What Are the Best Aussie Travel Destinations in 2019?

Every year more Australians are visiting new travel destinations, and 2019 is no exception. Due to the droves of Aussies that can be found in every imaginable vacation hotspot, this country is known for having the travel bug. Even though Australians have always been avid travelers, our amount of international trips have exploded in recent years. While only 4.6 million Australians traveled abroad in 2007, this number has more than doubled. In 2018 alone, over 11.1 million Aussies returned from short term overseas trips. This staggering figure showcases the fact that international travel is quickly becoming part of Australian culture.

When examining Australian travel statistics, there are a few anomalies. Even though the main attractions are holding steady, new destinations are popping up at a surprising rate. There’s only so many trips to Bali or Thailand that people can take before they start craving something new. While there’s no denying these countries’ charm, it’s also impossible to escape the crowds. As more places continue to get flooded with tourists, savvy travelers are setting their sights on new destinations.

There’s no reason to fall into the same tourist trap, so try something new in 2019. The world is too big of a wonderland to visit the same places, which makes exploring upcoming destinations essential. To showcase what’s available, we compiled a list of the top travel destinations in 2019. This list provides valuable insight on which places are exploding in popularity, so discover where Aussies are traveling to this year!

Top Australian Travel Destinations in 2019

Travel Destinations
Get a dose of untamed nature.

Destination #3: Georgia – Even though it routinely flies under the radar, this former member of the Soviet Union is packed with a robust amount of attractions. Don’t let its size confuse you, Georgia offers a little bit of everything. While its Northern areas are home to the awe-inspiring snow-capped Great Caucasus mountains, Black Sea beaches can be enjoyed in Batumi. There are also pristine forests, canyons, ski resorts and parks scattered across the country. 

Russian nobility used to dip in Borjomi’s therapeutic water, and Georgia continues to be a wellness destination to this day. The entire country is filled with spas, wineries and breathtaking nature. To make matters even more enticing, Georgia is surprisingly affordable. All these factors make it a welcome reprieve from the touristy vibe of Western Europe. There’s no reason to follow the crowds, so get lost in Georgia’s beauty!

Travel Destinations
This country has plenty of places to escape the crowds.

Destination #2: Mexico – Despite being painted as a hotbed for cartel violence and corruption, Mexico continues to defy international stereotypes. On top of being home to some of the most hospitable people in the world, this country is filled with gorgeous attractions. For those who want to avoid the crowds, diving into lesser known areas is essential. For those who want less touristy beaches than Cancun, Puerto Vallarta can’t be missed. Mexico City, Oaxaca and San Miguel de Allende are all places where visitors can enjoy an authentic experience. Mexico has it all, so don’t let it escape your itinerary!

Travel Destinations
Embark on an international safari of old and new amenities!

Destination #1: South Africa – Out of all the places that are experiencing a revival amongst Australian tourists, none can compete with South Africa. On top of boasting gorgeous cities and breathtaking natural attractions, it’s never been cheaper to visit. While flights to Johannesburg use to top $3,000, Australians can now fly here for $1,500 or less. One Australian dollar equates to 10 South African Rand, and this generous conversion rate gives visitors plenty of purchasing power. It doesn’t get more exotic than South Africa, so embark on the adventure of a lifetime!

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