Use Casino Filters to Select the best Pokies

Are there any Casino Filters to Select the best Pokies at Casinos?
Are there any Casino Filters to Select the best Pokies at Casinos?

Very interesting and amusing question asked by one of our regular readers and pokies player from Australia.

The answer to this question is simply straightforward. There is no such thing as casino filters to select pokies at casinos. There is no such kind of Casino filters software or casino filters program or app out there to use to select best pokies.

Then how to find the best Pokies at Casinos?

Use Casino Filters to Select the best Pokies

Well, if you open any online casino site you will find that on its homepage lists all pokies and casino games. Before even scrolling further, you realize that the list consists of thousands of games. But to make things easier for you the casino sets a few features on the homepage so that you can select your choice of best pokies to play at casinos. These features are called game filters which you can use to find the choice of your pokies at once at online casinos.

Such features are:

1. Categorically Listing of Pokies Games

Categorically listing of pokies games like featured pokies, popular pokies, new pokies, progressive pokies, casino table games, Specialty games like Keno, Bingo, Scratch card games, and live casino games. This feature helps you search pokies faster and save your time. Not only fast and easy, using this feature is by far the most convenient way to find your favorite game among the thousands of pokies games.

2. List Pokies as Game Providers

Another feature used by online casinos is that they list their pokies games according to their game providers like Microgaming, Playtech, RealTime Gaming, NetEnt, and others. With the right knowledge of your casino provider, you can find your casino game with ease.

3. Pokies as per their Paylines and Themes

If you know how to play pokies, you might have seen that at many online casino games lobbies, you can even find pokies according to their paylines and themes. Online casino casinos vary in the number of paylines. You’ll find that a game may have 2, 5, 9, 12, 15, 20, and 25. Therefore, with this feature which acts as a filter, you can find the game with the number of paylines you want. This helps you save time without opening each game individually. You won’t believe that each game is categorized in a particular theme. Hence, that gives you the chance to filter the games using themes. As a matter of fact, there are hundreds of themes ranging from fruits, cartoons, sports, Medieval, TV and Movies, space, and many more.

find pokies according to their paylines and themes.
find pokies according to their paylines and themes.

4. Pokies Listed in Alphabetical Order

At a few online casinos the pokies are listed in alphabetical order. Some casinos will allow you to filter the pokies by alphabets; A-Z. For example, if your favorite game is Mega Moolah, you’ll just scroll down to the letter “M,” and there you’ll have it. Quite a useful feature.

5. Pokies based on the Amount you’ll Receive in Return

Another option given by casinos is a useful feature that’ll help you get your favorite game based on the amount you’ll receive in return. That means that if you want to play high RTP games while avoiding low RTP games, then all you need to do is to choose this feature and Boom! There you will be.

6. Number of Reels in Pokie

Pokies can be found 3 reels, 5 reels, 6 reels and even more. Many online casinos list their pokies according to the number of reels in it. If you are new player and want to play a simple pokie game then for you 3 reel pokie is best as it is much easier to play.  3 reel pokies mostly come with the base gameplay without any special features. However, if you want a more complex and intricate experience, then 5 reel titles are the way to go. This type of games come with many more features and also include a wider range of themes and aesthetics.

Number of reels in pokies
You can choose the reel of pokies to play

7. Bonus Round

Bonus round is another filter that many online casinos offer under their pokies section. Most of the latest pokies comes with feature of bonus rounds. This usually happens when you land several specific symbols, such as scatters. Otherwise, they can randomly trigger on any spin as an extra bonus in some pokies  games. You can expect to have a chance of landing the game’s biggest wins within a bonus feature. Even better, you could unlock a special jackpot game for a shot at the pokies top prize.

Bonus rounds tend to work in one of two ways. They are either played out on top of the slot’s base game, possibly with some extra reels, special symbols, sticky wilds or multipliers in action. On the other hand, an entirely new set of reels or other game configuration might load up anytime the feature is triggered. This depends on the slot and it adds an exciting new dimension to the game.

One of the best things about bonus rounds in pokies is that they won’t take anything away from your casino balance. When they trigger, the bonus round will load, but any spins that occur won’t cost you a penny.

Another fantastic thing is although bonus rounds are free to play, the wins you get from them are 100% real. This makes triggering a bonus game within a pokies a pretty lucrative thing indeed though it depends on your luck.

8. Progressives pokies

Progressive pokies is filter to play only progressive pokies. These pokies have jackpots to win. These jackpots are amounts offered as the top payouts for particular casino games that continue climbing until a player wins. They are available on a wide range of games, besides pokies.

They tend to run from thousands of dollars all the way up to millions of dollars. Most progressive jackpot games require maximum wagers to be eligible for the jackpot amount. So if you hit whatever the required combination or hand is to win the progressive but haven’t wagered the correct amount you won’t win the progressive.

Progressive jackpots build over time until a player wins them, then they reset to a predetermined level and start building again. The way they build is by taking a percentage of every bet made on the game the progressive jackpot is associated with and adding it to the jackpot amount.

The pokies machine takes 10% of every wager and places it in the progressive jackpot amount. After the jackpot is won the amount is reset to $100,000. The reset amount is generally accumulated from the contributions to the overall progressive jackpot.

Progressive pokies
Progressive pokies

9. Pokies symbols

Many pokies are further filtered according to the game symbols. The following are the popular symbols you will find in pokies

  • Scatter symbols
  • Wild symbols
  • Floating symbols
  • Bonus symbols
  • Multiplier symbols

There are varying forms of wild symbols nowadays. It can be very challenging to keep track of the different ways these symbols function and work! Wilds symbols function like a magic stick, as it can be anything you want it to be on the reels. The most straightforward type of wild symbol will replace other standard pokies  symbols, and it will help to create a winning combination. However, wilds cannot replace bonus symbols like the scatter.

You can find that certain Wild symbols are also Wild Multiplier symbols. These do not only help you complete winning combinations, but the payout is enhanced by the multiplier value added to the Wild symbols.

Game symbols
3 reel Pokies Game symbols

Some online pokies games now have Random Wild Symbols, Soaring Wild symbols, or Floating Wild symbols. When the pokies performs every single spin or after the reels have come to rest, these symbols may be automatically attached to one or more reel positions.

A few pokies games will often have a different and scarce bonus game feature for wild symbols. Such unique wilds is also an entirely randomly activated type of bonus game that turns one or more of the reels into entirely wild reels when awarded.

So these game features or known as game filters can be accessed easily at the online casino games lobby and used to find your best pokies game.

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