Betting Options in Online Video Poker Games

Video poker games at online casinos
What are the Betting Options Available in Video Poker Games at Online Casinos?

After pokies video poker games are what players wish to play at online casinos. With so many varieties and types of video poker games available at online casinos, you love the games to enjoy with your mobile or PC. These games like Aces and Faces, Deuces Wild, Deuces and Joker, Joker Poker, Tens or Better are some of the common and popular among casino players.

As to which these game to select when playing with real money is often a bit doubtful to many players specially to the new players. But it is to be noted that it depends much on your bankroll as which game you wish to play according to your capacity to stake to win or even lose.

If you only have a small limited bankroll then you should stick to playing the single hand variants, for by doing so you will then have the option of playing one to five coins and will also have the ability of choosing your coin value setting.

On the other hand, you are looking to play some fairly high stake video poker games then the multi-hand variants of even the new progressive or level up poker games will be best suited to you and your much high valued bankroll. The standard pay tables attached to games such as Jacks or Better video poker for example will return a payout percentage of a very high 99.54%.

Betting Options Available in Video Poker Games

1. The Multi-Denomination Video Poker Games

Multi denomination video poker games
The Multi-Denomination Video Poker Games

Most video poker games are going to permit you to choose a coin value setting that suits you and your bankroll. But first you need to take a good look at the pay table of the variant you have chosen to play, for there can be some benefit of playing maximum coin hands when playing some different variants.

If the game you have chosen to pay has an enhanced payout for the Royal Flush hand or the highest paying hand combination listed on the pay table when playing for five coin hands, then you should configure the coin value settings so you can play five coin hands, to take advantage of those bonus payouts!

It is also going to be dependent on just which online casino you play at as to just how low you can set the coin value settings, for some online casinos do have low staking options available on their video poker games whilst some other casinos have chosen to have much higher minimum stakes available on their games. Also, remember that you will often be able to play video poker games for free online if you want to get used to playing them and understand the various staking options of most of the games and practice before you indulge in real money play.

2. Fixed Coin Video Poker Games

Fixed coin video poker game
Fixed Coin Video Poker Games

It is often going to be the case that progressive jackpot poker games will require you to have to play for just one coin value setting, like the Supajax and Jackpot Deuces variants, both of those games have a progressive jackpot on offer but the coin value settings are fixed at 1.00.

Not only that but for you to have any chance whatsoever of winning their respective progressive jackpots; you are forced to have to play five coins per hand. And as such if your bankroll is not big enough to allow you to play for 5.00 per hand then; unfortunately, those games will be outside of your set budget.

Those are the only types of games that will not permit you to play them for different coin value settings; so never be of the impression that video poker games are going to be expensive games to play, as this is not the case.  Also due to the payout percentage being so high on all such game variants; much higher than pokies machines like you are always going to find that over your long term play you do get plenty of play time from your bankroll.

Payout percentages vary

Remember that the payout percentages do however vary not only from video poker game to poker game; but also at the casino sites you have chosen to play at! You can often come across two different online casinos that offer the exact same type of these game; but they could have different pay tables attached to their games; and as such you need to ensure that variant you do play have the very highest payout percentages on offer; via their respective pay tables.

Also note that as online casinos have welcome; and other bonuses to play their games online but claiming casino bonuses; and then using those bonus credits on games such as video poker games; may not be available to play thes games but may be only to play pokies. So always ask the customer support team at online casinos; about the bonuses that are applicable to these games. Also read the terms and conditions attached to each bonuses; and promotions at the online casino where you choose to these games; whether they speak of thse games and the wagering requirements and other such strings attached to bonus offers.

It’s but not always true that online casinos do not offer bonuses for playing video poker; as many reputed online casinos do offer exclusive video poker bonuses to avail or other such bonuses; that allow you to play video poker games.

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