What does it mean by Autoplay in Video Pokies?

What does it mean by ‘Autoplay’ in video pokies at online casinos?

When you play pokies online at casinos you will find that the pokies games have a feature called Auto Play. This means that you don’t have to physically tap or click on the spin but press the Autoplay feature which automatically spins your pokies reels. You can but obviously choose the best size according to your budget, select the number of lines, determine the number of spins, and make additional settings as usual and then press the autoplay button.

You need to remember that not all pokies offer this Auto Play feature and some developers offer basic versions of Autoplay without any parameters. Others equip it with numerous adjustable options. However, its main purpose is always the same. It is there to make the gameplay as user-friendly as possible.

Kinds of Autoplay in Video Pokies at casinos

Kinds of Auto play feature in online video pokies at casinos

There are many kinds of Autoplay features in pokies games that you can find at online casinos. Some of the popular Autoplay features you can find are as follows:

1. Without Settings Auto Play

In this basic version of AutoPlay, you are devoid of any additional options. Clicking on a special button on the control panel triggers Autoplay, which will be active until it is canceled. So this means they don’t come with any settings to customize your Autoplay.

2. Auto Play with Number of Spins

The more advanced variation of Autoplay allows selecting the number of spins. When they are over, the game is over. So be cautious when you find this Autoplay feature.

Auto play in pokies

3. Auto play that sets time and money

Many software developers allow players to set restrictions when they activate Autoplay. Users usually may select the highest amount that can be lost or won. Time limits and other restrictions can also be taken into account.

4. Auto play with bonuses

Many video pokies prefer running free spins manually when trying their luck in bonus rounds. Autoplay usually stops being active when a player gets the opportunity to participate in bonus rounds. Nevertheless, some developers allow punters to choose whether they want to play bonus spins manually or automatically.

5. Auto play with Settings

Pokies games with the maximum number of Autoplay settings can be recommended to those who want to control all nuances of the gameplay. In such pokies, users can select the number of one-time winnings or losses and upon their appearance, the application should wait for new players’ orders. There are also several options to choose from at the beginning of different bonuses. To put it briefly, check the set of Autoplay options in each pokie if you are interested in this feature.

Auto play in pokies

Note that the pokie game on equal chances is traditionally deactivated when the autoplay mode is triggered. Also, Autoplay is not a gaming function that directly affects the outcome of spins. Therefore, its impact can only be indirect.

All pokies games have a certain level of theoretical payout percentage. This parameter depends on the gaming software as well as the type of pokies and varies in a very wide range. Like some pokies can have 92% RTP and some may have as high as 98%. The autoplay feature does not affect the RTP of pokies in any way.

This means as pokies are a game of chance it’s your luck to win or lose the game and if you use the Autoplay mode it can only speed up the gameplay.

When can be Auto Play used at Online Casinos?

When to use Auto play in pokies

If you are but determined to use Autoplay mode while playing pokies at online casinos then it is best to use it when you are playing pokies with your mobile as it’s easier to customize Autoplay settings and watch what’s happening on the screen rather than tapping on the small mobile screen.

Also, you can use Autoplay when you participate in pokies tournaments, compete for the highest payouts, or try to make the maximum number of spins. In such situations, Autoplay can really be useful.

If you wager bonuses when playing pokies, the result is much more important than the process. You need to bet an impressive amount of money, which is supposed to be extremely boring and the best is to use Autoplay.

New players at the online casino can use Autoplay on free games to get acquainted with their interface features, find out intricacies of the rules when playing demo versions and only then start making real bets.  Finally, it’s your choice to use this feature or not while on your gameplay.

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