Which New Casinos in Europe Can’t Be Missed?

Europe’s gambling industry continues to hit new heights, which is setting the stage for some epic new casinos. When examining the statistics, Europe has one of the most diverse gambling industries in the world. While many of their countries don’t directly allow gambling, enough of them do create a bonanza. Fueled by record gross gambling revenue from Spain, Italy, Germany & the UK, Europe’s gambling industry is growing at unprecedented rates. Their combined offline gross gambling revenue is set to hit $84.3 billion euros in 2020. 

This staggering amount of revenue has caught the eye of key developers, and they are lobbying to create new casinos. The time is right for expansion since public participation is at an all-time high. As more punters stick with land-based venues, developers are scrambling to keep up with the demand. Online gambling has made a major impact on the industry, but many punters are still loyal to brick-and-mortar casinos. In an effort to stay ahead of the online gaming revolution, European casino operators are getting creative.

New Online Casinos

Faced with a shocking amount of competition online, a new wave of casinos is popping up across Europe. There’s only so much an online gambling site can provide, which is why the newest focus is on amenities. By mixing high-end entertainment with quality games, land-based casinos provide the best of both worlds. The social element is not there at online, and developers are cashing in on this advantage. Every year more land-based casinos open up throughout Europe, and each casino is more decadent than the last. 

To showcase the impact of this trend, we compiled a list of the newest casinos in Europe. These venues just opened their doors, which makes them representatives of modern gambling throughout the continent. In many ways, where they open and what they feature to showcase the future of Europe’s land-based gambling industry. These features are more insightful than most punters realize, so get a glimpse of the industry by examining this list!

New Casinos in Europe

Casino #3: Mein Schiff 2 (Italy)

Enjoy an epic mixture of gambling and leisure on the open water.

Even though most offline casinos are based on land; TUI Cruises takes gaming onto the high sea with this lavish cruise ship. From Sicily Island to Ibiza, visitors get taken on a luxurious 14-day extravaganza that parlays through multiple countries. Their 16 decks have enough amenities to comfortably accommodate 4,341 passengers. 

Even though you will be happy to see the amenities, the casino is too robust enough to ignore. Punters get access to Blackjack, Roulette, 3 Card Poker & pokies, which makes this an international adventure worth taking. For those who want to combine gaming with travel, you cannot miss TUI Cruises’ new vessel. Discover why this German cruise company has dominated Europe’s maritime gaming market by experiencing it for yourself!

Casino #2: Merkur Spielbank Halle (Germany)

More humble venues continue to pop up throughout Germany.

Even though the size of this casino is modest, its location showcases how accepted casinos have become in Germany. When Merkur Spielbanken Sachsen-Anhalt teamed up with Stadcasino Baden, they decided to give Halle, Germany a casino that would become part of the community. Through careful lobbying, they were able to open their casino in the historic premises of Franckestraße 1. 

The space in this coveted neighborhood is limited, but they still managed to install a 3,660 square game floor and equip it with 84 games. This foray has major implications since it gives locals a taste of quality casino gaming. A surprisingly complete selection of games are available on their premises, so get in on the action during your next trip! 

Casino #1: Casino de Monachil (Spain)

Witness history in the making with Grenada’s first casino.

This bold project aims to reinvigorate Monachil’s tourism industry. It has the support of Novomatic and will provide at least 200 new jobs for the community. Casino de Monachil will be the first casino in Grenada, Spain, which makes it a landmark development. Novomatic is equipping it with an 18,000 square-foot game floor that’s bursting at the seams with every imaginable gaming option. This robust amount of classic casino games are going to have an equally impressive amount of amenities. This casino is set to open its doors this year, so discover why Monachil is finally worth visiting!

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