What is Jockey Challenge in Horse Betting?

Jockey Challenge in Horse Betting
What is Jockey Challenge in Horse Betting?

Jockey Challenge is a betting option in horse racing that was started in Hong Kong. Jockey Challenge was also available as an “in play” bet type. This means that punters could place bets up to the halfway point of a race meeting, with the odds adjusted to reflect the winning chance of each individual selection throughout the day.

Jockey Challenge involves using a Fixed Odds bet type. Once a bet is placed, the dividend is calculated according to the odds fixed at the time the bet is accepted and will not be affected by any subsequent change in odds. The player has to select correctly the jockey with the most Jockey Challenge points at a race meeting.

in this bet the jockey who rides the most winners. Instead, the winning jockey is the one who accumulates the most points for the meeting. Points are allocated for the jockeys who ride the first three placegetters in each race.

In Hong Kong racing, it is 12 points for first, 6 points for second, and 4 points for third.

In Australian racing where the concept has flourished, it is 3 points for first, 2 points for second, and 1 point for third.

The working of Jockey Challenge in Horse Betting

The working of Jockey Challenge
The working of Jockey Challenge

A set number of jockeys you can assess; and the said prices on the number of mounts they have and the prices of those mounts. Note that not every jockey will be individually assessed, but the ones who are not will come under the Any Other Jockey category and be given a price as a whole. The points earned by this category are not cumulative. Thus only if a single jockey in the Any Other Jockey category earns enough points on their own; the category becomes the winner of the jockey challenge.

On the Hong Kong tote, in-play betting is available, usually until the start of the sixth race. Of course, the market will be suspended; while each race is run and the odds will fluctuate wildly depending on results. Some corporate bookmakers betting on Australian meetings will offer similar in-play betting until the third race of a meeting.

In the event of a dead-heat in a race, the points are shared. For example, if there is a dead-heat for a third; each jockey would get 2 points under the Hong Kong system and half a point in Australia. The points-scoring breakdown under the Australian system tends to lead to more ties.

Jockey Challenge Rules

The working of Jockey Challenge
The working of Jockey Challenge
  • Each operator will have their own rules; but there are several that most likely apply regardless of where you are betting.
  • If any jockey in the market fails to complete at least one of their riding engagements; all bets on the challenge will be void. Note, if the jockey is above a certain price in HK; you will get the refund of your bets on that jockey and the jockey challenge will continue.
  • Betting is all-in, meaning if one of your jockey’s mounts is scratched it is tough luck. Alternatively, it is good for you if one of the rival jockeys has a mount scratched at the barrier or elsewhere.
  • If a meeting is abandoned the results of the jockey challenge may stand, depending on how many races have been run and which operator you are betting with.
  • Be sure to check the fine print as you would hate to believe you have won only to discover that’s not the case.
  • The rules vary between operators but most often the bets get void if one of the named jockeys fails to complete at least one riding engagement on the day.
  • There is also a fair element of luck in play as if a jockey is indisposed and another jockey picks up the rides, they are credited with any points they accrue, not the original jockey.

Why Bet on the Jockey Challenge?

This seems a perfect bet for the recreational punter who likes to have an ongoing interest in a race meeting without re-investing in each race.

Also, this is the best who do not have time for detailed study of the horses. They just want to stick with riders whom they know will always get the best out of their mounts and avoid those who you believe do not.

Some of the bookmakers offering jockey challenge betting will allow you to combine bets from several different meetings into a multi-bet, giving the opportunity for a big return for a relatively small outlay.

Note that often you will find great disparity in the odds between bookies, so it pays to shop around, as always with betting.

How to Play Jockey Challenge at Tab Australia?

How to play Jockey Challenge

According to TAB Australia, Jockey Challenge allows you to bet on which Jockey will score the most points at a nominated Meeting. For each race at the Meeting, you get 6 points, 3 points go to the jockey of the winning horse, 2 for a second, and 1 for a third. The jockey with the most points at the end of the Meeting wins the challenge.

In the case of a dead-heat, you share the points (but 6 points is still the total allocation for the race).

  • With a dead heat for first the jockeys share the points for 1st and 2nd (5) – so 2.5 points each (The jockey of the 3rd placed horse scores 1 point).
  • On a dead heat for a second the jockeys share the points for 2nd and 3rd (3) – so 1.5 points each
  • With a dead heat for a third the jockeys share the point for 3rd (1) – so .5 of a point each.

Dead Heat Points Allocation

Normal Placing3216
Dead Heat 1st Place2.52.516
Dead Heat 2nd Place31.51.56
Dead Heat 3rd Place320.5 (x2)6

How to Bet on Jockey Challenge?

The Jockey Challenge page you can access by clicking on Racing which opens up the submenu, click Jockey Challenge.

The jockey challenge page will display all available jockey challenges.

So the jockey challenge allows you to pick which rider you think will come out on top at a nominated meeting. If your selected jockey finishes the day on top, so do you!

Finally, you need to check which jockeys do well at the racecourse in question and see if one of your favorites is having their first ride on a horse, as a quality rider can often spark sharp improvement. If you notice an individual jockey with a string of runners drawn advantageous barriers, you could be finding some value as the jockey’s mounts are likely to have every chance in running.

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