What Are the Best Emerging Travel Destinations?

Every year new countries emerge as epic travel destinations, & 2017 is no exception. While most people flock to the same played out tourist traps, a growing number of people crave something new. There’s something to be said for exploring off the beaten path. The world is absolutely packed with amazing places that are waiting to be discovered. Every country has its hidden gems, & many people miss them in their rushed vacations.

Since there are so many choices at our disposal, following the masses is a mistake that needs to be avoided. Getting funneled into the usual places leads to inflated prices & raging crowds. Now that it’s so easy to do research, avoiding a typical vacation is well within your reach. We have compiled a list of emerging travel destinations of 2017. They aren’t your usual rundown, so prepare to be extremely surprised by the entries on this list!

Emerging Travel Destinations of 2017

Emerging Travel Destinations

Give the Middle East a chance with this neglected treat!

New Travel Destination #3: Palestine – This may come as a shock, but it’s actually possible to visit this country & not have issues. While the media constantly blasts negative images, this country is emerging as a welcoming culture to foreigners. It’s filled with fascinating religious sites & exceptional cuisine. There are many cities to explore, & hubs like Nablus & Ramallah can’t be missed. There’s even an all-woman cooking school called Bait al Karama, the Nablus branch of the Slow Food Movement. Take a tour of this unique social club to try your hand at Palestinian cooking.

It’s always good to put a face on a country, since it helps get rid of outdated stereotypes. Even though this nation is on the rise, it’s still a good idea to check the latest security advise. Once you are clear, plan your trip between September & April. Get in on this Middle Eastern gem before it gets flooded with mainstream tourism!

Emerging Travel Destinations

Come explore this exotic wonderland!

New Travel Destination #2: South Africa – No continent can rival the mystique of Africa. From pristine wilderness to bustling mega-cities, you can find it all in South Africa. Another perk is the fact that it’s extremely affordable & surprisingly close to Australia. The exchange rate is more than favorable, currently trading at 11 rand per Australian dollar. There are also direct flights from Sydney to Johannesburg that take 14 hours. That’s the same amount of time as getting to Los Angeles, so most Aussies have already endured longer flights.

When in South Africa, you can explore the best of both worlds. If cities are your thing, Cape Town doesn’t disappoint. For those who love the wilderness, venture into Drakensburg mountains or drive the Garden Route. There are also plenty of game parks to explore, so it’s time to give this often-overlooked continent a try!

Emerging Travel Destinations

From natural wonders to hidden towns, Guatemala has it all.

New Travel Destination #1: Guatemala – Even though this Central American country has it all, it routinely gets missed by most travelers. This is good news for those who want to avoid large crowds, since there’s plenty to explore. There are the ancient ruins of Tikal, colonial towns like Antigua, & natural wonders like Lake Atitlan. The latter is surrounded by volcanoes, but there are also plenty of little villages that are welcoming to travelers. Plan your trip in between November & April to get the most out of the experience!

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