw; but due to better design, they were less likely to work.

The only way to beat one of the more modern games in a casino; would be to somehow hack the machine’s internal computer parts. Re-program the game to your liking, and do all that without attracting attention from the constant security presence.

Today it is tough to Cheat

Today it is tough to Cheat
Today it is tough to Cheat

But note that it is not at all advisable to cheat; as gambling floors are saturated with both live and camera-based surveillance. Today’s casinos spend a lot of cash and effort preventing the kinds of cheats.

Okay well, the main way of cheating the pokies used to be to use fake coins, metal cut and shaped into the same dimensions and weight as real coins so the pokie thinks it’s getting real coins and delivers you the credits you want. This method is not in use now. As the pokie developers cottoned on and found innovative ways to ensure that fake coins could not be used.

The latest pokies are technically advanced, this means that the computer chips onboard are clever enough to understand more than a person realizes and fake coins will never work, in fact, many have removed coin receptors totally.

New Ways to Cheat

New Ways to Cheat
New Ways to Cheat

The new way people try to cheat the pokies is by using microwaves to disrupt the onboard microchips so they can gain free credits. This may sound like an interesting way of cheating but it is easily noticeable and doesn’t really work very well.

So to answer the question, can you cheat the pokies? The answer is yes but you would be silly to even try as it would take too much time and effort, could end up with you being arrested and effectively it is a criminal activity.

If you do but attempt to remember that passing an LED lightbox across a poker machine’s face or sliding a piece of steel into a modern game is likely to result in electrocution, handcuffs to spend time in prison, and even more.

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