Can I Take Selfie at the Real Land Casino?

Can I take my Selfie at the Real Land Casino?
Can I take my Selfie at the Real Land Casino?

This is one of the most amusing as well as an important questions asked by one of our pokies fans. As most of you want to take a selfies at casinos or shoot a video clip of your sitting in front of a pokies machine when visiting a casino with your mobile or camera, you should know the fact that earlier and still at some casinos it is prohibited the taking of photographs and signs at entrances are posted to that effect.

Actually, the casino does not want you to use cameras at casinos because of privacy and the protection of players and for risk of potential robbery if photographing security, the cage, money movements, and the like and also possible cheating. 

Most of the casinos were extremely sensitive about photography, especially video, anywhere on their property. But now at few casinos in La Vegas, this policy has loosened up somewhat, with casinos being more tolerant of casual snapshots and cell-phone selfies.

These days, there seem to be as many different policies on photos in the casino as there are casino operators. Caesars Palace, for example, has always been notoriously averse to the practice, whereas the Four Queens has allowed photos for years though no video. The Boyd casinos Sam’s Town, Fremont, California, Gold Coast, etc. allow photos in the casino, but only selfies of you and/or your family. 

Take Camera but use it prudently

You can bring your cell phone or camera, but use it with discretion. In general, it’s fine to take a photograph of your buddies drinking at the bar, or eating at the buffet, or posing with an attraction, but it might not be okay to start snapping them playing blackjack or hitting a pokie jackpot, or hanging out in the race and sportsbook.

Another example that shows that now casinos allow filming or selfies is by watching so many such videos that players have loaded at YouTube which features players playing pokies machines and to be fair to those players they do attract many subscribers who like to watch them play all manner of different pokies machines, and you will see them win and lose as they do give those pokies their best shot.

However, the rules surrounding playing pokies machines in land-based casinos do vary from casino to casino, and whilst many casinos do not have any problem with players filming themselves playing any pokies machines on their gaming floors, some of them do, and as such you should always ask permission to do so, or you may find you are told to stop filming and could even be kicked out of a casino if you are found to be filming yourself playing.

How to Take Selfie at the Real Land Casino

How to take Selfies at Casinos?

As cameras and mobile phones are not banned at casinos and neither it is illegal, still there are certain rules to use them at casinos if you insist on taking your selfies.

Never take photos of the cashier cage, the pit boss, and the security area. They can ask you to stop taking pictures and leave or to inspect your camera and delete the photos. The last two violate your rights, so legally they cannot actually do that. Also if you ask the casino staff whether or not you can take photos, the answer would most likely be no, and you will be drawing attention to yourself, so you should avoid that but follow the rules below if you want to take a shot.

1. Carry the smallest camera

The smallest camera in your hand is obviously your mobile camera. If you walk into the casino carrying your DSLR monster and accompanying equipment, you will be drawing all eyes on you and are likely to arouse suspicion. Smartphone cameras will work just fine because they can blend in.

2. Never on your flash

Indoor photos are usually better with flash, but this can draw unwanted attention, and casinos are pretty well-lit anyway. To avoid motion blur, try putting your camera on something steady.

3. Take stills and not videos

You will less likely be noticed if you are snapping away instead of making a 1080p HD video with your camera up in the air. A video shows more action on the casino floor and the bosses might not like that.

4. Do not photograph other players, guests, and dealers

This is mainly related to the protection of customer privacy. Casinos want to make sure that their patrons are comfortable and are having an enjoyable time, and having your photo taken in a possibly compromising situation does not warrant that. Also since they want the game to run smoothly, you should not be distracting the dealers by taking their photos.

5. Do not use tripods and selfie-sticks

Aside from drawing attention, they are safety hazards as well and their use in casinos is prohibited. Guests can either trip on a tripod or get hit with a selfie stick, and no one wants injured guests and players and possible lawsuits on their hands.

6. Be quick and polite

Plan your photos, take the pics and move on. Do not linger because you are not in the middle of the photoshoot. If approached by security, be polite, explain that the photos are not for commercial use, but for your personal use, and you will be trouble-free.

7. Filming for youtube ask the casino

Filming for youtube ask the casino
Filming for youtube ask the casino

The first thing you are going to have to do is to ensure that the casino you intend to film yourself playing pokies machines in will permit you to do so, and then you will need to decide just which pokies machines you wish it play, and the stake you will be playing them for and make sure you have a high enough bankroll to allow you to play those pokies games too.

Most people tend to use their mobile phones as the way they film themselves for most people have got one and are not going to have to go to the added expense of buying additional video recording equipment.

But do make sure that you have a big enough memory card in your smartphone before you start filing as some of the videos you will be making could turn out to be very long ones.

Viewers of your videos will also like to hear the pokies machines being played too so make sure the pokies machines you do pay have their volume settings turned up so your smartphone camera will record them.

You also need to ensure that the pokie machine you are playing is clear from any glare from overhead lightning for if your viewers cannot see the pokie machine screen that you are playing very clearly they are probably not going to enjoy watching your video.

Avoid filming others

Another thing to keep in mind is that some visitors to casinos will not want to be filmed inside such venues, and as such if you do intend to film yourself walking through casinos or filming yourself playing pokies machines then always make a point of avoiding filming other visitors and players to the casinos you are filming in.

Holding your smartphone still is also important, for if you are waving it about or it is shaking as you are holding it then people are not going to enjoy watching your video, so perhaps get yourself smartphone holder or put your phone in a position whereby it will film the entire slot game screen but will be filming steady footage.

Finally, remember there has never been a case of someone being kicked out of a casino for taking photos to follow the above rules to take selfies at casinos and things will not turn bad for you.

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