Police List Accuses Prominent Politicians of Pedophilia

Bill Heffernan
Police List Accuses Prominent Politicians of Pedophilia

Fresh allegations accuse multiple prominent Australian politicians of being involved in a paedophile ring. Liberal senator Bill Heffernan says that he is holding onto a police list that names 28 Australian politicians; as members of a paedophile ring. The Police List Accuses Prominent Politicians of Pedophilia. This list has been turned over to the child abuse royal commission; and has the potential to wreak havoc on Australian politics.

We have to wonder if these accusations are valid; or if they are just another way of drumming up controversy and further dividing political parties. While these accusations are shocking; to say the least, they are uncannily similar to the scandal in the UK; that revealed that Margaret Thatcher’s government went to great lengths to protect well-known paedophiles.

Bill Heffernan took first stand against Paedophilia

Bill Heffernan took first stand against Paedophilia
Bill Heffernan took first stand against Paedophilia

Australian Bill Heffernan is no stranger to controversy. Throughout his political career; he has taken a firm stance against paedophilia; & even mocked parliament’s security when he smuggled a fake pipe bomb into Parliament House. He has also made allegations in the past that have been proved to be faulty at best. So the question remains, is this another one of his shenanigans or does he have a valid point? Unfortunately according to police documents he may be right this time.

The aforementioned police list accuses multiple high ranking Australian politicians were regular attendees of a boy brothel located in Kings Cross. The boy brothel, Costellos, allegedly received visits from multiple members of the Sydney legal fraternity. The names of the alleged participants have not been made public since a majority of them are still in office. The police document even goes as far as accusing a former Australian prime minister of being a key player in the ring. The document is now in the hands of the Australian child abuse royal commission.

Many UK politicians engaged in Paedophilia during the ’80s

Many UK politicians engaged in Paedophilia during the '80s
Many UK politicians engaged in Paedophilia during the ’80s

Only time will tell if these hefty allegations will go up in smoke; or if this investigation will help root out corrupt officials. The similarity between this case and the scandal in the UK is eerily similar. This is the only reason why we shouldn’t laugh about these allegations. The UK parliament member Cyril Smith along with multiple political comrades; are in horrendous levels of sexual acts with countless children during the ’80s. The investigation into the Westminster child sex ring was derailed by the government; when over 114 files about the case mysteriously went missing. The loss of the documents was a slap in the face to Barry Dickens; son of one of the main whistleblowers in the case.

“My father [Geoffrey Dickens] thought that the dossier at the time was the most powerful thing that had ever been produced, with the names that were involved and the power that they had,” son Barry told the BBC after it emerged that the document has since gone missing. “It just seems so suspicious that something so important could just go missing.”


These seemingly isolated accounts point to one thing; we cannot stand idly by and allow politicians to act with impunity. There has to be some level of accountability for those who wield such power. But at the same time, we can’t rush to crucify our leaders without evidence. So, in the end; what we can only hope for an unbiased investigation; which is near impossible when we are asking people to investigate themselves and their coworkers.

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