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As a New Player Which Casino Games will Suit me when I Enter the Casino Lobby?

When you enter the casino lobby for the first time as a new player you will find lots of games on their menu list to choose from. Right from pokies, poker, arcade games, Keno, Bingo, table games and more the games on offer a full entertainment for players to enjoy.

But all the games are not meant for every one. Like a professional player or a regular player at the casino knows more about such games than the one who is a novice and do not know much of these games.

So the question that is often asked by a new player is as to which casino games will suit him or her at the casino.

Before you come to know of the answer to this lets know few important facts

As a New Player Which Casino Games will Suit me when I Enter the Casino Lobby
As a New Player Which Casino Games will Suit me when I Enter the Casino Lobby
  • Each game at the casino requires a different level of skill and understanding from the player.
  • Some games require nothing more than the player to place a wager and click a button, others require the player to think a lot more strategically about the game and how to place their bets.
  • It is necessary for players to understand which are the easiest games to play and which are the most difficult, but equally as important is understanding exactly why some games are easy to play, and why some are more taxing of a players ability.
  • You can rank the most popular casino games in terms of easiness through to the more complex games you
  • The easiest games do not require much knowledge and strategy while complex games need skill and understanding of betting structure or player strategy to achieve a level of success in the game.

The new players who are first time games should start with easiest of casino games.

Casino Games That Will Suit Me

Games from easiest to hardest

Games from easiest to hardest
Games from easiest to hardest

There are so many games at the casino lobby and you need to categorize them from easiest to hardest.

1. Scratch Card and lottery type games

Scratch Card and lottery type games
Scratch Card and lottery type games

If you have never before played any casino games you can start with easiest of casino games like the scratch card games, Keno or bingo. This is because there is absolutely no skill involved in deciding the outcome of these game at all. The player simply pays his wager to receive a scratchcard and then virtually scratches the panels away to reveal if they have won a prize or not.

A player cannot influence whether they have won a prize by scratching away panels strategically and there is nothing they can do to help or hinder the process of deciding if they have won or not. As casino games go, Scratchcards are as close to pure chance gaming as you will find in a casino. Same way Keno you need to spot numbers and in bingo too. These lottery type of games are easy ones for players with little knowledge about most of the casino games.

2. Pokies


Then comes pokies games. There are many types of pokies available in the casino lobby, but in truth all slot games are the same. Although there are many ‘experts’ who claim they have ‘cracked the code’ to success playing pokies, there is very, very little a player can do when playing pokies in order to improve their chances of success. Indeed, once you are actually playing; there is nothing you can do as your chances of winning on each spin is decided entirely by a random number generator.

However, a player can select pokies that offer a higher payout percentage than other pokies. These key findings, reported when the slot is tested for fair gaming; can show players how much a pokie pays out of the money it takes in over millions of spins. The higher the payout percentage, the more chance that the slot will give you more wins.

Payout percentage

What is key to understand however is that even if you play a pokie that has a payout percentage of 80%, compared to a slot with a payout percentage of 97%, this does not guarantee you will win more playing the 97% slot compared to the 80%, a player will never likely run enough spins in a single session for these numbers to become relevant.

That said, by consistently playing pokies that offer a better payout percentage to players, a pokies player is likely to enjoy more consistent success over the very long term. A strategy to consider for pokies fans is to play jackpot pokies such as Megamoolah and major millions and go for the big bucks.

3. Roulette and Sic Bo

Roulette and Sic Bo
Roulette and Sic Bo

It is Roulette is the easiest of games at the casino where you are spinning a wheel to select a number using a ball and in Craps or Sic Bo, you are throwing two or three dice but simply because the amount of betting options available within each game can be confusing for newer players initially.

Using Roulette as an example, most people know the ‘outside’ bets of the table. The bets that are almost 50/50, such as betting on Red or Black, Odd or Even or 1-18 or 19 to 36. Most players will also know you can bet on single numbers, columns and thirds.

However, when it comes to betting on “voisins” or placing snake bets, these are more confusing for players. While not difficult to understand once explained, if you are new to a table and don’t understand these bets, it can seem confusing. As can placing bets on two, four, six or more numbers.

It’s a similar situation in Sic Bo and other dice games where the sheer number of betting options means that newer players tend to stick with the bets that offer them a better chance of winning such as the Pass and Don’t Pass bets in Chaps, or the Big Small, Odd or Even bets in Sic Bo.

Once you understand the betting intricacies of the game in question, and also what the house edge is for each type of bet is, then they will find these games as easy to play as any in the casino.

4. Video Poker

Video Poker
Video Poker

It is a medium level game where there is a strategy involved that players need to understand and follow in order to achieve a better chance of longer term profitability.

There are many different types of video poker first off and finding the one that offers the best payout percentage back to players is key. However, you can then improve the small house edge in your favour by playing the game to a researched and proven video poker strategy.

While video poker may be a game that offers a seemingly random selection of cards, the fact that there are certain combinations of cards, paying out at different levels means that in order to play more profitably, you need to follow a basic video poker strategy when you hit certain combinations of cards.

How to play

Like if you have received a hand that is 3 of clubs, 4 of diamonds, 5 of clubs, 6 of clubs and 9 of clubs, it is much wiser to hold the four clubs in your hand and go for the Flush, than to get rid of the nine of clubs and hope you land a two or a seven of any suit to complete a run.

The reason for this is that the flush hand pays out at a higher rate than the run, and you actually have more cards you can hit nine of any of the remaining clubs in the pack from the pack to make a successful hand, than you do with the run which has 8 cards in the pack you can hit, four two’s and four sevens.

This is the beginning of strategic gaming in casinos and serious video poker players will devote lots of time to getting to know what the right call is to make depending on the cards you have in your hand.

5. Blackjack 

High rollers choose Blackjack because they are well versed in this table game which is a bit difficult for new players at the casino. You simply have to try and beat the dealers score by scoring more than them without going over the ‘blackjack’ score of 21.But this simplicity in game lies the fact that you need to have a solid understanding of at least basic blackjack strategy and ideally, much more complex strategies too.

There are many online casinos that even explain what blackjack strategy is; and how it works and while the basic strategy is easy to understand and can easily be followed by simply printing out a ‘cheat sheet’ to follow depending on what cards you have and the dealer has it is important that players realise that success at the blackjack tables is far more likely if this proven strategy is followed.

So while blackjack may seem to be a very simple game, it actually is not. It is certainly a very simple game to play and understand, but it is difficult to master and become profitable at, despite only having a very slight house edge.

When looking for casino games that will suit me, there are many other games like Baccarat, Casino War, Pontoon, that require you to learn the skill of these games.

Few things to understand before you indulge to play for the first time at casino

  • Understand the rules of the game you choose to play
  • Study the paytable if selecting pokies to play and know which spin or combinations will give you wins.
  • First play for free and test the game to know it better.
  • When playing for real money stick to your bankroll
  • Ask the casino support in case you have any doubt about the games.
  • Finally do not forget to grab the casino or games bonuses attached to the game you wish to play to add to your credits.

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