How to win jackpot on pokies

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Many watch others winning money hand over fist on the pokies and wonder how they do it? Its true, how is it that some people simply never win a jackpot on the pokies while others are raking the cash in by winning all the jackpots.

Now these jackpot winners are not cheating and the pokies are not rigged as they work on random choices of over a 1000 different combinations, so how do they do it?

How to win jackpot on pokies

Firstly know your prey. Its as simple as watching the pokies and seeing which ones are paying out to the players and which ones are simply gobbling up all the money being thrown into them. This might surprise you but you want to be getting on the pokies gobbling the money up and not spitting any back out.

The reason is that these pokies are full of cash and with the percentage payouts they are the ones likely to pay out. The other pokies wont be carrying much cash as they are spitting back out the money being put in them.

Now once you have got yourself on the pokie its pretty much game on, you need to be patient and play the best game you can to try and bag youself some money. Try not to go overboard and expect to win the jackpot after wagering one time, it is a game of chance and there is the chance you could end up needing to put a little cash in to reap the rewards.

We will give an example. Once upon a time three friends were in a club, two of the friends were pooling the money and playing a pokie together. After playing for quite a while and putting around $20 dollars in they gave up, their friend who had been watching wandered up, put on Dollar in and won the jackpot at the first attempt. When asked he simply said he watched the pokies to ensure they were full of cash before giving them a try, thus increasing his chances of winning.

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