What are the Top Dating Apps in Australia?

What are the Top Dating Apps in Australia
What are the Top Dating Apps in Australia

Now that the stigma behind online dating has faded away, millions of Australians are turning to apps to find their significant other. This trend is far from unique to Australia since online dating is a phenomenon that has taken the world by storm. In the last decade, what was once a frowned-upon fringe industry has transformed into a full-fledged bonanza. The global online dating market surpassed $6.4 billion in 2017 and is forecasted to reach $9.2 billion by 2025. This impressive growth of 4.7% a year has attracted the attention of countless app producers, and today users have over 1,500 dating apps to choose from.

Top Dating Apps in Australia

Now that dating apps have become mainstream, they are firmly embedded in Australian society. According to Tinder, over 15% of the Aussie population uses their app. That breaks down to 3.5 million people, and it’s far from the only dating program that’s being utilized in Australia. An estimated 4.5 million Australians use dating apps every year, and 53% know at least one couple who met online. This increased participation has helped online dating gain some respect since it’s now the second most preferred way of meeting a partner in Australia behind introductions from family and friends.

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Even though 53% of Australians would be embarrassed if someone found out they met their partner online, the advantages of online dating can’t be ignored. Dating apps can be used anywhere, which allows people to avoid noisy pubs and clubs. On top of being able to search from the comfort of your own home, many apps provide ways to vet partners on more than just looks. By using some of the better sites, users can connect with people who have the same goals and lifestyle. To showcase what’s available, we compiled a list of the top dating apps in Australia. These programs have gained a cult following, so find your next partner online!

Best Dating Apps in Australia

Get the exposure you deserve and start mingling.

1. Tinder

RSVP app
Discover why Aussies love RSVP!

Even though it has a slightly seedy reputation, it’s hard to lose with Tinder. Boasting 3 to 5 million Aussie active users, this is easily the most widely used dating app in Australia. It’s simple to use and has a massive pool of users to choose from that are presented based on location proximity. Whether you are trying to hook up or find a soulmate, anything is possible with this much exposure. The base version of Tinder is free, so start swiping to find what you are looking for!


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This is one of the most respected dating platforms in the world.

Even though few apps can compete with Tinder’s presence, RSVP is adored by Australians. It has a noticeably higher approval rating for finding quality matches, which is a godsend for those who don’t want to waste time with one-night stands. This focus on quality proved to be a hit since RSVP is exploding in popularity amongst 25-35-year-olds. They currently boast 2 million members and are growing by 30,000 users each month. This influx of people guarantees that there’s always someone new to talk to. 

3. Harmony


When it comes to finding the one, no other dating platform is more effective than eHarmony. Through its intricate profile matching algorithms and proven set of features, this program helps users find people they can actually fall in love with. eHarmony has a strong presence in Australia and claims to have set up 11,000 Aussie marriages. This platform is best for serious users only, and paying for the premium features is well worth it. Over 18% of Australians have paid for dating services, so invest in something that’s proven to generate results!

4. Bumble


This is a fantastic option, Bumble is not going to slow down as a popular dating app in Australia. Usually, women make the first move when it comes to Bumble. When you swipe right, get told if it’s a match, and then have to send the first message. Appear to be scary? It’s more empowering than anything else – and means you get to kick things off well.

5. e-Harmony


One of the longest-running dating sites in Australia, eHarmony still stands out from the pack because you really do input heaps of information, so your matches are far more likely to align with you on personal values, beliefs, and interests.

6. Hinge


Gaining popularity in the dating site world over the last few years is Hinge. The reason for this is likely because it was one of the first dating apps to adopt the fuller-profile vibe, making users answer questions so you get a more well-rounded idea of your matches before you, well, match them. It also doesn’t operate with swipes – you have to either like a comment or photo or better – start a chat around it.

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