What is Centrebet and How can you Open an Account with it?


Centrebet.com is an online leading bookmakers in Australia. Since 1996, it takes bets online, and are a legal bookmaker with operations in the Northern Territory.

To open a Centrebet account, you need to visit the site and  click the “signup” button on the home page on the Centrebet website. It hardly takes few minutes to set up your account. You’ll just need to provide some basic information such as your name and address, and then choose a user name and password. If you want to set a pre-commitment level that will limit how much you can bet or deposit over any give time frame, you can check the box for that as well. In just a matter of moments, you can create account and begin using the site and placing bets.

Centrebet sign up bonuses

When you sign up with Centrebet you can avail a 100% matching bonus bet worth up to $200 as a new player. It’s important to note that this isn’t a deposit bonus; instead, it’s a bonus related to your first bet, and the matching bonus bet will be equal to the size of that first bet you make. Once that bet has been entirely settled, you’ll be credited with a bonus bet equal to the size of that bet (up to the $200 maximum). You can then use that bonus bet on most available wagers, though there are a few special events or specific bets that may not allow the use of your bonus bet.

Games you can bet on at Centrebet

Games you can bet on at Centrebet
Games you can bet on at Centrebet

There are lots of sporting competitions available to bet upon like AFL or NRL match, any rugby or cricket competition, or even soccer or basketball. Whatever sports you follow, you’ll be able to make a bet on the next ongoing event in just minute’s of time.

Besides local sporting events Centrebet takes bets on almost all of the major and minor sports held around the world. Like most major sportsbooks, Centrebet has coverage of all the major American sports, including every NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB game. You can bet on soccer competitions around the world also, with special attention paid to the English Premier League and the Champions League. If you’re more interested in individual sports, you can place bets on tennis, golf, boxing and MMA events around the globe.

In play and live betting

At Centrebet you can also enjoy live and in-play betting on a variety of sports, including many NRL and AFL games. These bets allow you to take advantage of constantly changing odds throughout the course of a match, allowing you to place bets when you feel like the odds are about to turn to your advantage.

Racing is a major part of the offering at Centrebet, with both thoroughbred and harness racing along with dog racing available to bet on. Not only are there constantly updated listings for upcoming races throughout Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong, but these are further bolstered by races from Europe, the United States and elsewhere. Gamblers can make standard bets to win, place or show along with exotics and boxed bets, as well as bets over the course of multiple races such as Daily Double bets.

Centrebet App

Centrebet App
Centrebet App

It supports mobile betting in several different ways. There are devoted apps for both the iPhone and Android devices, as well as for tablets including the iPad. You can also visit the mobile version of the Centrebet site by using your phone’s web browser. From any of these versions of the Centrebet site, you can check up on your account, make new bets, and find out the results of previous bets.

Centrebet Odds and Payouts

Centrebet displays all odds in the decimal format, which is the preferred format in Australia. In order to read these odds, simply take the displayed number and multiply it by the amount you plan to bet. The result is the amount of money you’ll have if you should win the bet  including your initial bet. For instance, if you bet $10 on a bet that has listed odds of 2.50, you can expect to have $25 if you win the bet your initial $10 and $15 in additional winnings.

How to make a deposit at Centrebet

How to make a deposit at Centrebet.jog
How to make a deposit at Centrebet.jog

You will find that there are several different deposit options are available for Australians who want to put money in their Centrebet accounts. You can make a deposit by using one of your credit or debit cards like Visa or MasterCard. Also you can use Skrill or Paypal to make an instant deposits from your e-wallet accounts. Another instant option is POLi that works with many Australian banks and is one of the most popular among Aussies.

There are other deposit options as well like Bpay standard bank transfer and few others that take few days for your online transaction to be complete.

Same goes for withdrawal. If you have a Skrill or PayPal account, you can make withdrawals to those accounts. In addition, you can also request your winnings via a bank transfer or back to your credit or debit card which takes about 1-5 days. Last but not the least Centrebet is now known as William Hill and is one of the best known online sports betting site loved by Aussies.

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