What Are the Most Popular Pokies Games in Australia?

Australia’s pokies industry is flourishing, so it’s no surprise that there are plenty of quality releases to play in 2019. Accounting for 56.7% of Australia’s $24 billion gambling market, pokies is the undisputed king. Thanks to their vibrant graphics and ease of use, pokies have become the goto gambling option in Australia. Over 2.7 million Aussies played pokies within the last month, which is a noticeable difference from the 2 million that betted on sports. This unrivaled demand has won pokies machines prime real estate in pubs, clubs and casinos throughout the country.

Fueled by billions of dollars of revenue, Australia’s top pokies developers continue to create legendary games. Nyx Interactive, Amatic, NextGen, and Aristocrat have all contributed a shocking amount of industry classics. These games captivate users with a potent combination of breathtaking graphics, fun themes and lucrative payouts. These alluring features have allowed pokies to evolve into the main money maker for both land-based and online casinos.

Even though there are hundreds of quality releases, only a few pokies themes manage to consistently steal the show in Australia. By embodying the high risk/reward system of gambling, these games have managed to captivate an entire nation of punters. To showcase how novel these games are, we compiled a list of the most popular pokies themes in Australia. Each game has made countless people rich, so prepare to dive into the most influential games of all-time!

Most Popular Pokies Games in Australia

Pokies Games

Dive into this wildly exotic theme!

Pokies Theme #3: Dragon King – When indulging in this Asian-themed pokies game, it’s easy to see that GameArt went the extra mile. From the reels to the background, this game is bursting at the seams with top quality graphics. Each symbol comes to life with a different animation. This intense attention to detail makes some of the most played out Asian gambling symbols seem novel. All these attractive features are complimented by a deep background audio and an impressive selection of wilds. To seal the game’s legacy as a hit, their frequent free rounds add a lucrative touch to this enticing release.

Pokies Games

This game provides plenty of ways to get rich…

Pokies Theme #2: Billyonaire – This game hails from Australia, so it’s no surprise that it has taken the country by storm. Revered Australian pokies producer Amatic made the game revolve around Billy the billionaire. This amicable character takes punters on a quick tour of what it’s like to live in utter luxury. On top of paying punters for various symbols, seeing Billy 5 times wins 100,000 coins. The game also supports outrageously large bets that can reach 2,000 coins per spin. This daring combination of high stakes bets and epic wilds has made it one of the best games to play in 2019!

Pokies Games

No game has paid out more than this timeless classic…

Pokies Theme #1: Megah Moolah – When it comes to progressive jackpots, no other game can compete with this Micrograming classic. In 2018 alone, over $50 million was paid out in 7 Mega Jackpots. Last year the game also set a new world record with an epic €18,910,668.01 payout. This groundbreaking jackpot shattered the previously held €17,879,645 world record that was won by British punter Jon Heywood in 2015. The Megah Moolah prize pool is steadily growing again, which gives punters plenty of incentive to get in on the action. No game has created more millionaires than Megah Moolah, which is why it’s king of Australia’s pokies industry.

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