What Are the Most Common Cheating Methods in Casinos?

While films like Ocean’s 11 glamourize massive casino heists, smaller cheating methods are used every day. These don’t reel in anything nearly as impressive as the movies, but it does generate some cheaters regular cash. By shooting for smaller targets, some punters manage to swindle casinos out of steady money. This goal is easier to pull off, since simple wins don’t attract attention. By keeping things unassuming and simple, cheaters can avoid generating unwanted attention. From simple hand tricks to calculated moves, there’s no shortage of wildly used cheating techniques.

Even though smaller cheating methods aren’t going to make anyone immediately rich, they remain permanent in the culture. This is due to the fact that they can be perpetrated with little to no risk. Instead of facing years in prison, the worst they can do is get someone banned from casinos. While this is still a daunting punishment, some punters are willing to take the risk.

Throughout history, punters have tried to outwit casinos in every imaginable way. While most techniques wouldn’t survive a minute in today’s casinos, are few remain prominent. To give our readers an idea of what cheating methods are still widely used, we compiled this list. It covers the most common casino cheating techniques that are used every day around the world. They are so common that they can’t be completely eliminated, so discover how some punters are getting back at casinos!

Most Widely Used Casino Cheating Methods

Casino Cheating Techniques

This area of the pokies machine has been repeatedly targeted by cheaters.

Cheating Technique #3: Pokies Bill Validator – Even though this trick is as old as pokies machines, it’s evolved in recent years. Back in the day, even a child could outthink a casino. By stringing a coin, nefarious punters were able to pull the coin back up and use it again. Casinos quickly caught on to this elementary trick, so now cheaters have resorted to more devious techniques.

Instead of trying to reel their money back out of the machine, many cheaters focus on the bill validation unit. This part of the machine is in charge of calculating what size bill has been inserted. Once it’s been hijacked, cheaters can get $100 worth of credit from $1 bills. All modern casinos have figured out how to combat this trick, so this only works on machines in remote venues.

Casino Cheating Techniques

There are many ways to toss dice.

Cheating Technique #2: Sliding Dice – While some children use similar techniques to cheat at Monopoly, some punters have adjusted it for casinos. Instead of randomly tossing dice, many cheaters have figured out how to manipulate them to fall in their favor. Through constant practice, some cheaters make dice fall into position without anyone noticing. By causing the dice to bounce or spin, this trick becomes hard for even the most seasoned dealer to spot.

Casino Cheating Techniques

Some punters use this technique to give themselves a calculated advantage.

Cheating Technique #1: Card Counting – Even though counting cards isn’t technically cheating, it’s still an unforgivable offense in most casinos. This grey area has been made infamous by organized crooks and modern films. The public’s infatuation with card counting is understandable, since it’s hard for the average punter to pull off. By calculating the ratio of high to low cards in the deck, users can choose the most advantageous ways to play. It takes a special mind to count cards, but the rewards can be great for those who do.

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