Where Can Aussies Experience a White Christmas?

Where Can Aussies Experience a White Christmas
Where Can Aussies Experience a White Christmas

Living in the sweltering heat of Australia, many of us yearn for a white Christmas. Unfortunately, that’s pretty much impossible to accomplish without grabbing a passport & hopping on a plane. Christmas lands smack in the middle of our summer, so sunburns & beach sand are part of our holidays. While that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, many Aussies would love to experience the snowy Christmas portrayed in the movies.

Fortunately, there are plenty of destinations that will make this dream come true. Depending on your budget, a white Christmas is well within your reach. Half the world experiences winter in December, so the number of travel options to see snow is staggering. Even though global warming has put a dent on snow fall, there are still thousands of great places to celebrate Christmas. We know that with so many options choosing your next travel destination can be overwhelming. For this reason we have compiled a list of 3 places that will give you an epic white Christmas. Get ready to pull your winter jacket out of the closet & embark on a holiday adventure!

3 Places to Experience a White Christmas

Destination #1: Fairbanks, Alaska

White Christmas
The Northern Lights are absolutely breathtaking!

This city embodies the spirit of Christmas. There’s plenty of snow, breathtaking nature & a North Pole Christmas park a short drive away. This park features Christmas themed ice sculptures that were expertly crafted by international artists. You can also get some jaw dropping views of the Northern Lights at night. Another plus is the ever present snowfall. According to the National Data Climatic Center, you can’t miss snow while spending Christmas here. The entire arctic state will have a warmer December, but it will still average 7 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes this destination one of the few places in the world that guarantees a white Christmas!

Destination #2: Aspen, Colorado

White Christmas
Get your fill of holiday spirit!

If you love breathtaking views, this trip is for you. The city is small but the impact it has on visitors is huge. This quaint town is nestled at 8,000 ft (2,400 m) elevation in the Rocky Mountains. It’s surrounded by top notch ski resorts, so you can hit the slopes everyday on your vacation. Marijuana is legal recreationally, making Colorado one of the most laid back places to visit in the world. Hiking through pristine parks & going on wild snowmobile rides are all available to visitors. With all these breathtaking features it’s no surprise that Aspen has become a haven for affluent Americans & celebrities. Don’t be surprised if you bump into someone famous at the ski resort!

Destination #3: Stockholm, Sweden

White Christmas
Stockholm is the everything you ever dreamed of!

It’s possible to experience the best of both worlds. If you crave gorgeous scenery without sacrificing the amenities of the city, look no further. This city isn’t just the capital, it’s also the largest city in the entire Nordic region. Located at 59 degrees North latitude, you can’t get any colder without going off the grid. Fortunatley this vibrant metropolis is the perfect place to experience the white Christmas of a lifetime. It’s a tad expensive, but anyone who has visited will vouch that it’s unbeatable. Discover the definition of a white European Christmas in this bustling city!

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