How can I Remove Addiction to Gambling?

Addiction to gambling
How can I Remove My Addiction to Gambling?

In 2015 Sharon Hollamby was in the grips of an addiction to pokie machines. The machines had hijacked her brain and she just couldn’t stop. After an accident left her unable to work, garden and be active, Ms Hollamby began to struggle with mental illness that fed into a debilitating addiction. She was but a strong person before she started playing pokies If you are the one who is also addicted to pokies play and you wish to come out from your addiction then there are many ways to do it. Let’s find out remove my addiction to gambling?

Do you know what is the reason first of all that you always wish to sit in front of pokies machine and play? The reason for this is that our brains contain neurons and when an action is performed, say, driving a car, several neurons fire to communicate this action. A pathway is formed. Initially, it takes effort and concentration but as with many things the more this action is practised and the stronger these neural pathways become. Thus chances are if you have engaged in regular gambling over a long period, you probably find yourself in front of that pokie machine or online clicking for a bet without even realising it.

How to remove pokies addiction

How to remove pokies addiction
How to remove pokies addiction

To bring in the new change then ‘It is possible to remove the pokies addiction’, Now it’s quite important to reread this sentence and to hold on to it as it’s likely you’ve told yourself it’s just not possible for you to change, you’ve tried a couple of times, it didn’t work, it’s impossible. This is where challenging those thoughts is key. Yes, it feels impossible and so hard at times but it is possible. Just as an old well-worn pathway through a field can eventually recede and be replaced by an alternative route so can your neural pathways.

1. Shift focus

Shift focus

Whenever there is an urge for your feet, hands, body to walk towards a casino to play games, divert your feet towards a park, friend’s house (if he is not a gambler); library; movie show; exhibition; dance show; visit pet shelter home or any place rather than a casino.

Buy crayons yes colored crayons that kids use in drawing, get yourself a drawing book and start coloring objects to divert your mind from gambling.

As most of the pokies machines show glamour, with colourful flashing lights and loud music you seem more attracted to it. But when you will color with crayons and pastels designing pokies type symbols and graphics you will divert your mind from it.

2. Do not use Credit card and put cash in bank

Do not use Credit card and put cash in bank
Do not use Credit card and put cash in bank

Put all your cash in the bank and vow not to take it out or just hide the credit card or ATM card and forget about it. Without money, in hand, you cannot play. Same for wallets. Stop carrying a wallet full of money. Just remain cashless for a few months and see the change.

3. Spend time with family

Spend time with family

Visit a church, temple and pray that you get rid of this habit. Just have the belief

Spend time with your kids and family. Discuss their priorities in life and advise them some.

Do some excersies and work out when you thing you need to play pokies. Put your headphone on listening to wonderful music and do aerobics till you feel happy to jump with joy what you are doing.

4. Develop Hobbies

Develop Hobbies
Develop Hobbies

Take up some of your childhood hobbies and spend time on it

Why not seek a new part time job to interchange it with your pokies play time.

5. Seek Help calling helpline

Seek Help calling helpline guide
Seek Help calling helpline guide

Remember you can overcome and find a new pathway just be strong and determined. Seek help – call Gambling Help on 1800 858 858. Remember that there are many different gambling treatments out there, and many different services that can help you and you will say I will overcome. Finally, have healthy food and sleep well all relaxed and stress-free.

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