Can You Access The Pokies Sites That Are Blocked?

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Can You Access The Pokies Sites That Are Blocked?

Are you facing difficulty in accessing a poker site as it has been blocked? Most of the countries due to their legalities censor websites. Even in Australia many websites are censored in a way to protect young kids from adult and abusive content.  Many other countries like the South Asian countries and the Middle East websites are banned due to religious wars and policies and give no freedom to internet access. Let’s find out Can You Access The Pokies Sites That Are Blocked?

For all the pokies player around the world, the enthusiasm and the thrill is lost when he/she finds that his best poker site is blocked. The players always want some solution to evade such filters and to have access to the website of their choice. Let us learn a few things that can prove to help get freedom to internet blockage.

Circumvention Technology

Circumvention Technology
Circumvention Technology

You must be wondering what is circumvention technology. It is a name given to a set of technical things that can be used under a wide array of different situations and by different users. Each technology is different and you will find that some work better for certain situations, and some work are better for different users.

Few of the circumvention technologies require an advanced understanding and a high level of skill with computers and information technology generally in order to operate, while others are practical and easy to use by just a simple computer operator. It means that there is a tool kit with different tools to work on and some tools are handy for some tasks and some for different tasks.

Same way circumvention technology is used differently by different users according to their knowledge and skill in computing.  Do not worry you are not to ask to do computer programming but simply to have a poker website access.

Usages of Circumvention Technology

1. Internet Filtering

Internet Filtering
Internet Filtering

There are different ways to get around internet filtering that are based on the method of filtering and the websites it affects. They may sound much too technical and contain abbreviations you might not understand but the suggestion mentioned here can be used by anyone.

2. Blocked IP

Blocked IP
Blocked IP

You must have heard of this term as Blocked IP. This means blocking or denying access to a particular IP address. If the poker website in question is hosted in what is known as a “shared hosting server”, then all the websites on that same server will be blocked. This means of blocking access will affect all IP-based protocols such as HTTP, FTP and POP. For this, the circumvention technique is to find proxies that have access to the target websites. The proxies may be jammed or blocked. Some large websites like Google allocate additional IP addresses to counteract the blocking, but the block is usually extended to cover the new IPs.

3. Packet Filtering

Packet Filtering
Packet Filtering

It works by terminating the TCP packet transmissions once a certain number of “controversial keywords” are detected. This means of blocking access will affect all TCP-based protocols such as HTTP, FTP and POP. Search engine results pages are more likely to be censored, because they contain repeated words, because of the nature of the search engine results. Here the circumvention technique is to use encrypted connections – such as VPN and TLS/SSL, which escapes the HTML content. You can also reduce the TCP/IP stack’s MTU/MSS, which reduces the amount of text contained in any one packet.

4. Domain Name System (DNS)

Domain Name System (DNS)
Domain Name System (DNS)

DNS works by failing to resolve domain names or returning incorrect IP addresses. This means blocking access will affect all IP-based protocols such as HTTP, FTP and POP. The method that can be useful here; is of filtering to find a domain name server that resolves domain names correctly. Another way to do it is to bypass DNS if you can obtain the IP address from a different server. Filtering and redirection can help here.

5. Reset your Connection

Reset your Connection

If a previous TCP connection has been blocked by the computer; then future connection attempts from either side will also be blocked for a period of up to thirty minutes. Other users or other websites may be blocked; if the communication is routed to the location of the block. But this depends on the location of the block. You can get around this one by ignoring the reset packet that is sent by the firewall.

6. Uniform Resource Locator(URL)

Uniform Resource Locator(URL)
Uniform Resource Locator(URL)

URL Filtering works by scanning the requested URL for particular target keywords, and does not pay attention to the domain name specified in the URL. This means of blocking access will affect HTTP protocol. You can circumvent this method of blocking by using escaped characters or encrypted protocols, for example VPN and TLS/SSL.

The above described circumvention techniques might seem easier for techies but there are also simple, easy to use and even free options available to you. If you Google a bit you will find that there are programmes that have been designed which run alongside your browser and take care of all the circumvention technology allowing you to have access to whatever poker website you wish to view. Such programmes can be downloaded for free.

Though may be few times such programmes do not come out satisfactorily for every website but for most of them it will work as a great tool of access for you. Have a search on these programmes and get set go within minutes to the blocked poker sites.

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