What are Australia’s Best Land Based Casinos?

There are plenty of land-based casinos in Australia, but only a few steal the show. These larger than life venues offer punters the best of both worlds. Each one provides all the games imaginable while simultaneously immersing players in luxury. When surrounded by this many options, it’s easy to embrace the culture. From high rollers to the moderate dabbler, Aussie casinos have something for everyone.

Since Australia has a long-running affair with gambling, it’s no surprise that it’s home to spectacular casinos. The country thrives on pokies, which generates billions of tax dollars every year. Right now there are almost 20 casinos across the country. Out of all these options, a few are noticeably better than the rest.

Punters still have to wait until 2019 for the Crown Sydney to be completed. This will be the tallest building in Australia, but there’s plenty of time to kill before it opens. For this reason, it’s a good idea to get acquainted with the other options. To help ease the suspense, we have compiled a list of the best land-based casinos down under. Don’t miss these jaw-dropping venues, they embody Australia’s passion for pokies!

Best Land Based Casinos in Australia

1. Casino #3: The Star

Land Based Casinos
The Star has survived Sydney’s outrageous lockout laws.

Nestled in Sydney, this venue showcases the power casinos wield in Australia. While the city’s once vibrant nighttime venues have all been nearly destroyed by archaic lockout laws, this casino remains untouched. It still operates 24/7, which gives punters a haven in the middle of a city muddled in controversial bureaucracy.

When it comes to gambling options in Sydney, the Star can’t be beaten. Over 1,500 pokies machines light up every day, while 30 different games are played across 200 tables. To top it off, there are an additional 30 tables that are dedicated exclusively for poker. Even though the games steal the show, their amenities don’t disappoint. The Star has 13 distinct restaurants, 8 bars & a nightclub. There are also 351 hotel rooms & 130 premium suites. With all these privileges, there’s no excuse not to spend the night!

Casino #2: Crown Perth

Land Based Casinos
The Crown Perth gives punters a taste of luxury!

This is easily the biggest attraction for punters in Perth. The Crown has made a name for itself by offering something that no player in their right mind can turn down. Their massive lineup of games is accompanied by entertainment options that are equally impressive.

The casino floor comes to life with over 2,000 pokies machines. Punters can enjoy 17 games across 220 tables, as well as 14 additional poker tables. To keep people playing, the Crown gives players a reason to stay. There are 2 hotels, 15 restaurants & 16 bars on the premises. All these options are epic, so there’s no way to completely lose at this casino!

Casino #1: Crown Melbourne

Land Based Casinos
The Crown reigns supreme with its larger than life features!

This isn’t just the biggest casino in Australia, it’s the largest land based casino in the Southern hemisphere! Just looking at this venue is a treat, but playing here takes things to another level. The entire venue showcases excess at its finest, & you have to see it to believe it.

The Crown doesn’t aim to be mediocre, & this is obvious in its design. Punters can enjoy 3,500 pokies machines & play 40 exotic games across 400 tables. There are also 50 poker tables, which let this casino to host the World Series of Poker Asia-Pacific 2013. There are 3 hotel towers that provide a staggering total of 1604 rooms. Every type of restaurant imaginable is on the premises, as well as a bowling alley & laser tag center. It sports enough options to entertain the entire family, so don’t miss it!

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